Buying a surf poncho

Are you looking to buy a surf poncho? Then Telstar Surf is the place to be! A surf poncho is ideal if you need to change before getting out the water, or if you get off the water. Do you recognize it too? You had a great sessoin, but after your session you still have to change clothes somewhere around your car, in cold and wet conditions. The surf brands have come up with something. The surf poncho! A surf poncho ensures that you stay warm and you can easily change without having to stand naked in the cold. You can also put on the surf poncho while changing or after a lovely warm shower. A surf poncho is a type of towel with openings for your head, arms and legs. The fabric of the surf poncho is nice and soft making you stay nice and warm. Pull the surf poncho over your head and putting on your wetsuit has never been so comfortable, nice and warm with nothing to be ashamed of.

What to look for when buying a surf poncho

Variants: The ponchos are available in different types. You have the surf poncho with a zipper and a surf poncho that you can pull over your head. Some ponchos have a kangeroo pocket on the front of the poncho where you can store valuables. Other surf ponchos have a hood whilst others don't. So pay close attention to your preferences when purchasing a poncho!

Gender: The surf ponchos are available for men, women and children. Men's surf ponchos don't differ much from women's surf ponchos when it comes to length, but they will have different colors and patterns. The children's surf ponchos are often a lot smaller than the surf ponchos for men and women.

Kite and windsurf poncho's

If you've just had a nice windsurfing or kitesurfing session on the water, there is nothing so wonderful to dry off and put your normal clothes back on. In addition to wind- and kitesurfing, you can also use these kitesurf ponchos and windsurf ponchos for all kinds of other water sports! Or just to comfortably hang around on the couch in the evening.

Surf poncho brands

There are crazy kite and windsurf brands that make cool and delicious surf ponco's. Brands such as Duotone, ION, Mystic and Prolimit ensure that you no longer feel cold and naked while changing. Get one yourself in our (online) shop and expierence the best of the best!

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