Ponchos for men, women and children

A poncho is ideal if you have to change clothes before or after being on the water. The poncho ensures that you stay warm and you can change clothes safely. You can also put the poncho on after you have taken a shower.

What to pay attention to when purchasing a poncho

Variants: The ponchos are available in different variants. There is the poncho with a zipper and a poncho that you can pull over your head. Some ponchos have a pocket on the front of the poncho where you can put your valuable items. Other ponchos have a hood and others don't. Pay close attention to your preferences when purchasing a poncho.

Gender: The ponchos are available for men, women and children. Men's ponchos do not differ much from women's ponchos when it comes to length, but they have different colors. The children's ponchos are often a lot smaller than the ponchos for men and women.

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