Kitesurf harnesses

Buying guide of a kitesurf harness

Easily buy a kite surf harness / harness at Telstar Surf. Be the first to decide if you want a hip or seat harness. 90% of the kite surfers choose a hip harness. The hip kiteharness has the biggest advantage of the increased freedom of movement that you desperately need when kite surfing. A seat harness can be finer with back pain or when a hip harness crawls up quickly.

Types of kiteharnesses

Broadly speaking, you can distinguish between two types of hip harness. One type has a lot of back support and is completely stuck around your waist. Kite surfers who perform cool tricks and want to jump high appreciate this kind of kitesurf harness. If you are more a pure freestyle kite surfer, you can choose the other type. These kitesurf harnesses give less support, but more freedom of movement for making all moves.

Important when buying a kiteharness

When buying a kite surfing harness, also pay attention to the following questions: does the kite harness have soft edges for extra comfort? Does the kiteharness have a good knife pocket? Does kiteharness have a good bar pad to hold the kiteharness hook in the right place? Can you easily put on the kite harness?

The kite surf harnessis a very important part of your kite surf set. The price of a kiteharness is of course important, but don't let it be decisive. If the kite harness is not good, you will miss the comfort and control of your kite surfing set. In addition, there are always good offers to score in the Telstar Surf kitesurf shop. At Telstar Surf, choose from top brands such as Prolimit, Mystic, ION or Brunotti.

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