Windsurf harnesses

Buying guide for a windsurf harness

You can use a windsurf harness to make a less physically intensive ride, by hooking in and leaning back you don't have to use your arms so you can be on the water for a longer period of time. You have different types of harnesses, namely: The hip harnesses, seat harnesses and the ladies harnesses.

Hip Harnesses: A hip harness is located at your hips, the hook of this harness is therefore higher and you will experience that you can easily hook in and out. The hip harness is used a lot in the freestyle and wave discipline and is also very suitable if you want to learn how to use the harness. Unlike the seat harness, you don't have to pull the hip harness like a pair of trousers, but you can easily place it around your stomach.
Seat harnesses: The seat harness is around your seat, the hook of this harness is lower so you will need longer harness lines, the seat harness is widely used in racing, slalom and freeride discipline. You put the harness on like pants which is very easy.
Ladies harnesses: The ladies harnesses are specially made for women because the men and women have a different body shape. The women's harnesses, on the other hand, are not inferior to quality and often have a slightly different shape and color than the men's. The ladies' harnesses are available in both the seat and hip version.

If you can windsurf back and forth, then using the harness is your next step!

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