You can windsurf in many ways; in the waves, with a GPS, with your kids, cruising, freestyle, competitions etc. This low impact form of watersport offers hours of pleasure on the water. It seems that windsurfing is even coming back into popularity. Often you see more and more classic ‘’returners’’ finding their way back to the surfshop. Men and women who stopped windsurfing years ago are picking up the thread again. Years ago they were using Kleppers, Windgliders, Tencate or Mistral.

Now they want to relive windsurfing, with or without their children.

Already for years Telstar Surf is one of the most important surfshops in Holland. You can find top windsurfing brands such as JP, Fanatic, North, Neilpryde, Tabou, Gaastra, Starboard, Severne, Loftsails, KA Sails, etc in a pleasant atmosphere. Amongst the large range of surf equipment, expert sales people can advise you on just about all questions about windsurfing that you can think of. All of the staff in the surfshop speak a reasonable to good level of Englisch.

The surfshop on Horst Beach on the A-28 is open 7 days a week in the high season. The online surfshop offers the largest range of surf gear in Holland, 24/7. The items in the online shop are in principle in stock, unless it is stated that it takes more time to supply. 

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