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Have you just started wakeboarding or are you ready for the next step? At Telstar Surf you always buy the right wakeboard! We have a wide range and only sell top brands. We have wakeboards for beginners and advanced, for behind the boat or on the cable park. We provide you with the right wakeboard material to make wakeboarding even more fun and to develop yourself quickly. In addition, we are there to advise on a complete wakeboard set or suitable boots and impact vests.

Types of Wakeboards

Broadly speaking, there are two types of wakeboards. Wakeboards that are particularly suitable for the cable and wakeboards for behind the boat. A cable board is the more versatile of the two. That means that with this type of wakeboard you can wakeboard behind a boat more easily than the other way around.

Cable park

Cable wakeboard are also called park boards. These generally have a continuous rocker, can be used without fins and have shallower channels. By channels we mean the edges that run the length of the wakeboard. These provide grip on the water. Boards for the cable park are developed for obstacles due to flex zones and a slider base. The slider base is a stronger construction and ensures less wear and tear when used on obstacles.


Wakeboards for behind the boat are mainly distinguished by their stiffness. Boat boards are often very stiff, have deeper channels and you generally ride them with fins. The stiffness in combination with, for example, 3-stage rocker construction ensures that boat wakeboards have more pop when you hit the wake (the wave from the boat). This makes it easier to jump high at speed. The fins under the board provide maximum grip.

What should you pay attention to?

Rocker line

The rocker line, the shape of the board, in a way determines the sailing characteristics of the wakeboard. When you are sailing at high speed on the water, small differences in the shape of the wakeboard can already feel very different. There are two types of rockers: continuous rocker and 3-stage rocker.

Continuous rocker

Continuous rocker means that the wakeboard has a constant round shape (curved shape) along its length. Wakeboards with a continuous rocker are characterized by a fast and smooth feel. This type of wakeboard is easy to turn, has a lot of speed and an average pop. Continuous rockers are suitable for the cable park and behind the boat.

3-stage rocker

A wakeboard with a 3-stage rocker is almost straight between the boots and only rises outside the boots. This creates those different three planes. The advantage of a 3-stage rocker is that they provide more pop when you hit a stern wave behind the boat. In addition, this type of wakeboard gives a sticky feeling after a landing due to the flat sport. 3-stage rockers are generally slower than a continuous rocker wakeboard and are mainly used behind the boat.

Hybrid rocker

The hybrid rocker wakeboard is, as the name implies, a combination between a continuous rocker and a 3-stage rocker wakeboard. This means that it is less round than a continuous rocker, but less flat than a 3-stage rocker. In terms of sailing characteristics, this type of rocker also falls in the middle: a lot of speed, but also relatively much pop!

Wakeboard length

When buying the right wakeboard, size is essential. A board that is too small results in a nervous sailing feeling. On the other hand, a wakeboard that is too large is not maneuverable enough. View the size chart below and always choose a wakeboard that fits your own weight.

 Weight Wakeboard Length
< 45 kg < 130 cm
40-70 kg 130-134 cm
60-80 kg 135-139 cm
80-110 kg 139-144 cm
90-120 kg > 144 cm


Despite the fact that wakeboards have many different constructions, there are basically two types of bases. A normal base and a slider base. A slider base is also called a sintered base. With names when you wakeboard a lot over obstacles, it is important to have a strong base. A sinterered base is unprecedentedly strong and can therefore withstand a lot. The more expensive cable boards are always equipped with a good slider base.

Our Wakeboard brands


Ronix is ​​the brand that first developed a wakeboard in 1990. At Ronix they think only one thing is important: the quality of their products. From the most comfortable foams in their wakeboard boots to the strongest constructions of their wakeboards. Ronix is ​​an American brand with material suppliers in 14 different countries. You will not think a very cheap way of producing. That's right, but Ronix is ​​convinced that this is the only way to really innovate within the wakeboard world. With a huge team of designers, engineers and drivers, they constantly strive for perfection.


With over 27 years of experience, Hyperlite offers the highest quality wakeboards for all wakeboard levels. At Hyperlite, wakeboards are available for purchase in front of the cable park or behind the boat. Together with their team riders, they provide a fantastic wakeboard collection every year that is just a little better than the year before. Hyperlite is really one of the top brands in the wakeboard industry. It is not without reason that many professional wakeboarders choose Hyperlite wakeboards. Drivers such as Shaun Murray, Rusty Malinoski and the Dutch Denise de Haan have been strongly associated with the brand for years. Several championships have already been sailed and won with the Hyperlite wakeboards!


Brunotti was founded by windsurfer and board shaper Claudio Brunotti. He did this long before there was any wakeboarding, in 1979. In Scheveningen he started shaping his own boards. Now a few decades later, Brunotti has grown into an international brand that is active in almost all board sports, including wakeboards. The production of Brunotti's wakeboards is 100% in their own hands. And with success! Brunotti has been making great wakeboards for years that are certainly not inferior to the pure-players in the wakeboard world.

Knowing more?

Do you have a question, do you still have doubts about something or can we help you choose the right wakeboard? Please feel free to contact us with any questions. That's what we're here for!

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