Full wetsuits

Kids full wetsuits

Kids full wetsuits are available in different types. Initially it is important to choose a good thickness . In the winter we recommend to buy a 6 or 5mm wetsuit, in the fall and spring we recommend to buy a 5 or 4mm wetsuit, in the summer we recommend to buy a 3 or 2mm wetsuit. A wetsuit must not only fit well and go on and off easily, it must also fit well. To be sure of this, we recommend you drop by in our shop or look at the online size tables.

Boys or girls wetsuit

The kids full wetsuits are available for both boys and girls, take a good look at the model before purchasing!

What to look for when purchasing a kids wetsuit

Size: The right size kids wetsuit is very important when selecting a full wetsuit. Choosing the wrong size can affect your performance and enjoyment on the water. To prevent this, we advise you to drop by at the Telstar Surf shop for personal advice and a wide selection of all types and sizes of wetsuits. If you are unable to do this, you can also order a kids wetsuit online. To do this, take a good look at the size tables so that you choose the right size and can get on the water quickly!

Warmth: Depending on the weather you are going to use the wetsuit in, you can decide what thickness of neoprene you need. There are three things that can make a wetsuit warmer or less warm.
First, look at the amount of millimeters your wetsuit has. 5 mm thick wetsuits are often warmer than the 3 mm wetsuits.
Secondly, look at the neoprene layers. You have singlelined and doublelined neoprene. Singlelined kids wetsuits are warmer but more vulnerable. The doublelined kids wetsuits are less warm but a lot stronger.
Third, you must look at the connection type of the wetsuit. A glued-on wetsuit is warmer because this connection connects the neoprene better. As a result, almost no water or wind comes through. A disadvantage of these wetsuits is that they are considerably more expensive. A wetsuit that is stitched allows more wind and water to pass through because this connection connects the neoprene less good. An advantage of this connection is that it is a lot cheaper.

Zipper: There are two different types of zippers available, the front and back zip. A front zip has the zipper on the front of the kids wetsuit and has the advantage that it fits better with your wetsuit. This means less water and wind comes through. A disadvantage of these wetsuits is that you come in a little less easily than with a backzip. A backzip wetsuit is the most chosen because you can easily get in and out of the wetsuit. A disadvantage of this wetsuit type is that wind and water come through the zipper more easily.

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