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In recent years, SUP has become very popular among young and old. There are many types and sizes of SUP boards, making it difficult to see the forest for the trees. The choice in SUP's, also known as Stand Up Paddle, is enormous nowadays. When buying a SUP board you will probably encounter some questions. Below we will help you with finding the right SUP board!

Inflatable or hard SUP board?

The choice between an inflatable or hard SUP depends heavily on what you plan to use the SUP for. A hard SUP always has a better performance than an inflatable SUP. However, in case of lack of space, an inflatable SUP is a very good alternative. You can easily take an inflatable SUP with you in your car, caravan or boat. Before you know it, you will be on the water together with your SUP at the most beautiful locations!

See below the advantages of an inflatable SUP:

  • Easy to transport
  • Takes up little storage space
  • Is less prone to damage
  • Suitable for children (to play on)

With a hard SUP, performance comes first. If you do not want to make any concessions in the performance of a SUP then a hard SUP is absolutely the best option. Below you will find the advantages:

  • Easier long distance SUP
  • Direct SUP feeling, because of higher stiffness
  • On the water, without having to pump up

Types of Sup boards

There are several different SUP boards. Stand Up Paddle boards you can get in many different models and sizes. Each SUP board has its own specialty. It is therefore important to determine what you want to do with it. The different types of SUPs are mentioned below.

Inflatable SUP board

Since a couple of years, the inflatable SUP has become unprecedentedly popular. Due to improved constructions, the characteristics have strongly improved and an inflatable SUP is perfect for you. Note: compared to a hard SUP, you always make a concession! However, the ease of use of an inflatable board is really ideal! You take your SUP board everywhere you go. The inflatable SUP is packed in a bag and can be put on your back. Once you arrive at the unique spot, you inflate your SUP board and you can go surfing wherever you want. The inflatable sup is therefore indispensable in the market. You can store the SUP wherever you want, in the shed, the caravan, your car, the boat, you can't think of anything else or you can take the inflatable SUP everywhere with you!

Wave SUP board

Are you looking for a SUP to go surfing in the waves? Then check out the Wave SUPs. With a waveSUP you can ride the waves very well. As a rule, these Stand Up Paddle boards are easy to recognize. SurfSUPs are generally shorter and wider compared to allround SUP boards. The maximum width of the board is relatively far forward, which makes the board easy to steer into the waves.

Wave SUPs have a lot of scoop rocker (curvature), which also gives them extra maneuverability. The amount of scoop makes it easy to sail through the waves with a wave board. The big advantage of extreme maneuverability is obvious; a disadvantage is that a wave SUP board is harder to paddle straight. Each person will have to find the right mix of maneuverability, stability, volume and glide. Your experience, types of waves, weight and wishes have a big effect on the final choice within Wave SUPs.

Allround SUP board

Are you looking for an SUP that can do anything and everything? Then orient yourself mainly on the allround SUPs. As the name already says, you can use these sups widely. The allrounders are the ideal SUPs with combined features between a wave SUP and Touring SUPs. The extra length of these SUP's in combination with a flatter scoop rocker line provide a better glide. Thus, the SUP has better speed and glides straight more easily.

Unlike a Touring SUP, an allrounder has a rounded outline. This ensures that there is still a good maneuverability present in the board. Super fun for example to sail in the canals or small inland lakes.

Touring SUP board

These Stand Up Paddle boards have a mix of all-rounders and racing SUPs. As a rule, Touring SUP boards have a decent length of 11 feet on average, giving them a good glide. Combined with limited width and a pointed nose, that glide is even better, allowing you to make distances on flat water with ease. The advantage of the touring SUP is that because of its length you can make several turns on one side of the SUP. Because of this, you don't have to continuously switch sides with your strokes to get the SUP board in one direction. In the waves, a touring SUP will not be optimal. However, it doesn't take away from the fact that you can't use them at sea, because with few waves or a windless day, this SUP is ideal for doing nice downwinders.

Race SUP

Are you a fanatical Supper who wants to win a SUP race? Then choose a Race SUP, because with it you can only win a SUP race. A race SUP is long, narrow and super stretchy. The glide of a race SUP is perfect and you can paddle on one side of the SUP for a long time. So there is no need to waste time crossing your paddle. Race boards are especially popular in sizes 12.6" and 14.0". These are more or less unitary classes, in which many competitions are organized. The fastest class is the 14.0, but it is not the biggest. Most and biggest races are held with a 12.6".

Besides the different lengths, you can also get a race SUP in different widths. A narrow race SUP is obviously faster than a wide SUP. However, remember that it can be a disadvantage in rough conditions or during long distance races.


A WindSUP, also known as a windsurfing SUP, allows you to do great windsurfing in addition to paddling. These SUP boards are also available in an inflatable form. This gives you an inflatable windsurfing board, ideal to take anywhere. For many users, a WindSUP is ideal compared to a real windsurfboard because of its length. In our surf shop you only see short, wide windsurfboards nowadays. These boards are fun at times when you can plan with enough wind. In 'non-planing' situations, a short, wide windsurfboard is at a huge disadvantage. A wide board looses out to a long and narrow WindSUP when it has to glide through the water. Sliding through the water is often the case with beginning windsurfers, or family use. Especially the long and narrower windsup is a master in 'non-planing' conditions. A windsurf gives mega fun in mild wind conditions.

Windsurfing SUPs can be bought with a daggerboard or a centerfin. Both solutions ultimately have the same effect. The WindSUP is also available as an inflatable version. This works perfectly even in light wind conditions.

SUP board brands

Telstar Surf is a true SUP specialist and has the major brands of SUP boards in stock in the shop. Starboard, Fanatic SUP are the most famous major SUP brands of the moment. Besides these top brands we also offer SUP boards from brands like Red Paddle, Naish and JP.

SUP board advice at Telstar Surf

Are you still struggling with which SUP board suits you best? Or do you have another question for us? The employees of Telstar Surf are ready for you. Contact us by phone, send us an email or visit us in our surf shop.

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  1. 113172_1.jpg
    Starboard Wedge Starlite
    €1,449.00 Regular Price €1,799.00
  2. 108357_1.jpg
    Brunotti Glow Supboard
    €449.99 Regular Price €599.99
  3. 113165_1.jpg
    Starboard Spice Limited
  4. 114811_1.jpg
    RED Paddle Sport & Hybrid Tough
    €1,029.00 Regular Price €1,369.00
  5. 114813_1.jpg
    RED Paddle Voyager & Hybrid Tough
    €1,079.00 Regular Price €1,449.00
  6. 114814_1.jpg
    RED Paddle Voyager & Hybrid Tough
    €1,119.00 Regular Price €1,499.00
  7. 113182_1.jpg
    Starboard Sprint Deluxe 14'0" x 27.0"
  8. 113186_1.jpg
    Starboard Airline Deluxe 28'0"
  9. 113319_1.jpg
    Fanatic Diamond Touring
  10. 113181_1.jpg
    Starboard Sprint Deluxe 14'0" x 25.5"
  11. 5100880361_1.jpg
    Gladiator LT SUP with paddle
    €299.00 Regular Price €439.00
  12. 111876_1.jpg
    Gladiator Origin Allround
    €329.95 Regular Price €439.95
  13. 108683_1.jpg
    Starboard Windsurf SUP Deluxee
  14. Oxygen WS & Compact Rig
    Unifiber Oxygen WS & Compact Rig

    €929.00 €1,115.00

  15. Oxygen WS & Compact Rig Dacron
    Unifiber Oxygen WS & Compact Rig Dacron

    €1,039.00 €1,280.00

  16. 110589_1.jpg
    Aquatone Flame Touring 12'6"
    €374.95 Regular Price €499.99
  17. 110933_1.jpg
    Aquatone Playtime sitin Kayak
    €429.95 Regular Price €599.99
  18. 110625_1.jpg
    STX iSup Hybrid Freeride
  19. 108638_1.jpg
    Starboard Touring DeLuxe M
    €829.00 Regular Price €1,099.00
  20. 109044_1.jpg
    Fanatic iSUP Package Ray Air/Pure
    €424.95 Regular Price €609.00
  21. 108644_1.jpg
    Starboard Touring Wave Deluxe
    €749.00 Regular Price €999.00
  22. Fly Air & paddle
    Fanatic Fly Air & paddle


  23. 109875_1.jpg
    JP Australia AllroundAir SE 3DS
    €629.40 Regular Price €1,049.00
  24. 109885_1.jpg
    JP Australia SportsAir SE 3DS
    €749.40 Regular Price €1,249.00
  25. 109891_1.jpg
    JP Australia SurfAir SE 3DS
    €599.40 Regular Price €999.00
  26. 108639_1.jpg
    Starboard Icon Deluxe SC
    €1,199.00 Regular Price €1,599.00
  27. 108684_1.jpg
    Starboard Windsurf SUP Deluxe
  28. 108637_1.jpg
    Starboard Touring DeLuxe S
    €829.00 Regular Price €1,099.00
  29. 108685_1.jpg
    Starboard Windsurf SUP Deluxe
  30. 5100440129_1.jpg
    Unifiber Oxygen Wind SL
    €499.00 Regular Price €619.00
  31. 5100440130_1.jpg
    Unifiber Oxygen Wind FCD
  32. 5100880303_1.jpg
    Starboard All Star 14"Airline Deluxe
  33. 5100880315_1.jpg
    Starboard Touring Zen with paddle
    €599.00 Regular Price €799.00
  34. 5100880294_1.jpg
    Starboard Windsurf iGO Zen
  35. 5100880348_1.jpg
    RED Paddle Ride & Paddle
    €859.00 Regular Price €1,075.00
  36. 5100880297_1.jpg
    Brunotti Challenger
  37. 5100880298_1.jpg
    Brunotti Discovery
  38. 5100880286_1.jpg
    JP Australia CruisAir LE 3DS
  39. 102300_1.jpg
    Fanatic Fly Air w/ Pure 3 PCS
    €374.95 Regular Price €539.00
  40. 5100880283_1.jpg
    JP Australia AllroundAir LE
    €429.00 Regular Price €649.00
  41. 102283_1.jpg
    Fanatic Fly Air w/ Pure 3 PCS
    €389.95 Regular Price €559.00
  42. 5100880219_1.jpg
    Fanatic Diamond Air/C-35
    €579.95 Regular Price €829.00
  43. 102288_1.jpg
    Fanatic Diamond Air Touring/C-35
    €649.95 Regular Price €929.00
  44. 115542_1.jpg
    Naish Mad Dog X32 2024
  45. 110623_1.jpg
    STX iSup Tourer PURE
  46. 115538_1.jpg
    Naish Nalu GTW 2024
  47. 115540_1.jpg
    Naish Nalu Soft top 2024
  48. 115534_1.jpg
    Naish Mana GS 2024
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