Buying a windsurf boardbag

A board bag windsurf is an important part of your windsurfing equipment. It ensures that your beloved windsurf board is not damaged during travel. But what should you consider when purchasing the right windsurf board bag? Below you can read more information about the different types of boardbags so that you can make the right choice.

The right size for your windsurf board bag

Buying a windsurf board bag is not rocket science, but it is good to know what to look out for. The right size is an important aspect. Make sure your windsurf board fits exactly in the windsurf board bag. This ensures that the windsurf board does not slide. Otherwise the board may still be damaged. Look carefully at the length and width of the windsurf board to get the board bag to fit. The length of the board bag in relation to your windsurf board can often be increased by 3 to 4 cm. To be sure whether the board bag you want to purchase has the right length and width, it is best to stop by the store so that you can come and try on the windsurf board bag. Of course you can also call the Telstar Surf shop to ask for advice.

Material of a windsurf board bag

Usually a windsurf board bag is made of strong polyester which is completely covered with foam rubber on the inside. The thickness of this foam varies greatly per model and determines how well your board is protected. There is also a price tag attached to this. The windsurf board bags that have a thick foam layer are generally more expensive than the board bags that have a thin foam layer. In addition, board bags are often made of silver or white material. This ensures that your gear does not overheat.

Windsurf board bag models

The protection of your board is of course one of the most important tasks of a board bag. But if a board bag is versatile, this is of course extra useful. That is why there are different models of windsurf board bags available. Below we tell you more about single board bags, double board bags and quiver bags.

Single boardbag

A single board bag is the most common and budget-friendly model of the windsurf board bags. You can transport one board in these board bags. They are often very light. Most single board bags have carrying handles and a shoulder strap so that you can easily carry your board. A good example of this is the Mystic Boardbag. This board bag is available in many different sizes.

Double boardbag

Duouble boardbags are often a bit more expensive but also extra versatile. You can easily store 2 boards in a double board bag. In addition, these board bags are often equipped with wheels so that you do not have to lift two boards.


The Quiver-Boardbag is the next model in the line. With a quiver board bag you can carry a whole windsurfing set in one bag. This means that your board, sail, mast, boom, mast extender and mast foot all fit in one bag. These windsurf boardbags are also often equipped with wheels.

Advice when buying a windsurf board bag

Are you not quite sure which board bag you need for your windsurfing gear? No problem! Feel free to contact our customer service or visit our store, then you can immediately see if your board bag fits. In addition to board bags, we also offer various other windsurf bags on our website and in our physical store.

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    Starboard Re Cover
  2. 5040220073_1.jpg
    Duotone Quiver Flight.Light
  3. 112392_1.jpg
    ION Windsurf Core Stubby
  4. 4070110009_1.jpg
    Unifiber Blackl. Roofrack Quiver
  5. 106217_1.jpg
    Unifiber Bbag Pro Luxury Foil
  6. 106215_1.jpg
    Unifiber Boardbag
  7. 106624_1.jpg
    Prolimit WS Bbag Sport
  8. 4070110040_1.jpg
    Neilpryde Performer Single
  9. 4070110071_1.jpg
    Prolimit Performance Double
  10. 4070100026_1.jpg
    Unifiber B.bag Pro Luxury
  11. 4070110070_1.jpg
  12. 4070550023_1.jpg
    Prolimit Sessionbag Aero
  13. 4070110052_1.jpg
    Prolimit Boardbag Day
  14. 4070110053_1.jpg
    Prolimit Boardbag Sport
  15. 4070110055_1.jpg
    Prolimit Bbag Performance
  16. 4070500012_1.jpg
    Unifiber Blackline bag
  17. 4070110051_1.jpg
    Mystic Star Bbag WS
  18. 4070110056_1.jpg
    Prolimit Session
  19. 4070550024_1.jpg
    Prolimit Sessionbag
  20. 4099990042_1.jpg
    Unifiber Opt. wheelbase
  21. Boardbag HD Hydrofoil
    JP Australia Boardbag HD Hydrofoil
  22. 112393_1.jpg
    ION Boardbag Windsurf Core Double
  23. 112454_1.jpg
    Starboard Boardbag
  24. 112455_1.jpg
    Starboard Boardbag Windsurfer LT
  25. 112452_1.jpg
    Starboard Foil bag Freeride
  26. 112456_1.jpg
    Starboard Boardbag Phantom
  27. 112382_1.jpg
    ION Gearbag WS Quiverbag Core
  28. 112391_1.jpg
    ION Boardbag Windsurf Core
  29. 4070550022_1.jpg
    Prolimit Sessionbag Aero
  30. 109655_1.jpg
    Severne Sails Boardbag Foil lite shell
  31. 109654_1.jpg
    Severne Sails Boardbag lite shell
  32. 4070110067_1.jpg
    ION Windsurf CORE Stubby
    €84.95 Regular Price €119.99
  33. 108687_1.jpg
    Starboard Re-Cover FOIL
  34. 100272_1.jpg
    Brunotti Windsurf Boardbag
  35. 4070110066_1.jpg
    ION Windsurf CORE Bbag
    €74.95 Regular Price €109.99
  36. 106216_1.jpg
    Unifiber Boardbag Raceboard
  37. 4070550026_1.jpg
    Point-7 Rigged Sail bag
  38. 4070110054_1.jpg
    Prolimit Boardbag Sport
  39. 4070110057_1.jpg
    Prolimit Session
  40. 4070100027_1.jpg
    Unifiber Double Pro Xl wheels
  41. 4070550025_1.jpg
    Prolimit Sessionbag
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