Cable boards

Cable boards


A cable board, as the name implies, a cable wakeboard is a wakeboard with which you can sail behind the cable. Another name is also called a park board. The main difference between boarding behind the cable and behind the boat is the use of the obstacles. If you want to slide your board over the obstacles, you need a different construction / materials in the wakeboard than those used for a wakeboard behind the boat. The cablepark wakeboarding speaks for itself, you are dragged over the water by an overhead wire. These boards have more flex, featureless bases and removable or no fins.


There are of course several reasons why you would go wakeboarding at the cablepark. One of the biggest reasons is not having a wakeboard boat at your disposal. To really board behind the boat you often need 3 men. Someone who drives the boat (with a boating license), a wakeboarder and a spotter, and the more people the more fun of course!
Or, you can't just enjoy an hour of wakeboarding in between, unless you use a cablepark nearby. A cablepark is almost always open in high season and you can often use the cablepark unlimited with a subscription. Compared to the purchase of a boat, mooring fees and fuel, a cablepark is very economical.

In addition, a cablepark is great fun. If you have a good board with which you can ride behind the cablepark, your options are endless, from a rally to kickers and even your air tricks that you can develop! If your wakeboard is equipped with a slider base, you can practice many different tricks and moves!



What exactly is a sliderbase? Every good parkboard / cableboard has a slider base. A slider base ensures that you can jump and slide over obstacles and kickers without seriously damaging the bottom of your board. If you go over the sliders with a "normal" bottom, you will notice that your wakeboard quickly shows wear. To prevent this, cableboards are provided with a slider base. Here too you have different bases. Namely the Featureless, Channels or V-spine.

  • The Featureless base has no molded-in fins or channels, so your ride is only affected by the Rocker type.
  • Channels on your base help to break surface tension on landing, also ensure proper water flow direction.
  • The V-spine softens the landing and makes edging easier, this base is often found on a 3-stage rocker.


In short, the Rocker is the bend in the profile of the board. Four different types of Rockers are known. The Camber and Continuous rocker are most commonly used on the cablepark.

  • Camber Rocker is a relatively new shape. This specific shape ensures that your weight is evenly distributed. This automatically relieves some of the pressure on the back foot. This shape encourages a more natural posture. However, if you are used to a Continuous or 3-stage Rocker so far, it takes some getting used to this new form.
  • The Continuous rocker has a smooth and smooth curved shape. This ensures that a Continuous rocker gives a smooth, smooth and faster rides. The Continuous rocker is also the right place for soft landings and easy turns. This shape is most commonly used on the cableparks.

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    Hyperlite Pleasure Board
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    Hyperlite Ripsaw Board
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    Hyperlite ATV Board
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    Ronix The Diplomat
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    Hyperlite Pleasure
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    Hyperlite Codyak
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    Hyperlite Union
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    Ronix Kinetik Flexbox 1
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    Ronix Kinetik Springbox 2
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    Ronix Top Notch
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    Ronix Kinetik Proj. Springb2
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    Ronix Spring Break
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    Hyperlite Ripsaw
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    Hyperlite Guara Board
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    Hyperlite Freepress Board
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  16. 114414_1.jpg
    Hyperlite ATV Board
  17. 114415_1.jpg
    Hyperlite ATV Board
  18. 114419_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Aries Ladies Board
  19. 110787_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Wizardstick
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    Hyperlite Wishbone
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    Hyperlite Blacklist
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    Hyperlite Freepress Bamboo
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    Hyperlite Aries
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    Ronix Atmos
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    Ronix Ladies Julia Rick
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