Surf gloves

Surf gloves


You can purchase surf gloves for a variety of reasons. Most wind and kite surfers will wear surf gloves against the cold or for extra protection against blisters. Below we tell you what to look for when buying surf gloves.


There are different types of surf gloves that you can use for during wind and kite surfing. The kite gloves and windsurfing gloves are each the same. Most surfers will wear the gloves against the cold. When you purchase surf gloves for the cold, it is also important that you wear a warm wetsuit. If wetsuits does not provide optimal warmth then your surf gloves may be warm, but you will never get a warm body. The same goes for warm surf shoes or a good surf cap.
The thickness of surf gloves varies from 1.5 to 6 millimeters. The rule is: the thicker the surf gloves, the warmer your hands will stay during your kite- or windsurfing session. Attention! The thicker the surf glove the less feeling you have in the boom or bar. Keep this in mind when buying your gloves for surfing.

When buying a surf glove, the size is an important factor to take into account. When the size of your gloves is not right it can feel uncomfortable. To prevent this, it is best to try them on before you go on the water. You can do this at our surf shop or at your home.


A common problem when wearing surf gloves / kite gloves is the acidification that occurs during kite or windsurfing. This is caused by squeezing harder on the bar or boom. After a while this will lead to soured forearms. For this purpose, different gloves have been designed by the suppliers. For example, there are kite gloves with the shape resembling a claw, the claw surf gloves. There are also surf gloves with an open palm for the most feeling in the bar or boom, but are also a bit colder. Of course, you also have the traditional surf glove that has no special features. Below are briefly explained the differences:

  • Closed palm surf glove: surf gloves with a closed palm are completely sealed from wind and water, most ideal for those extremely cold days on the water.
  • Open palm surf glove: are you looking for surf gloves that offer a lot of grip? Then the open palm surf glove is ideal for you. A disadvantage of an open palm surf glove is that it lets in water more easily, but on the other hand, your hands are well protected from the wind.
  • Claw surfing glove: claw surfing gloves are preformed. This ensures that during kite- or windsurfing you do not have to use extra force to feel the bar or boom. This means that your forearms will not sour as quickly.
  • Traditional surf glove: The traditional surf gloves simply keep your hands warm during the cold temperatures. The only drawback is that you may experience sour forearms after a while.


Everyone recognizes the following: there is a nice wind and you want to go out on the water, but after a few hours you suffer from blisters. If you suffer from blisters while surfing you could look at the thin surf gloves. These will protect your palms and come with short or long fingertips. Because the surf gloves are nice and thin you can also just wear them in the summer. Please note! These gloves are not suitable during cold temperatures. 

For more questions or advice about the surf gloves you can always contact us or come by in our surf shop!

Are you looking for gloves for in the winter, or just for in the summer? In our assortment you will find different surf gloves ranging from precurved, full finger, open hand palm to summer gloves. They come from well-known brands such as Brunotti, ION, Mystic, O'Neill and Prolimit. This will complete your equipment for kitesurfing, windsurfing, wingsurfing and SUP'ing.

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  1. 3041110056_1.jpg
    O'Neill Psycho Tech 1.5mm
  2. 112701_1.jpg
    Mystic Rash Glove S/F - Neoprene
  3. 112702_1.jpg
    Mystic Rash Glove S/F Neoprene - Jr
  4. 112703_1.jpg
    Mystic Rash Glove -
  5. Beanie Neoprene & Marshall 3mm
    Mystic Beanie Neoprene & Marshall 3mm
    €74.99 €79.95
  6. 112308_1.jpg
    ION Amara Full Finger
  7. 112311_1.jpg
    ION Amara Half Finger
  8. 112313_1.jpg
    ION Amara Half Finger
  9. 111502_1.jpg
    Mystic Supreme Glove 4 mm Precurved
  10. 111503_1.jpg
    Mystic Roam Glove 3mm Precurved
  11. 108259_1.jpg
    ION Gloves Lobster Mitten 4/3
  12. 3041300003_1.jpg
    Prolimit Lycra Summerglove
  13. 3041300004_1.jpg
    Prolimit H2O Summerglove
  14. 103256_1.jpg
    Mystic Rash glove JR SF
  15. 3041110049_1.jpg
    Prolimit Curved Gloves 3 mm
  16. 3041110051_1.jpg
    Prolimit Q-Glove X-Stretch 6mm
  17. 3041110053_1.jpg
    Prolimit Sealed Gloves 2mm
  18. 3041220016_1.jpg
    Prolimit Closed Palm 3 mm
  19. 3041220018_1.jpg
    Prolimit Open Palm Xtreme 3mm
  20. 3041110046_1.jpg
    ION Neo Gloves 4/2
  21. 3041330012_1.jpg
    ION Amara Gloves H. Finger
    €23.99 Regular Price €39.99
  22. 3041220013_1.jpg
    Mystic Star 3mm Open Palm
    €34.99 Regular Price €39.99
  23. 3041110044_1.jpg
    Mystic Supreme 5mm Lobster
    €54.99 Regular Price €64.99
  24. 3041110045_1.jpg
    Mystic Star 3mm 5Finger
    €34.95 Regular Price €44.99
  25. 3041110043_1.jpg
    ION Claw Gloves 3/2
  26. 3041220015_1.jpg
    ION Open Palm Mitt 2.5
  27. 3041110041_1.jpg
    Mystic Supreme 5mm 5 F
  28. 3041110042_1.jpg
    Mystic Marshall 3mm 5 F
  29. 3041300007_1.jpg
    Mystic Rash glove
    €19.99 Regular Price €24.99
  30. 3041330004_1.jpg
    Prolimit Summer Long Finger
  31. 113216_1.jpg
    Brunotti Pre Curved Gloves 3mm
  32. 112307_1.jpg
    ION Arctic Mitten 5/4
  33. 112309_1.jpg
    ION Amara Full Finger
  34. 112310_1.jpg
    ION Amara Full Finger
  35. 112312_1.jpg
    ION Amara Half Finger
  36. 112314_1.jpg
    ION Hybrid
  37. 111438_1.jpg
    Mystic Supreme Glove 5mm Lobster
  38. 111439_1.jpg
    Mystic Supreme Glove 5mm Precurved
  39. 111441_1.jpg
    Mystic Ease Glove 2mm Open Palm
  40. 111442_1.jpg
    Mystic Ease Glove 2mm 5Finger
  41. 3041110050_1.jpg
    Prolimit Q-Glove X-Stretch 3 mm
  42. 3041110052_1.jpg
    Prolimit Polar Gloves 2 mm
  43. 3041220019_1.jpg
    Prolimit Cold Water 4 mm
  44. 3041330018_1.jpg
    Prolimit Shortfinger Mesh 2mm
  45. 3041330019_1.jpg
    Prolimit Shortfinger Utility 2 mm
  46. 3041110048_1.jpg
    Prolimit Longfinger Utility 2 mm
  47. 3041110054_1.jpg
    Prolimit Elasto Sealed 2 mm
  48. 3041110055_1.jpg
    Prolimit Elasto Sealed 2 mm
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