Kite foil

Kite foil

Kite foiling

You may have seen it already; hydrofoiling. Kitesurfers flying above the water while the wind is almost gone. We see it more and more often on the world wide waters. And that's not very surprising, because let's be honest, kiting with 6 to 7 knots is everyone's wet dream coming true, right?

In the (online) store of Telstar Surf there are various kite foil materials available. Many of these items have been extensively tested by some of our employees. This means that we give appropriate kitesurfing advice.

What do you need for kitefoiling?

To be able to kitesurf foil, you obviously need a little more than your standard kite equipment. Among other things, a kitefoil and kitefoilboard are must haves. Read more about the kitefoil materials below.

Kitesurf foil board

You will need to purchase a kite foil board to attach the hydrofoil. This differs from 'standard' kiteboards because of the foil box. In our range you will find kite hydrofoilboards in different sizes, types and brands. So plenty of choice!

kitesurf foil

In addition to your kitefoilboard, you also need the kite hydrofoil. A complete hydrofoil consists of a mast, fuselage and wings. These must be properly matched for best performance. That is why you can find a number of complete foils in our range. With this you can go on the water in one sheet without too much fuss, so easy!

Kitesurf foil kite

You do not need a special kite for kitesurf foiling, although it is easier with a dedicated foil kite. In addition to a foil kite, it is also possible to fly quickly with a light weather kite. These kites are characterized by a very low weight and a lot of power. Often these kites only have one or two struts.

Kitesurf foil accessories

Complete your arsenal with one of the many kitefoil accessories from our range. Varying from bags, shin guards to footstraps. Telstar Surf has it all!


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  1. 4001200034_1.jpg
    North Sonar Foil Mast
  2. Free & foil
    Duotone Free & foil
    €949.00 €1,577.00
  3. Pace & Foil
    Duotone Pace & Foil
    €1,199.00 €1,719.00
  4. 5021100051_1.jpg
    Duotone Pace
  5. 100858_1.jpg
    Foil Freer700 Wing Set
  6. 107372_1.jpg
    North Scoop Foil Board
    €804.95 Regular Price €1,149.00
  7. 5021000050_1.jpg
    Duotone M&F Set 3.0
  8. 5021100050_1.jpg
    F-One Pocket
  9. 5021100038_1.jpg
    North Sonar 85 Edition
    Special Price €419.90 Regular Price €699.00
  10. 5021100020_1.jpg
    Duotone Free
    €486.75 Regular Price €649.00
  11. 115446_1.jpg
    Naish Foil Crossover 2024
  12. 115448_1.jpg
    Naish Hover Custom 2024
  13. 115242_1.jpg
    North Scoop Foil Board
  14. 115244_1.jpg
    North Sense Foil Board
  15. 115245_1.jpg
    North Sonar MA 850 Front Wing
  16. 115043_1.jpg
    F-One Plane IC6
  17. 115057_1.jpg
    F-One Carbon Mast 14
  18. 5021200020_1.jpg
    North Sonar Kite Mast
  19. 4001200033_1.jpg
    North Sonar Carbon Foil Mast
  20. 114014_1.jpg
    Ozone Apex V1
  21. 114019_1.jpg
    Ozone Apex V1 Frontwing M.A.
  22. 114020_1.jpg
    Ozone Apex V1 Mast
  23. 113748_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Special Agent MKII
  24. 113547_1.jpg
    F-One Pocket Carbon Custom
  25. 113545_1.jpg
    F-One Pocket
  26. 5021200017_1.jpg
    Duotone Mast + Fuselage Carbon - SLS
  27. 112550_1.jpg
    Prolimit Wingfoil Session
  28. 112551_1.jpg
    Prolimit WingFoil Sessionbags
  29. 112444_1.jpg
    Airush Foil Skate V3
    €539.00 Regular Price €719.00
  30. 111158_1.jpg
    Naish Kite Foil Microchip
  31. 5021100045_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Autopilot
    €719.40 Regular Price €1,199.00
  32. 108485_1.jpg
    Airush Foil Board V3
  33. 5021100052_1.jpg
    Duotone Pace SLS
  34. 5021300016_1.jpg
    North Sonar 850 Front Wing
  35. 107373_1.jpg
    North Scoop Mini Foil
    €769.95 Regular Price €1,099.00
  36. 107374_1.jpg
    North Sense Foil Board
    €565.00 Regular Price €749.00
  37. 5021000049_1.jpg
    Duotone M&F Set 3.0
  38. 5021000051_1.jpg
    Duotone M&F Set 3.0
  39. 5021000052_1.jpg
    Duotone M&F Set 3.0
  40. 5021000053_1.jpg
    Duotone Wing Set Carve
  41. 4001500023_1.jpg
    North Sonar Fuselage
  42. 4001500024_1.jpg
    North Sonar Carbon Fuselage
  43. 5021200018_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Alloy Mast Helicoli
    €124.99 Regular Price €210.00
  44. 5021200019_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Carbon Mast
    €575.40 Regular Price €959.00
  45. 110458_1.jpg
    Mystic Foilbag
  46. 5021100044_1.jpg
    Cabrinha X:Breed Foil
    €629.00 Regular Price €1,149.00
  47. 5021100043_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Cutlass Foil 2022
    €629.00 Regular Price €1,149.00
  48. 5021200016_1.jpg
    Duotone Mast+Fuselage Carbon SLS
    €785.00 Regular Price €1,119.00
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