Kitesurf sets

Kitesurf sets

Buying guide for a complete kitesurf set

Are you looking for your first kite set? Read below what you should pay attention to when purchasing a complete kite set. You are probably finishing your lessons or you already have completed them and you are now ready to buy your first gear. Always handy to have your own kite gear. You do not dependent on a rental location or being stuck with a specific kite spot. But with your own kite gear you can go anywhere you want. Check the wind and before you know you'll be on the water! Or, of course, take your kite gear with you on vacation. All online kite sets that we offer are complete so that you can immediately get on the water.

What does a complete kite surf set consist of

The kite set is provided and complete to immediately get on the water. When purchasing a kitesurf set, the following supplies are included: kite, kiteboard including pads, kite bar and pump. With these kite sets you can immediately go on the water. All kite surfing sets are suitable for both the novice kite surfer and the advanced and experienced kite surfer. The advantage of the sets is that the material does perfectly fit and that it also saves a lot of money. In addition to a kiteset itself, you only need a wetsuit and harness to complete the set.

Buying the right kite set

With some likelihood this will be your first complete kite set. There are many different factors that you have to consider when buying a kite set. A kite can be chosen in different shapes and sizes. And it must fit well with your own style. To simplify this process, we have compiled complete kite surfing sets. We will check for each product which size / size may be important to you.

What size kite should I buy

The first question that is asked before buying your kite set is the level of the kiter. The more experience you have as a kiter, the more other choices will be made. For a beginner it is often the case that a larger kite is easier than a small kite. A large kite will provide more pressure and pull. As a result, you will be pulled out of the water faster after steering in the kite. Technically it is easier to sail a larger kite. A small kite is a lot more sensitive to errors. If you make a steering mistake, a small kite will respond much more directly and will probobly punish you for making a mistake.

Depending on the location where you will often go kite, the size of a kite also varies. If you plan to first purchase one kite, many people will go for a kite that they can sail for many hours. Land inwards, a 12 meter kite is therefore a good option. If you live on the coast or kite a lot near the coast, you can purchase about one m2 smaller.

Below is an overview of the different sizes and weights:

  50-70 kg 70-90 kg 90+ kg
Kite size Knots Knots Knots
5.0 21-38 25-42 30-50
6.0 19-36 23-40 26-45
7.0 17-35 20-38 22-41
8.0 15-31 17-36 20-38
9.0 13-27 15-34 19-36
10.0 12-25 13-32 18-32
11.0 11-23 12-29 16-30
12.0 10-20 11-26 15-28
13.0 10-19 10-23 14-25
14.0 9-18 9-21 13-23

Pay attention! In this global estimate, we assume men with an average weight of 85 kilos. Women and ladies often sail with a smaller kite. The same applies to people who do not meet this weight class.

Which kiteboard is right for me

Many different kiteboards are available. From freeride to freestyle kiteboards. We equip the complete sets with kiteboards that are aimed at comfort and making progress. In most cases these are the freeride kiteboards, they have little rocker and a lot of flex. Perfect for easy upwind sailing and good jumping. The average kiteboard sizes that we sell in the kite sets are between 136 and 142. Depending on your level and weight, the size of the board is determined.

Below is an overview of the ideal board size per weight class.

Weight Kiteboard length
<70 128-132
70-85 134-138
80-95 136-140
95+ >140


Of course there are also pads included with a kite set. You won't get very far without pads on your board. The kitepads that come with the kiteboard will be of the same brand as the board. A kitepad cannot always be exchanged to another brand just like that. To ensure that the pads fit ideally to the board, we therefore choose to supply everything from the same brand.

Which bar should I select

In all cases we ensure that the correct kitebar is supplied with the kite and size you have chosen. A correct bar depends on several elements. For starters, choosing the right bar depends on the brand. It is advisable to always take the kite brand with the same brand as that of your bar. For example, if you sail with an Duotone kite, you will automatically have to sail an Duotone bar.

Then you can look at the bar size and the line length. The most common and standard line length is 24 meters. This can deviate by up to 1 meter (depending on the brand). In addition, you can also look at the bar width, the larger the kite, the larger the bar width. The most common kite size and kite width is 52 cm. So if you are planning to buy a 12 meter kite, the bar width will be 52cm with line lengths of 24 meter lines. This is also the perfect choice for 10 meter kites and 14 meter kites.

Kite pump

Of course your kite set is of no use if you cannot inflate the kite. That is why a kite pump is supplied with your set. A good kite pump ensures that the kite can be inflated under high pressure. Most kites can be supplied with approximately 8 PSI. the advice is therefore to pump the kite hard enough.

You can hear when a kite is inflated hard enough by tapping the leading edge with your finger. If there is a high 'poink' sound, you know that the kite has enough air pressure. If you do not inflate the kite hard enough, the kite will lose its performance, it is less easy to relaunch and will not fly optimally. Therefore, make sure that there is always enough air in the kite. If you have doubts about the amount of PSI, you can possibly buy a kite pump with a PSI meter.

Help with choosing a kite set

Are you looking for a complete kite set and are you not quite sure what to choose? Then our kite experts stands ready for you both online and in the store!

8 Items

Set Descending Direction
  1. Supermodel V3 & Base V2
    Reedin Supermodel V3 & Base V2

    €1,569.00 €2,567.00

  2. Pivot S27 & Discovery
    Naish Pivot S27 & Discovery

    €1,949.00 €2,699.00

  3. EVO & Select
    Duotone EVO & Select

    €2,495.00 €3,235.00

  4. Reach & Atmos Hybrid
    North Reach & Atmos Hybrid

    €2,099.00 €2,557.00

  5. Catalyst V3 & Base V2
    Ozone Catalyst V3 & Base V2
    €1,699.00 €2,606.00
  6. Bandit 2022 & Base V2
    F-One Bandit 2022 & Base V2

    €1,939.00 €2,625.00

  7. Enduro V3 & Base V2
    Ozone Enduro V3 & Base V2

    €1,849.00 €3,294.00

  8. Gambit & Patrol V3
    PLKB Gambit & Patrol V3

    €1,489.00 €2,627.00

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