Kitesurf sets

Kitesurf sets

Buying guide for a complete kitesurf set

Telstar Surf has a wide range of complete kitesurf sets. All online kite sets that we offer are complete with kite, board and bar (optinonal a pump). With only one kite set you can immediately get onto the water. All kite surfing sets are suitable for the beginning kite surfer, but also for the advanced kite surfer. The advantage of the sets is that the material is perfectly matched and that it can also save a lot of money. In addition to a kit set you only need a wetsuit and trapeze to complete the set.

The right kite

This is probably your first set or most important measure from your equipment. It is also often the largest size in your equipment. The kite spot, your weight and level determine your choice. As you get more inland we recommend a large kite, such as a 12.0 meter. If you live on the coast, we recommend you to take a smaller size. This also applies when you are light in weight.

The right board

Novice kite surfers need a slightly larger board. For a weight of 80 kg you average 140 cm. Are you heavier or more insecure? Then you can round it up.

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