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Are you looking for a powerkite? Then take a look at our powerkites! Telstar Surf sells within the range of brands including Cross kites, Peter Lynn and Duotone. Maybe you don't know what a powerkite is or what its purpose is? Find out everything you need to know about a power kite below! Kite flying has been wildly popular since the beginning and super easy to learn.

What is powerkite?

A powerkite is another word for mattress kite that is used to enjoy flying kites during a day at the beach or in the meadow. In addition, you can also use a powerkite to prepare for kitesurfing. Practice on the beach with a bar. Then you already have the basics of kitesurfing under control!

The advantage of a mattress kite is that you do not have to inflate it, which makes the kite feel very light and you can already kite with little wind. You can control the kite in two ways, by using a bar or two levers. A bar, on the other hand, offers a bit more control and can be a good preparation for if you want to switch to kite surfing later.

With a mattress kite you can not only fly kites on the beach, but you can also baby carriage, mountain board and snow kite. 

  1. Buggying: With buggying, you sit on a wagon on the beach and are pulled forward by kite.
  2. Mountainboarding: With mountainboarding, you use the power kite in combination with a kind of skateboard, which pulls you forward.
  3. Snowkiting: Snowkiting is basically the same as kitesurfing, but in the snow.

Types of powerkites

Powerkites zijn te verkrijgen in diverse soorten en maten. Het grootste verschil zit hem met name in de hoeveelheid lijnen en de verschillende oppervlaktes van de vlieger. Bij Telstar Surf kun je een matrasvlieger aanschaffen met 2,3 of 4 lijnen. Hieronder wordt per categorie uitgelegd wat de voordelen zijn:

2 line powerkite

As the name actually tells you, a 2 line mattress kite has two steering lines. Because this kite has only two lines, this powerkite is ideal for beginners. You learn to steer a 2 line kite well and get a feeling how it all works.

3 line powerkite

A 3 line mattress kite as the name suggests has three lines, two control lines and one safety line. We recommend a three line kite if you already have some experience with powerkiting. You can use a 3 line powerkite for mountainboarding, for example. The advantage of a 3 line kite is that when you lose control you can let go of the kite immediately, which takes all the power out of the kite.

4 line powerkite

A 4 line mattress kite has two control lines and two power lines. We recommend purchasing a 4 line kite if you are an advanced power kiter. The biggest advantage to this kite is that you can better dose the power in the kite. You can provide the kite with more or less power and you can make the kite fly 3D (three-dimensional). Have you already mastered kite flying? Then these four-line kites are totally awesome! These powerkites are ideal for buggying, mountainboarding and snowkiting.

What size kite is right for me?

When buying a power kite, it is important to choose the right size kite. It is very important to look at the following factors:

  • Body weight
  • Wind force
  • Level of power kite 

The heavier you are, the longer you can hold a kite when the wind gets stronger, for example.
Depending on your weight, you can choose the right size. Most adults choose a kite between 2.7 and 4 square meters.

In the size chart below you can see which size is most suitable for you. Please note! This is and remains an advice. The size of the kite also depends on the wind force you fly. Most kites are already flying from a wind force two. 

30 - 40 kg  1,0 - 1,2 m²
40 - 50 kg  1,2 - 1,5 m²
50 - 60 kg 1,5 - 2,0 m²
60 -70 kg  2,0 - 2,5 m²
70 - 80 kg  2,5 - 3,0 m²
80 - 90 kg  3,0 - 3,5 m²
90 - 100 kg  3,5 - 4,0 m²
100 - 110 kg  4,0 - 4,5 m²

Are you unsure about the size or have another question? Then get in contact with us. Our colleagues at Telstar Surf are ready for everyone!

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