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Are you looking for a powerkite? Kite flying has been extremely popular since the beginning and it's super easy and fun to learn. For both adults and children, a powerkite is great to learn how to fly a kite. Telstar Surf sells brands like Cross kites, Peter Lynn and Duotone. Learn more about powerkites below!

What is a powerkite?

A powerkite is another word for a mattress kite, which is used to enjoy kite flying. With a powerkite it is recommended to go to an open space, like the beach or a meadow. Here there is enough space, you will need the space and it is useful if there are no other obstacles around. This gives the wind free space which ensures constant wind.
The advantage of a powerkite compared to a kite is that it does not need to be inflated. This makes the kite feel very light and it can already fly with little wind. The powerkite can be controlled with a bar or with two separate handles. In the beginning, the kite is often flown with handles. However, if you want to prepare yourself for kitesurfing, the use of a bar is certainly a nice addition. The advantage of a bar is that you can exercise more control over the kite and get used to the way a bar works. With kitesurfing, only a bar is used, which provides a good preparation for going on the water.

With a powerkite it is not only possible to kite on the beach, but also to buggy and mountainboard.

  • Buggying: With buggying you sit on a small cart on the beach. You are pulled forward by the wind and the powerkite. The harder it blows the more spectacular the powerkite will pull and the buggy will pull you forward.
  • Mountainboarding: A mountainboard is actually a skateboard with mega big wheels. Thanks to the big wheels it's possible to skateboard over the beach. In combination with the powerkite you will tear over the beach!

How do I control a powerkite?

Learning how to fly a mattress kite is easier than you think! The kite is easy to control by pulling one line down and pushing the other line away from you. Example: If you want to steer the powerkite to the right, you pull your right hand and the left hand will push the handle away from you. This will make one line shorter than the other, causing the powerkite to change direction.

Types of powerkites

Powerkites are available in different types and sizes. The biggest difference is in the amount of lines and the different surfaces of the kite. At Telstar Surf, you can buy all kinds of powerkites with 2,3 or 4 lines. Below, you will find an explanation of the advantages per category.

2 line powerkite 

As the name already tells you, a 2 line powerkite has two steering lines. Because this kite has only two lines, the powerkite is ideal for beginners. With a 2 line kite, you learn the basics, you learn to steer well and get a feeling how the powerkite reacts.

3 line power kite

A 3 line kite has as the name suggests three lines, two control lines and a safety line. We recommend a 3 line kite if you already have some experience with powerkiting. A 3 line powerkite can also be used for mountainboarding. The advantage of a 3 line kite is that when you lose control you can let go of the kite immediately, which takes all the power out of the kite.

4 line power kite 

A 4-line powerkite has two control lines and two power lines. We recommend purchasing a 4-line kite if you are an advanced power kite. The biggest advantage of this kite is that you can dose the power better. In this way, you can provide the kite with more or less power and it is possible to make the kite fly 3D. Have you already mastered kite flying? Then these four-line kites are totally awesome! These powerkites are ideal to use in combination with the buggy or mountainboard.

What should I pay attention to when buying a power kite?

When buying a powerkite, it is important to choose the right size kite. It is very important to look at the following three factors:

  • Body weight
  • Wind force
  • Level of the power kite

The heavier you are, the longer you can hold a kite in strong winds. Depending on your weight, you can choose the right size. Most adults choose a kite between 2.4 and 7 square metres.
In the size chart below, you can see which size is most suitable for you.
Please note! This is and remains an advice. The size of the kite also depends on the wind force in which you fly it. Most mattress kites fly as of wind force two.

30 - 40 kg 1,0 - 1.2 m²
40 - 50 kg 1,2 - 1,5 m²
50 - 60 kg 1,5 - 2,0 m²
60 -70 kg 2,0 - 2,5 m²
70 - 80 kg 2,5 - 3,0 m²
80 - 90 kg 3,0 - 3,5 m²
90 - 100 kg 3,5 - 4,0 m²
100 - 110 kg 4,0 - 4,5 m²

Telstar surf advice

Do you still have doubts about the right size or do you have another question? Please contact us by phone, e-mail or visit us at our surfshop. Our colleagues at Telstar Surf are ready for everyone!

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  1. 115183_1.jpg
    Kheo Kicker V4 8"
  2. 112110_1.jpg
    PLKB Base Harness w/Spreader Bar
  3. 111238_1.jpg
    Kheo Epic V4 9"
  4. 111241_1.jpg
    Kheo Kicker V4 9"
  5. 111095_1.jpg
    Vector kiting Kiteline 2x25m
  6. 110541_1.jpg
    Vector kiting Kitelines 2x25 m
  7. 110543_1.jpg
    PLKB Harn.line 55 cm
  8. 5075110011_1.jpg
    Vector kiting Kiteline 2x25 m
  9. 5080110050_1.jpg
    Cross kites Air
  10. 5080110052_1.jpg
    Cross kites Air
  11. 5080110071_1.jpg
    Cross kites Quattro
  12. 107267_1.jpg
    PLKB Uniq TR complete
  13. 107268_1.jpg
    PLKB Uniq TR complete
  14. 5080110081_1.jpg
    PLKB Uniq TR complete
  15. 5080110075_1.jpg
    PLKB Hype TR
  16. 5085990009_1.jpg
    PLKB Handle Large
  17. 5080110074_1.jpg
    PLKB Hype Play
  18. 5080110076_1.jpg
    PLKB Impulse TR
  19. 5080110077_1.jpg
    PLKB Skim TR
  20. 5080300022_1.jpg
    PLKB Hornet (handles)
  21. 5080300023_1.jpg
    PLKB Hornet (bar)
  22. 5080300024_1.jpg
    PLKB Twister (handles)
  23. 5080300025_1.jpg
    PLKB Twister (bar)
  24. 107948_1.jpg
    Kheo Epic 9"
  25. 5084110001_1.jpg
    PLKB Base Harn. WHEEL
    €77.95 Regular Price €93.95
  26. 5080110057_1.jpg
    Cross kites Boarder + Bar
  27. 5080110073_1.jpg
    Cross kites Quattro
  28. 5000550003_1.png
    Ozone Uno V2
  29. 5075110020_1.jpg
    Vector kiting Kiteline 2x25 m
  30. 5075110021_1.jpg
    Vector kiting Kiteline 2x25 m
  31. 5080110051_1.jpg
    Cross kites Air
  32. 5080110053_1.jpg
    Cross kites Air
  33. 5080110054_1.jpg
    Cross kites Boarder + Bar
  34. 5080110055_1.jpg
    Cross kites Boarder + Bar
  35. 5080110056_1.jpg
    Cross kites Boarder + Bar
  36. 115527_1.jpg
    Naish Xeon
  37. 5085900001_1.jpg
    PLKB Padded Wriststraps
  38. 5085990002_1.jpg
    PLKB QR Harnessline
  39. 112098_1.jpg
    PLKB Divine seat harness
    €99.95 Regular Price €129.00
  40. 112103_1.jpg
    PLKB Harness Line (for 4-lines handle)
  41. 112106_1.jpg
    PLKB 2-line bar with kite killer
  42. 112107_1.jpg
    PLKB 2-line bar without kite killer
  43. 112109_1.jpg
    PLKB BackStrap Evo
  44. 112113_1.jpg
    PLKB Commander V2 SNOW
  45. 112116_1.jpg
    PLKB Impulse bar without lines
  46. 112117_1.jpg
    PLKB Link spreader bar
  47. 112118_1.jpg
    PLKB Nova V2
  48. 112119_1.jpg
    PLKB Nova V2
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