Inflatable SUP

Inflatable SUP

Buying an inflatable SUP board

In recent years, the inflatable SUP, also known as inflatable SUP board, has grown tremendously in popularity. This is because the advantages outweigh any disadvantages. Because of the improved construction of an inflatable SUP board, the characteristics of the board have been greatly improved and an inflatable SUP is perfect for most conditions. In fact, in certain situations, an inflatable SUP board is actually preferred, as these boards are easier to transport.

Inflatable or rigid SUP?

Are you hesitating between an inflatable SUP board or a hard SUP board? It is very important to think about what you are going to use the SUP for. For example, inflatable SUP boards have numerous advantages over a hard SUP board. For example, just think about traveling. If you want to go on vacation by car, caravan or plane. Then you can easily take an inflatable sup board with you anywhere. Inflate the SUP and before you know it you are on the water. No place is out of reach with your inflatable SUP. In addition, there are numerous other benefits. See below the advantages of an inflatable SUP:

  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to store
  • Less vulnerable
  • Ideal for children

Are you looking for performance? Then a hard SUP board is ideal for you. Check out the advantages of a hard SUP board below:

  • More direct feeling
  • No pump needed
  • Better performance

Important when buying an inflatable SUP board

When buying an inflatable SUP board, it is important to take into account a few points. There are a number of quality differences between a good and an expensive SUP board. You can assume that a more expensive SUP has a higher stiffness. This is partly because a more expensive SUP can often be inflated harder. The stiffness of the SUP is the most important factor in determining the "glide". An inflatable SUP with higher rigidity will allow you to cover a greater distance with the same effort. There is no such thing as a cheap SUP that is also very stiff. This is due to the construction.

An inflatable SUP comes with a backpack. This way you can easily transport your board, ideal right? 

Construction of an inflatable SUP board

The construction of an inflatable SUP is difficult. Internally, an inflatable SUP is complex. Thousands of wires keep the bottom and top together, which creates a proper construction. We advise to inflate your inflatable SUP board at least 14 PSI, so you are sure of the right properties. 

Types of inflatable SUP boards

Inflatable SUP boards are available in all kinds, namely all-round, touring, racing, wave and wind SUP. See below an overview with a short explanation: 

All-round SUP

The name says it all, with an inflatable all-round SUP board you can go in any direction, from inland water to sea. An allround SUP board is a combination between a touring SUP and a wave SUP. An inflatable allround SUP usually has a length between 10'2''-11'0''. It is not surprising that inflatable allround SUP boards are very popular. They are generally a bit wider, have extra length and a flatter scoop rocker line. The biggest advantage of this is that they have a better 'glide' and glide straight ahead more easily. 

Touring SUP

Are you a fanatic Supper, who likes to travel long distances? Then an inflatable touring SUP board is ideal for you! The construction of a touring SUP is often narrower and longer, between 11'2''-12'8''. The inflatable touring SUP boards are therefore easily recognisable by its pointed shape, which makes the 'glide' even more optimal. 

Race SUP

An inflatable race SUP board is a long and narrow board, designed to race! The advantage of a race SUP is that you can make many strokes on one side, because the board has a good 'glide'.
A real race SUP has a length of at least 12'8". This makes the SUP even faster and more directional. In addition, when buying a race SUP, it is very important to take into account the width. The rule is: the narrower the board, the faster. 

Wave SUP

Inflatable wave SUP boards are the shortest inflatable SUPs on the market. In addition, these boards feature a curve (scoop rocker). This makes a wave SUP very maneuverable, but not as course stable. By course stable, we mean that the SUP turns quickly when you paddle on one side of the SUP. A wave SUP is ideal when you are looking for a playful SUP and you want to use it mainly at sea.
An inflatable wave SUP board has a length between 8'0''-9'8''.  


WindSUP is an inflatable SUP board that allows you to windsurf in addition to just paddling. The main advantage is that you can easily take your WindSup with you everywhere you go and use it when winds are low. A WindSUP is ideal because of its length and width, perfectly suited for 'non-planning' conditions. 

Brands inflatable SUP

At Telstar Surf we sell the best inflatable SUP boards from brands like: Fanatic, Brunotti, Naish, RED Paddle, Starboard and Unifiber.

Advice on buying an inflatable SUP board

Can't quite decide which inflatable SUP suits you best? Or do you have another question? Our staff at Telstar Surf is ready for you! Visit our surfshop, send us an e-mail or contact us by phone.  

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  1. 108357_1.jpg
    Brunotti Glow Supboard
    €449.99 Regular Price €599.99
  2. 114814_1.jpg
    RED Paddle Voyager & Hybrid Tough
    €1,119.00 Regular Price €1,499.00
  3. 114811_1.jpg
    RED Paddle Sport & Hybrid Tough
    €1,029.00 Regular Price €1,369.00
  4. 114813_1.jpg
    RED Paddle Voyager & Hybrid Tough
    €1,079.00 Regular Price €1,449.00
  5. 113185_1.jpg
    Starboard Airline Deluxe 14'x26" 2024
  6. 113181_1.jpg
    Starboard Sprint Deluxe 14'x25.5" 2024
  7. 112013_1.jpg
    Gladiator Pro Touring
    €489.95 Regular Price €604.95
  8. 111876_1.jpg
    Gladiator Origin Allround
    €329.95 Regular Price €439.95
  9. 111877_1.jpg
    Gladiator Pro Allround
    €479.95 Regular Price €579.95
  10. 109885_1.jpg
    JP Australia SportsAir SE 3DS
    €749.40 Regular Price €1,249.00
  11. 109891_1.jpg
    JP Australia SurfAir SE 3DS
    €599.40 Regular Price €999.00
  12. 110933_1.jpg
    Aquatone Playtime sitin Kayak
    €429.95 Regular Price €599.99
  13. 110589_1.jpg
    Aquatone Flame Touring 12'6"
    €374.95 Regular Price €499.99
  14. 109875_1.jpg
    JP Australia AllroundAir SE 3DS
    €689.40 Regular Price €1,149.00
  15. 108644_1.jpg
    Starboard Touring Wave Deluxe
    €749.00 Regular Price €999.00
  16. 108639_1.jpg
    Starboard Icon Deluxe SC
    €1,199.00 Regular Price €1,599.00
  17. 108637_1.jpg
    Starboard Touring DeLuxe S
    €829.00 Regular Price €1,099.00
  18. 5100880315_1.jpg
    Starboard Touring Zen with paddle
    €599.00 Regular Price €799.00
  19. 5100880348_1.jpg
    RED Paddle Ride & Paddle
    €859.00 Regular Price €1,075.00
  20. 5100880298_1.jpg
    Brunotti Discovery
    €399.99 Regular Price €499.99
  21. 5100880297_1.jpg
    Brunotti Challenger
  22. 5100880283_1.jpg
    JP Australia AllroundAir LE
    €429.00 Regular Price €649.00
  23. 5100880286_1.jpg
    JP Australia CruisAir LE 3DS
  24. 102300_1.jpg
    Fanatic Fly Air w/ Pure 3 PCS
    €389.00 Regular Price €579.00
  25. 102283_1.jpg
    Fanatic Fly Air w/ Pure 3 PCS
    €389.00 Regular Price €559.00
  26. 5100880219_1.jpg
    Fanatic Diamond Air/C-35
    €549.00 Regular Price €879.00
  27. 102288_1.jpg
    Fanatic Diamond Air Touring/C-35
    €599.00 Regular Price €929.00
  28. 110623_1.jpg
    STX iSup Tourer PURE
  29. 113224_1.jpg
    Brunotti Discovery SUP
    €399.99 Regular Price €499.99
  30. 113225_1.jpg
    Brunotti Discovery SUP
    €399.99 Regular Price €499.99
  31. 113180_1.jpg
    Starboard Sprint Deluxe 14'x 24" 2024
  32. 113183_1.jpg
    Starboard Sprint Deluxe 14'x29" 2024
  33. 111337_1.png
    North Sails Pace SUP 2023
    €539.00 Regular Price €799.00
  34. 111338_1.png
    North Sails Pace Tour SUP 2023
    €739.00 Regular Price €979.00
  35. 111340_1.png
    North Sails Skipper SUP 2023
    €899.00 Regular Price €1,199.00
  36. 111341_1.png
    North Sails Docker SUP 2023
    €799.00 Regular Price €1,049.00
  37. 110619_1.jpg
    STX iSup Tourer
  38. 110621_1.jpg
    STX iSup Race 14'0"
  39. 109879_1.jpg
    JP Australia AllroundAir SL
  40. 110615_1.jpg
    STX iSup Cruiser JR
  41. 110616_1.jpg
    STX iSup Cruiser 10'4"
  42. 110617_1.jpg
    STX iSup Cruiser 10'8"
  43. 110618_1.jpg
    STX iSup Freeride
  44. 110620_1.jpg
    STX iSup Race 12'6"
  45. 109877_1.jpg
    JP Australia AllroundAir 5"LE 3DS
  46. 109876_1.jpg
    JP Australia AllroundAir LE 3DS
  47. 109878_1.jpg
    JP Australia AllroundAir LE
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