Inflatable SUP

Buying an inflatable SUP

In recent years, the inflatable SUP has grown enormously in popularity. This is because the advantages outweigh any disadvantages. Due to the improved constructions of an inflatable SUP, the properties have been greatly improved and you can handle an inflatable SUP perfectly in most circumstances. In fact, in certain situations, the preference is for an inflatable SUP, as these are easier to transport.

Inflatable or hard SUP?

The choice between an inflatable or normal SUP board depends on what you want to do with your SUP board; wave riding, long distance supping or just at the lake. See below the benefits of an inflatable SUP:

  • Easy to transport
  • Takes up little storage space
  • Is less likely to damage
  • Suitable for children (to play on)

Performance is paramount with a hard SUP. If you don't want to compromise on the performance of a SUP, then a hard SUP is definitely the best option. Below you will find the benefits:

  • Easier long distances SUPs
  • Direct SUP feeling due to higher
  • Stiffness
  • Get on the water without having to pump

Important when buying an inflatable SUP

There are many quality differences within inflatable SUPs. You can assume that a more expensive SUP is a SUP with a higher stiffness. The stiffness of the SUP is the most important factor in determining the "glide". An inflatable SUP with a higher stiffness ensures that you cover a greater distance with the same effort. A cheap SUP that is also very stiff does not exist. This is due to the construction.

Construction of an inflatables SUP

An inflatable SUP complex is built internally. Thousands of wires connect the bottom to the top. Due to this construction, the inflatable SUPs can be pumped up very hard, which partly determines the stiffness of the SUP. A more expensive SUP has a stronger construction, making it harder to pump up and thus offers a higher stiffness and more performance. The advice is to pump an inflatable SUP to a minimum of 14 PSI, so that you are sure of the correct properties.

Type of inflatable SUPs


The name says it all. With an all-round SUP you can actually go in any direction: inland water, sea, rivers, etc. It is not for nothing that these are by far the most popular SUPs. An all-round charging SUP is generally wider and has sufficient length for a good "glide".


An inflatable touring SUP is mainly suitable for long distances. This type of SUP is narrower and longer (often a 12'6 ") than an all-round SUP, recognizable by its somewhat pointed shape. Due to the shape of a touring SUP, it goes straight ahead very easily. This is ideal if you want to cover long distances .


An inflatable race SUP is comparable to a touring SUP, but one step longer and narrower. A real racing SUP has a minimum length of 14 ". This makes the SUP even faster and more stable.


Inflatable wave SUPs are the shortest inflatable SUPs on the market. This makes a wave SUP very manoeuvrable, but not so stable. By steady course we mean that the SUP turns quickly when you paddle on one side of the SUP. A wave SUP is ideal when you are looking for a playful SUP and you mainly want to use it at sea.

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