Aluminium booms

Buy guidance alloy boom

An alloy boom is a good boom for windsurfers who are not often on the water or have a low budget. The aluminum booms are not inferior to quality with windsurfing sails of <7.0m2. This is because these sails require less rigidity from the boom. The aluminum booms also suffer less from point load. This means that if you drop the boom by accident, it is not immediately broken. With carbon booms there is a chance that a crack will come into the boom which will ultimately lead to less performance. The aluminum booms are light and very strong and have a price range ranging from € 100,- to € 300,-.

It is better not to use an aluminum boom on sails of> 7.0 m2 because these sails require more stiffness, react faster and give more control during windsurfing with a carbon boom.

Which alloy boom is the right one for you?

Aluminum booms comes in different price classes. A cheaper boom is better for windsurfers who want to windsurf in their free time and do not search for extreme equipment. A more expensive alloy boom is a good option for wind surfers who are looking for higher performance but do not want to purchase a carbon boom. The price class of the alloy booms is on average between € 100,- to € 300,-.

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