Neoprene- & windjackets

Neoprene & wind jackets

You can use the neoprene and wind jackets before, during or after water sports. We will further explain the difference between the neoprene and wind jackets below.

Neoprene jackets and hoodies

A jacket or hoodie made of neoprene and is ideal to use during water sports. The jackets and hoodies will provide a little more warmth and comfort so that you can get the most out of every session.

Wind jackets

The wind jackets can be used against the wind so that you will be less cold. You can use the wind jackets before and after standing on the water.

What to look for when purchasing a neoprene or wind jacket

Size: To choose a good jacket or hoodie, we recommend that you fit it well in advance. A jacket that is too large or too small will ultimately be experienced as unpleasant for what you naturally want to prevent.

Purpose: We can distinguish between a neoprene or wind jacket. Do you want to be able to get on the water with the jacket? Then we recommend choosing a neoprene jacket. If you want to stay protected against the wind? Then we advise you to purchase a wind jacket.

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