Kite seat harnesses

Buying guide for a kite seat harness

In addition to a hip harness, a kite seat harness can also be chosen. Many lessons are given with seatt harnesses. For example, some beginners also choose to start with a seat harness. A kitesurf seat harness provides some more comfort because the seat harness will not crawl up. Certainly when you are a beginner, this is the case since you still have your kite above you.

Advantages and disadvantages of a seat harness

When using a seat harness, your center of gravity is lower and you will be able to exert less resistance on the water. During jumps, for example, you will notice that you can turn faster or that you can keep your rail less easily under strong wind conditions. For this reason, most people opt for a hip harness. However, there is an exception of course. If you do not like a hip harness or you get back problems, then go for comfort and go for a kitesurf seat harness.

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