Kite seat harnesses

Buyers guide for a kite seat harness

Looking for a seat harness for all your kitesurfing sessions? Then Telstar Surf is the place to be! With a wide range of harnesses, we will find a suitable one together so that you will be standing on the water with comfort.

It is good to know that a kite harness can also be used for windsurfing, but not the other way around. So if you want to practice both sports with a singe harness, we  recommend chosing a kite harness.

For whom is a kite seat harness suitable

The seat harnesses are often chosen by novice kite surfers. Many kite lessons are held with a seat harness. The main reason for this is the shifting of the harness. Because you step into a kind of pants, the harness will not crawl up. As a beginner and during lessons, your kite will often be at 12 o'clock, so the chance that a waist harness will slide upwards is a lot bigger. If you don't like a waist harness or you get back problems, opt for comfort and choose a kitesurf seat harness. Furthermore, the seat harness is also very popular among both race- and foil kiters.

Seat Harness vs. Waist Harness

Just like with the waist harness, the seat variant also has its advantages and disadvantages. To make a correct consideration, we have described them for you when it comes down to making a decision.

  • The advantages of a seat harness: Because you put the harness on like pants, you will notice that it slides less upwards compared to a waist harness. It is important to listen to your feelings. Most people simply choose a waist trapeze, but that does not mean that you have to wear one too. If you simply do not like a waist harness or you're experiencing back problems, choose comfort and go for a kitesurf seat harness.
  • The disadvantages of a sitting harness: Because your center of gravity is lower during kiting, you will be able to exert less resistance on the water. During jumps you will notice, for example, that you can turn faster. With stronger winds it even becomes more difficult to keep the rail. Thats something we certainly don't want to happen.
    Do you enjoy performing unhooked tricks? Then you will experience more discomfort with a seat harness because it gives you less freedom of movement around the hips.

Do you want to know more about choosing the right harness? Then drop by to try out different harnesses. By fitting the harnesses and actually trying them out on one of our simulators you get more knowledge which one suits you.

Brands seat harnesses

At Telstar Surf you will find kite seat harnesses from the worlds best brands such as: Duotone, ION, Mystic & Prolimit.

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