Women's harnesses

Women's harnesses

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Are you looking for a windsurf harness for ladies? Then Telstar Surf is the right place for you! We have a wide range of women's windsurf harness, including hip and sit windsurf harness. 

What to use a ladies windsurf harness for?

A windsurf harness ladies can use during windsurfing. With a ladies harness you can hook yourself in the lines of the harness, so you can use the power of the windsurfing sail with your whole body instead of just your arms. Because of this, your arms will not get sour as fast. Because windsurfing is becoming more and more popular among the ladies, most of the big windsurf brands now have specific women's harnesses in their assortment. What is the difference between a ladies windsurf harness and what is the unique size compared to a men's harness, we will explain below.  

What is the difference between a ladies windsurf harness and a men's harness?

Women's windsurf harnesses are especially designed for women. The biggest difference is the fitting of the ladies harness. Because many women have a different body shape than men, manufacturers have chosen to develop specific women's harnesses for windsurfing. Because of this, a ladies windsurf harness supports you on the right spots. Women's harnesses also have other colours than the men's harnesses. Often the women's harnesses are more colorfull. Does a men's harness fit your body well? Than you can just take it out on the water! The most important thing is that the harness feels good on your body.

Which windsurf harness is suitable for me?

The best ladies windsurf harness you can buy depends on several factors. Are you for example looking for a ladies sitting harness or a ladies waist harness? Do you want a ladies windsurf harness with a hardshell, flex-shell or softshell back panel? Which harness hook do you need for your ladies windsurf harness? And what should be the fit of your windsurf harness? In the following text we will go further on this subject so you can buy the right windsurf harness.

Windsurf harness ladies: seat

Women's harnesses are often used by freeride, slalom and race windsurfers. Because the hook on a ladies sit harness is lower than on a waist harness, it is nice when you don't have to unhook every 10 meters. Because the hook on a women's windsurfing harness is lower, you can easily close the sail and keep control.  

Windsurf harness ladies: hip

Women often choose a women's windsurf hip harness. This harness can be used by every windsurfer. The hook on the ladies windsurf harness is higher than on the seat harness, this makes it easier to get in and out of the harnesslines. This gives you more confidence while surfing. Also, ladies often experience more freedom of movement with a ladies' waist harness while windsurfing.  

Windsurf harness for ladies: Hardshell, Flex-shell or Softshell?

Women's windsurf harnesses are produced with different back panels. Which back panel is used in the ladies windsurf harness has a big influence on the performance and comfort of the ladies windsurf harness. Manufacturers indicate the different back panels with Hardshell, Flex-shell and Softshell. A hardshell windsurf harness is made of fiberglass or carbon which makes the hardshell windsurf harness stiff on the back. Because of this, the pulling force from your sail will be divided over your whole back. A softshell back panel for a ladies windsurfing harness doesn't have these characteristics and therefore feels more flexible. There is also a middle ground, the so called flex-shell ladies harnesses. These ladies windsurf harnesses are in between a hardshell ladies windsurf harness and a softshell ladies windsurf harness. What your preference is is something you have to experience. This is different for every lady. We strongly advice to try several women's windsurf harnesses before making a decision. 

Harness hooks windsurf harness ladies

Most ladies windsurf harnesses are delivered with a windsurf hook. Sometimes you have to buy the windsurfing hook, also called spreaderbar. If the hook is not included, we always recommend to choose a specific windsurfing hook. This is the safest option because it is specially designed for windsurfing and it fits well on the ladies windsurf harness.  

Advice on buying a ladies windsurf harness

Do you find it hard to determine which ladies harness you need? Come and visit us in our surfshop. We always have several women's harnesses in stock, including women's windsurf harnesses. Here you can compare the different women's harnesses and experience which women's harness fits your body the best. Ofcourse you can always contact us by phone or mail for all your questions about ladies windsurf harnesses. 

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    ION Waist Windsurf Jade
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    Mystic Passion Seat Wmn
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    Mystic Dazzled Waist WS Wmn
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    Mystic Jax Waist Wmn
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    Mystic Jax Waist Wmn
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    NP Raven EZR
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    Prolimit Envy
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    Prolimit Pure Seat WS
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    Prolimit Waist Luna
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    ION Waist Windsurf Jade
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    Prolimit Luna
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    Prolimit Waist Eve
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    Prolimit Waist Eve
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    Mystic Passion Seat Wmn
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    Prolimit Wmn Waist Envy
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    ION Pearl
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    Mystic Dazzled Waist Windsurf
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