Kids shirts

Buying guide for kids shirts

The kids t-shirts are available in the neoprene and lycra version. A neoprene kids' shirt is meant for warmth underneath the wetsuit or if your lycra is just too cold. A kids lycra shirt is meant to stop UV sun rays to prevent skin burns.

What to look for when purchasing a children's lycra or neoprene shirt

Fit: The fit of a lycra or neoprene shirt is very important. If the t-shirt does not have a good fit onto your body, you may experience a less comfortable session on the water. You have the choice between a slim-fit or loose-fit children's t-shirt. This choice is very personal, so come to the Telstar Surf shop to try out different types of lycra and neoprene shirts and personal advice.

Size: The size of a kids lycra or neoprene t-shirt is also very important. A shirt that is too large or too small can have a major impact on water performance. To prevent problems, we recommend that you fit the t-shirt properly before you go on the water.

Sleeves: The choice of a children's t-shirt can depend on the sleeves. Do you go on the water in warmer weather? Then choose the short sleeves. If you go on the water with colder weather, choose the long sleeves. You can also wear both types under your wetsuit for extra warmth.

Color: The color of a lycra or neoprene t-shirt can play a major role in choosing a t-shirt. For parents who want to keep a close eye on their child, we recommend using a bright color to make it easier to find your kid among all the other people out on the water.

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