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  1. Footstrap screw
    Unifiber Footstrap screw
  2. Footstrap
    JP Australia Footstrap
    JP Australia
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    ION Safety Footstrap
  4. Footstrap
    Tabou Footstrap
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    Unifiber Footstrap Comfort

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Windsurf footstraps buying guide

Windsurf footstraps are there to gain more control over your board during fast sessions or windsurfing in choppy conditions. Because your feet are no longer loose on the board but stuck in the foot straps you get more controle over the board. The use of the windsurf footstraps is a next step after hooking in with the harness. The foot straps can be purchased separately so that you do not have to purchase a whole set of 3 or 4 foot straps.

For more questions about the windsurf footstraps you can contact or visit Telstar Surf!

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