Family boards

Buying guide of a family board

Buying a beginners surfboard is less easy than it seems. What should you look for as a beginner? As a starting windsurfer it is really difficult to find what you need. It's good to contact our sales team and ask them for help.

As a beginner windsurfer, it's good to had a find in your surfboard whick takes care of two things. First of all, it provides stability and secondly, you keep the surfboard on course more easily.

An intermediate solution for this fin is a so-called 'center fin'. A center fin is a fin that, just like the rear fin, is placed in a box in the middle of the surfboard. This construction has a number of advantages over the solution with the fin.

  1. The construction is cheaper
  2. The center fin is lighter and more robust
  3. In an advanced stage, the windsurf beginner can cover the box, creating a board without a centerfin.

However, a real beginner's board does have a fin, despite the apparent disadvantages. These boards are distinguished by the dimensions. A pure beginners' board is slightly longer and more narrow than a board with a center fin. The pure beginners' board therefor slides through the water through its shape more easily. This offers a major advantage, especially when the wind is not sufficient to plan.

We have brands such as Fanatic and Starboard in our range. In addition to beginners, these surfboards can also be used for all-round use, such as family use or children who can windsurf with a child's sail on it.

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