Men's neotops

Buying guide for men's neoprene T-shirts

A men's neoprene T-shirt can be used under your wetsuit for more warmth or if your lycra is just too cold. There are a couple of factors to consider before purchasing a neoprene t-shirt. We will further explain what these are below.

What to look for when purchasing a neoprene t-shirt for men

Size: The size of your neoprene t-shirt must be correct. When a neoprene t-shirt does not fit your body properly, water will enter your shirt more easily, which will eventually cause you to get colder. Therefore, check that your neoprene t-shirt fits well, this can be done in the Telstar Surf shop or at home.

Thickness: The thicker your neoprene t-shirt, the warmer you will have it. If you are going to sail in colder areas, we recommend that you purchase a thicker millimeter unit for optimal experience.

Sleeves: The neoprene t-shirts for men are available with short or long sleeves. Are you planning to go on the water in colder areas? Then take long sleeves. We recommend the short sleeves for warmer areas.

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