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Wingsurf boards

Buying a wingsurf board

Are you planning to start wing foiling? Then you need, among other things, a wingsurf board. But what should you pay attention to when purchasing a wingsurf board? We are happy to take you into our experience!

What to look for when purchasing a wingsurf board

When purchasing a wingsurf foil board, the volume is especially important. Volume basically means the buoyancy that a board has. So the more volume, the more buoyancy and the easier / more stable you stand on the board. More volume results in more stability so that you can master wingsurfing faster. A rule to determine the amount of liters is as follows: your own body weight + 30 to 40, and you have the minimum amount of liters that are suitable for you. Suppose you weigh 80 kilos, then you need a wingfoil board of at least 110 / 120 liters. However, this does not mean that this is the board that is ideal for you. As a beginner you're looking for more stability to make faster progress. Therefore, in the beginning, look at a wingsurf board of approximately 140 liters. As you get better you can start looking at a lower volume by applying the rule of thumb. You are of course also dependent on the wind. If you often sail in extreme conditions, then a wing surfboard with a small liter capacity is desirable compared to someone who only wants to do it in light weather. The lower volume wingsurf boards are more unstable but have the advantage of being more manoeuvrable. This allows you to make awesome moves as an advanced!

Different types of wingsurf boards

Although wingsurfing has not been around for very long, there are already different boards to be found. Basicly you have the inflatable, but also hard wing surfboards. The advantage of an inflatable wingsurf board is the compact size that comes in handy for storage and transport. However, a hard board is many times stiffer, which provides more performance. It also saves you time because you don't have to pump up the board. There is no right or wrong in choosing between the different foil boards. It's just what you're looking for. One opts for an inflatable and the other for a hard wingsurf board. Ultimately, you will have to make up your own mind about this.

Advice when choosing a wingfoil board

Are you not sure about choosing the right wingsurf board? Then our employees will be at your service! Simply contact us or visit the store for personal advice while enjoying a cup of coffee.

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  1. 108619_1.jpg
    Starboard Wingboard Lite Tech
    €719.00 Regular Price €1,199.00
  2. 115255_1.jpg
    North Seek Foil Board
  3. 114496_1.jpg
    Tabou Pocket Air WING FOIL MTE
    €899.00 Regular Price €1,299.00
  4. 110627_1.jpg
    STX iFoil
    €419.00 Regular Price €699.00
  5. 111612_1.jpg
    North Seek Air Foil Board
  6. 113577_1.jpg
    Reedin Ifeather
  7. 108605_1.jpg
    Starboard Take Off Lite tech
  8. 4001900031_1.jpg
    F-One Rocket Wing ASC
  9. 107351_1.jpg
    North Seek Foil Board
    €1,049.95 Regular Price €1,499.00
  10. 4001900021_1.jpg
    Naish Wing Foil Hover GS
    €849.00 Regular Price €1,499.00
  11. 111222_1.jpg
    F-One Rocket Wing '23
  12. 111209_1.jpg
    JP Australia Sup Wing Air SE
  13. 4001900027_1.jpg
    North Seek Foil Board
    €849.00 Regular Price €1,449.00
  14. 4001900005_1.jpg Try & Buy
    F-One Rocket Air
  15. 100058_1.jpg
    Aztron Falcon surf/wing/sup
    €549.00 Regular Price €899.99
  16. 4001900020_1.jpg
    Naish Wing Foil Hover C.
    €849.00 Regular Price €1,469.00
  17. 115966_1.jpg
    Starboard Take Off Blue Carbon
  18. 116160_1.jpg
    Exocet Free Wing Air
  19. 115900_1.jpg
    AK Phazer V4 Carbon
  20. 115899_1.jpg
    AK Compact V3
  21. 109868_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Code 2022
    €894.99 Regular Price €1,499.00
  22. 115971_1.jpg
    Starboard Wingboard Blue Carbon
  23. 115392_1.jpg
    Duotone Sky Style SLS
  24. 115461_1.jpg
    Naish Hover Ascend CU 2024
  25. 115465_1.jpg
    Naish Hover Crossover 2024
  26. 115390_1.jpg
    Duotone Sky Free SLS
  27. 115393_1.jpg
    Duotone Sky Surf SLS
  28. 115254_1.jpg
    North Swell Foil Board
  29. 113701_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Macro Air 2023
    €709.00 Regular Price €1,009.00
  30. 110320_1.jpg
    JP Australia X-Winger IPR
    €629.40 Regular Price €1,099.00
  31. 112060_1.jpg
    Fanatic Sky Free TE
    €1,365.00 Regular Price €2,099.00
  32. 113703_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Link 2023
    €964.95 Regular Price €1,379.00
  33. 113704_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Code MKII '23
    €1,299.95 Regular Price €1,859.00
  34. 113548_1.jpg
    F-One Rocket Surf
  35. 113702_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Logic 2023
    €854.95 Regular Price €1,219.00
  36. 112608_1.jpg
    AK Compact V2 Carbon Inegra
    €1,099.00 Regular Price €1,709.00
  37. 112607_1.jpg
    AK Phazer V3 Reflex Carbon
    €1,119.00 Regular Price €1,489.00
  38. 113549_1.jpg
    F-One Rocket Wing Carbon
  39. 113550_1.jpg
    F-One Rocket Wing-S Carbon
  40. 110319_1.jpg
    JP Australia X-Winger PRO
    €929.40 Regular Price €1,649.00
  41. 112609_1.jpg
    AK Phazer V3 Duratech
    €949.00 Regular Price €1,269.00
  42. 112058_1.jpg
    Fanatic Sky Surf TE
    €1,235.00 Regular Price €1,899.00
  43. 110709_1.jpg
    Naish S26 Hover LE Ultra-C.
    €749.00 Regular Price €1,679.00
  44. 111159_1.jpg
    Naish Wing Foil Hover Inflatable
    €749.00 Regular Price €1,299.00
  45. 110321_1.jpg
    JP Australia X Foil PRO
    €1,019.40 Regular Price €1,749.00
  46. 110710_1.jpg
    Naish Hover Wing Foil Bullet
    €749.00 Regular Price €1,799.00
  47. 108693_1.jpg
    AK Compact
    €819.00 Regular Price €1,489.00
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