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During a day at the beach or on the water, it is important to protect yourself against the UV radiation of the sun. At Telstar Surf you can find sunscreen of the surf brand Island Tribe. This sunscreen is waterproof and eco-friendly. This means that traces of the sunburn will not harm the reef or the aquatic life!

What should I look for when buying sunscreen? 

First of all, as a surfer, it is important that the sunscreen you choose is waterproof. Always check the number of hours of protection the sunscreen provides. This differs per brand. It's a shame if you have to interrupt your surfing session because you get sunburned.
Finally, it's a plus to check if the sunscreen or traces of it are eco-friendly, as some brands are bad for the reef or the environment. If this is an important consideration for you, it's good to know that Island Tribe takes it into account!

Types of sunscreen

At Telstar Surf, you can find different kinds of sunscreen. There are sprays, lotions (in handy spray form) but also a sun stick for grease free use. For the young surfers we also have special sunblock.

If you want to protect yourself against the UV radiation, check out our lycra and neoprene shirts for optimal protection. Of course you are always welcome in our surf shop!

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  1. 111395_1.jpg
    Greenbush Nourishing lip balm
  2. 111396_1.jpg
    Greenbush Stick Solaire SPF 50
  3. 111398_1.jpg
    Greenbush Stick Solaire SPF 50
  4. 111351_1.jpg
    Island Tribe KidsSPF 50 light lotion spray 200 ml
  5. 111309_1.jpg
    Island Tribe SPF 50 light lotion 200 ml
  6. 102417_1.jpg
    Island Tribe SPF clear spray 30
  7. 102419_1.jpg
    Island Tribe SPF 50 gel 50ml
  8. 9100100007_1.jpg
    Island Tribe SPF 50 gel 100ml
  9. 102421_1.jpg
    Island Tribe Aftersun gel Aloe Vera 125ml
  10. 9100110002_1.jpg
    Island Tribe SPF 40 light lotion 300 ml
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