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Are you looking for a women kite harness? Then Telstar Surf is the right place for you! The women harness for women have a special category. Why? Because not every woman will fit a "standard" harness. After all, men and women have a different physique. The designers also take into account the fanatic women who hang from the kite. The kitesurf women' harnesses are therefore specially made for women. That is why the women's harness is specially designed to fit the woman. The women's harnesses come in many different shapes and sizes.

Women kite harness

Most women will go for a waist harness. This model is higher than a seat harness and provides more freedom of movement and comfort around the hips. Most women will opt for a waist harness. Especially when you are a stage further in the kite it is easier to do tricks with a hip trapeze or to jump for example. However, the most important thing with a waist harness is the connection. If the harness does not fit properly, it will move / slide up. This leads to eritation and can even hurt over time.

Hardshell and softshell harnesses

When you buy a waist harness, you can choose from many different models. One difference is, among other things, a softshell and hardshell harness. The softshell harnesses are comfortable and provide a lot of freedom of movement. A big advantage is that they mold around your body. A hardshell in it is a trapeze with a hard plate at the back. This offers a lot of support in the lower back. However, the price is in many cases a big disadvantage with these harnesses. Are you looking for your first harness? Then choose a simple trapeze. Only after many kite hours you will know what you really want and you can make good comparisons.

Women seat harness

Novice kite surfers quickly tend to this model, which is logical because this type of harness does not compromise on comfort and quality. The advantage is that most of the force of a seat harness is not exerted on the back. Also, the harness does not creep up, which you can see happening with the waist harnesses. The only disadvantage is that during jumps you will turn a little faster, with stronger wind it is more difficult to keep the rail and have less freedom of movement.

Questions and advice about women kite harnesses

Do you have a number of questions or need advice? Our team is ready for you! We are happy to help you both online and in the shop. We do, however, recommend that you come to the shop, as this allows you to extensively try out different models, brands and types under the guidance of one of our employees.

At Telstar Surf you will find various women kite harness brands, including: Mystic, ION & Prolimit.

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