Kitesurf protection

Buying guide for kitesurf protection

Kite surfing can be a risky sport. Protecting yourself is not an unnecessary luxury, because an accident can always happen. There are various kite surfing products that can protect you. Including for example an impact vest or a kite helmet. A helmet is not always pleasant, but can sometimes prevent a lot of misery. A kite helmet protects you against the water impact during a crash. In addition, most helmets also have ear pads that protect your ears. An impact vest has two advantages:

Load capacity

The kite can be leaky, the wind can drop, you can have an injury, and so on. In the case of such examples, it is very nice to have extra buoyancy from an impact vest. In a real bad case when you will have to wait a long time for help, you are happy that you chose to wear an impact vest.


An impact vest offers the right protection during crashes and can really make the difference between broken ribs or not. Impact vests for kite surfing have no padding on the bottom, so there is room for your trapeze. The impact jackets are available with and without a zipper. The advantage of the zipper is that putting it on is easy. A drawback is the limitation in the stretch and the vulnerability. Do you have more questions about kite surfing protection? Feel free to call or email us!

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