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Are you looking for new wakeboard material? Then Telstar Surf is the place to be. With our wide range of wakeboards you are guaranteed to go home with the right equipment. Shop online or visit our store. Here we would like to welcome you in our wakeboard department.

What do you need for wakeboarding?

If you want to start wakeboarding you need different attributes. These will help you master wakeboarding. Below we explain what you need.


If you want to wakeboarding, of course you need the board itself. There are different types of wakeboards for sale. We distinguish between boat boards, cable boards and crossover boards.

Wakeboard boots

Wakeboarding also includes wakeboard boots. The wakeboard boots are indispensable when purchasing a wakeboard. You can buy two different types of boots in our range. These are the open toe and the closed toe boots.

Wakeboard lines

If you are going to wakeboard behind the boat, you will need a wakeboard line. These can be found in different price ranges and types. You will not be pulled without a line, so it is a must-have in your wakeboard arsenal.

Wakeboard protection

While wakeboarding it can happen that you make a big smack. It is therefore important to protect yourself well. In our range you will find different materials such as helmets and vests.

Advice when buying wakeboard material

Do you still find it difficult which material to purchase? Or do you have any questions? Then the employees of Telstar Surf are ready for you. Contact us or visit our wakeboard department.

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  1. 110916_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Remix Boot
  2. 116124_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Standaard Score Skimmer
    €349.99 Regular Price €499.99
  3. 115830_1.jpg
    Mystic Outlaw Impact Vest Fzip
  4. 115829_1.jpg
    Mystic Outlaw Impact Vest Fzip
  5. 114392_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Aries Ladies System Boot
  6. 108810_1.jpg
    Ronix Parks
    €339.99 Regular Price €419.99
  7. 108819_1.jpg
    Ronix Kids Vision
  8. Parks Modello & Parks
    Ronix Parks Modello & Parks
    €699.00 €910.00
  9. District Modello & Divide
    Ronix District Modello & Divide
    €639.00 €740.00
  10. 114382_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Distortion System Boot
    €279.99 Regular Price €349.99
  11. 114294_1.jpg
    Brunotti Xena Wakevest Wms
    €65.00 Regular Price €129.99
  12. 114558_1.jpg
    Follow Pro Helmet
  13. 114570_1.jpg
    Follow Employee Of The Month
  14. 114575_1.jpg
    Follow Division 2
  15. 114581_1.jpg
    Follow Primary
    €99.00 Regular Price €139.99
  16. 108817_1.jpg
    Ronix Kids Vision
  17. 108759_1.jpg
    Ronix Parks Modello
    €399.99 Regular Price €489.99
  18. 114381_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Freepress System Boot
  19. 114388_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Defacto Boot
    €399.99 Regular Price €499.99
  20. 114405_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Pleasure Board
    €529.99 Regular Price €659.99
  21. 114412_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Ripsaw Board
  22. 114413_1.jpg
    Hyperlite ATV Board
    €459.99 Regular Price €579.99
  23. 114424_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Murray Board
    €415.00 Regular Price €519.99
  24. 114425_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Murray Board
    €415.00 Regular Price €519.99
  25. 114426_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Murray Board
    €415.00 Regular Price €519.99
  26. 114373_1.jpg
    Ronix Diplomat EXP Boot
  27. 114374_1.jpg
    Ronix The Diplomat
  28. 114293_1.jpg
    Brunotti Xena Wakevest Wms
    €65.00 Regular Price €129.99
  29. 112339_1.jpg
    ION Slash Core
  30. 112716_1.jpg
    Mystic The Dom Impact Vest F-zip
  31. 112719_1.jpg
    Mystic Peacock Impact Vest F-zip
  32. 112720_1.jpg
    Mystic Peacock Impact Vest F-zip
  33. 112725_1.jpg
    Mystic Baloo Impact Vest F-zip Women
  34. 112726_1.jpg
    Mystic Vandal Pro-Helmet
  35. 112727_1.jpg
    Mystic Vandal Pro-Helmet
  36. 112728_1.jpg
    Mystic Vandal Pro-Helmet
  37. 112733_1.jpg
    Mystic Vandal - Helmet
  38. 110785_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Codyak
    €349.00 Regular Price €499.99
  39. 111360_1.jpg
    Base Team handle w/ 1 sec Mainl.
  40. 111361_1.jpg
    Base Bungee tube rope 5/8"
  41. 110903_1.jpg
    Hyperlite System Binding Low
    €189.00 Regular Price €239.99
  42. Ladies Quarter 'Til Midnight & Ladies Luxe
    Ronix Ladies Quarter 'Til Midnight & Ladies Luxe
  43. State & Remix boot
    Hyperlite State & Remix boot
    €549.00 €670.00
  44. 111058_1.jpg
    Follow Safety First Helmet
  45. 111254_1.jpg
    Connelly Voyage 68"
    €299.99 Regular Price €369.99
  46. 6070220362_1.jpg
    Follow Division Jacket
    €69.95 Regular Price €129.99
  47. 111081_1.jpg
    Follow Signal Ladies Jacket
    €109.95 Regular Price €139.99
  48. 110904_1.jpg
    Hyperlite System Binding Pro
    €209.00 Regular Price €259.99
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