Wakeboard shop 

The best wakeboard items in one location? At Telstar you will find it all. We work with the best brands including Hyperlite, Ronix and O'Brien. This way you will always be able to find and purchase your favorite wakeboard items in one location. What articles do we all have? 

Wakeboardboots, wakeboards, wakeboardlines, wakeboard vest, wakeboard helms, and all the small parts you're looking for.

Wakeboarding is becoming more popular with the years and the possibilities are still expanding. For example, you can now go to cable cars in many different places or you can wakeboard behind the boat. With your own wakeboard stuff you can easily and quickly get on your way.

What do you actually need? When you start wakeboarding behind the cable or boat as a beginner, you can purchase a wakeboard set. Here you have boots and a matching wakeboard in one cheap set. If you want to compose everything yourself, you can do this to your liking. To safely wakeboard you can complete your outfit by an impact vest and helmet, these are even mandatory to wear with a cable car. When do you come to visit us, or do you prefer to shop online? Welcome to Telstar anyway.


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