Wakeboard lines

Buy wakeboard lines 

You want to wakeboard behind the boat? Then a good line can't be missed. A perfect wakeboard line and trade must meet a number of requirements.

Different types of wakeboard lines

When you start doing activities behind the boat, it depends on what you are going to do which line you need. 

Wakeboard lines A strong and stiff line is what you need when you go wakeboarding behind the boat. The line is adjustable in different lengths, allowing you to adjust it to your level 

Types of wakeboard trade 

When you buy a line there is a trade attached to this, in which you have two different options. A handle is between 33 and 38 cm wide, giving you enough space for your hands. 

  • Chamoise grip. This handle captures a lot of vibrations for you, giving you a muted feeling. The material also gives you optimal grip.
  • Neo grip. This handle is sublimely stitched so that you do not suffer from the seams during use. the sticky grip gives you the optimal grip you need.


  • Dyneema. In this rope there is virtually no stretch and is resistant to all weather conditions. 
  • Poly E. The cheapest material for wakeboard lines. There is a little stretch in here, which absorbs the shocks. 
  • Spectra. This material is one of the strongest there is. With zero rack, it is perfect wakeboarding with a line of spectra. 


The length of the perfect wakeboard line varies from 16 to approx. 22 meters long. For a starting wakeboarder, a line of 19 meters is perfect where as your advanced boarder you can easily make the line a little longer. With a longer line you can generate more speed and make your jumps further and higher. Most wakeboard lines have an adjustable length through various loops at the end of the wakeboard line. This way you can set it completely to your liking.

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