A beautiful summer day with a few friends on the water? And are waterskis and a wakeboard not your thing? Your day can't go wrong with a funtube! Flying over the waves of the boat, going hard or touring quietly? It's all possible with the different types of funtubes!


A funtube is an inflatable device with which you go out on the water. The tubes are used behind the boat. You can relax behind the boat with the funtubes, but you can also go full throttle over the water. Relaxing and adventurous in one!


If you want to have a super fun day on the water, it is important that you purchase the right Fun tube. We look at the capacity of the boat and of course your personal wishes. A tube with a large volume floats easily and the boat therefore needs less power. The smaller the volume, the more power your boat needs. There is also the question of how many people do you want to be able to sit/lie on the Funband or tube with? A small rule of thumb is: the more horsepower your boat has; the bigger funtube you can take. All our funtubes are different. This way you have a different experience with a different shape. You can have a round, square or sofa.


These tires are easy to use and therefore suitable for young and old. This funtube can be used to go hard, but also to lie in the sun.


These are tubes that look like a kind of small sofa. Here you can sit on your own or with two or three people. This is not the fastest funtube, but it is the most comfortable.


This is an elongated fun tube that you can use with several people. This mainly involves going hard and playing games such as; Who can last the longest?


When you release the funtube from the boat you can use it as a floating island. This is ideal for sunbathing or for the children to play on. Do you want to tie it behind the boat to fly over the waves? Then it is wise to fasten it in a safe and good way. For this you need a funtuberope that has enough strength to pull your tube. It is important to pay attention to the number of people and the size of the funtube. When you use a funtube bridle you can be sure that the rope cannot get into the engine of the boat.


Are you not quite happy or do you have questions about one of our fun tubes? Please contact us by e-mail or telephone. You are also always welcome in our shop where you will receive expert advice while enjoying a cup of coffee.

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  1. 111361_1.jpg
    Base Bungee tube rope 5/8"
  2. 111008_1.jpg
    Connelly Spin Cycle 1
    Special Price €79.00 Regular Price €149.99
  3. 111012_1.jpg
    Connelly Viper 2
    Special Price €335.99 Regular Price €479.99
  4. 111019_1.jpg
    Connelly Ninja 2
    Special Price €279.99 Regular Price €379.99
  5. 111034_1.jpg
    Connelly Viper 3
    Special Price €379.99 Regular Price €479.99
  6. 111039_1.jpg
    Connelly Wing 3
    Special Price €356.99 Regular Price €509.99
  7. 102029_1.jpg
    Base Tube Rope 6 rider
  8. 6030330049_1.jpg
    O'brien Super Le Tube
    Special Price €199.99 Regular Price €259.99
  9. 6040550005_1.jpg
    O'brien Quick Connect
  10. 6040440022_1.jpg
    O'brien Tube rope 2 pers.
  11. 6040440023_1.jpg
    O'brien Floating rope 2 pers
  12. 6030990002_1.jpg
    O'brien Towables complete
    Special Price €119.99 Regular Price €139.99
  13. 6030330048_1.jpg
    Connelly Convertible
    Special Price €299.99 Regular Price €369.00
  14. 6040440017_1.jpg
    Connelly Tube Rope 2 Riders
  15. 100446_1.jpg
    Connelly Tube Rope 4 Riders
  16. 6030110027_1.jpg
    Connelly C-Force 1
    Special Price €259.00 Regular Price €369.99
  17. 6040440002_1.jpg
    Base 2 Rider
  18. 110992_1.jpg
    Connelly Chilax Solo
  19. 110994_1.jpg
    Connelly Party Cove Noodle DeLuxe
  20. 111009_1.jpg
    Connelly Chilax Duo
  21. 111014_1.jpg
    Connelly Hot Rod 2
    Special Price €249.95 Regular Price €319.95
  22. 111015_1.jpg
    Connelly Daytona 2
  23. 111016_1.jpg
    Connelly Raptor 2
  24. 111017_1.jpg
    Connelly Monarch Soft Top 2
  25. 111022_1.jpg
    Connelly Wing 2
  26. 111023_1.jpg
    Connelly Double Play 2
    Special Price €153.99 Regular Price €219.99
  27. 111024_1.jpg
    Connelly Hot Rod 2 Soft Top
  28. 111029_1.jpg
    Connelly Destroyer 3
  29. 111030_1.jpg
    Connelly Daytona 3
  30. 111031_1.jpg
    Connelly Ninja 3
  31. 111032_1.jpg
    Connelly Raptor 3
  32. 111035_1.jpg
    Connelly Cruzer 3
  33. 111038_1.jpg
    Connelly Cruzer 3 Soft Top
  34. 111041_1.jpg
    Connelly Mothership
  35. 111043_1.jpg
    Connelly Convertible 4
  36. 111044_1.jpg
    Connelly Party Cove Island DeLuxe 4
  37. 111049_1.jpg
    Connelly Eldorado 5
  38. 111051_1.jpg
    Connelly Party Cove Island DeLuxe 6
  39. 108733_1.jpg
    O'brien Ultra Screamer Paradise
  40. 108735_1.jpg
    O'brien Paradise 3
  41. 108738_1.jpg
    O'brien Ultra Screamer
  42. 108739_1.jpg
    O'brien X-Screamer
  43. 108740_1.jpg
    O'brien Spoiler 2
  44. 108747_1.jpg
    O'brien Tubester
  45. 6030220041_1.jpg
    Connelly C Force 2
    Special Price €258.99 Regular Price €369.00
  46. 6030220029_1.jpg
    Connelly Viper 2
    Special Price €251.99 Regular Price €359.00
  47. 6030220031_1.jpg
    Connelly Hot Rod Soft Top
    Special Price €195.99 Regular Price €279.00
  48. 6030330037_1.jpg
    Connelly Cruzer Soft Top
    Special Price €258.99 Regular Price €369.00
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