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Slalom windsurfing is a discipline created for the diehard slalom windsurfers who are looking for a lot of adrenaline. Sailing fast with your opponents right behind you is what it's all about in the slalom world and therefore makes it an exciting discipline for many windsurfers. The slalom windsurfing sails are unique because they can jibe super fast and offer a lot of comfort. The slalom windsurfing sails that are at Telstar Surf are from top brands like Switchblade, Severne Sails and Point 7 and North Sails.

The slalom windsurfing sails usually have cambers these provide more bulge in the sail. This gives you a faster acceleration and you will experience that you can reach top speeds. Winning races or breaking your own records becomes not only easier but also more fun!

The slalom sails have unique characteristics. Below we will explain the most specific to you.

Features of slalom windsurfing sails 

Different brands of slalomg windsurfing sails 

The slalom windsurfing sails have many different brands so the selection is huge. All brands have their own preferences and specifications when it comes to sail constructions. Because of this there is a lot of choice in slalom sails and everyone can choose a windsurfing sail according to their preference. Telstar Surf has lots of different brands and types of slalom windsurfing sails ready for use!

What kind of Mast do you use for slalom windsurfing 

The slalom windsurfing sails also need specific masts, namely the SDM masts. These masts fit perfectly in the slalom sails and therefore deliver a better performance. Because of the improved performance you will have even more fun while slalom windsurfing.

What kind of material is used for slalom windsurfing 

The material that is used for the slalom sails is Dacron in combination with monofilm, X-Ply and Kevlar. These materials are interwoven by gluing and stitching them in specific ways to create the optimal construction of your slalom windsurfing sail. The monofilm is transparent and comes in handy to keep an overview of where your opponents are. The construction and combination with the other materials make the sail sturdy, strong and yet often light in the hand.

How many cambers are used in a slalom windsurf sail 

Slalom sails often have cambers. The cambers ensure that the profile of the sail is optimized during the most violent conditions. This allows you to achieve high speeds and the acceleration rate is unprecedented.

How many battens are used in a slalom windsurf sail 

The battens in slalom sails provide stability and reinforcement. Often there are 5 to 7 battens in a slalom sail that provide the perfect balance between control and stability in the sail.

Need help?

Do you need more information? Please visit us at the store and the staff of Telstar Surf is ready to answer all of your questions and will help you further with your choice of slalom windsurfing sail!

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    Severne Sails Mach 5 Luderitz
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    Point-7 AC-K 2023
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    Point-7 AC-ONE 2023
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    Loftsails Racingblade 2023
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    Point-7 AC-ONE 2022
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    Point-7 AC-K 2022
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