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3 mm wetsuits

Buy 3mm ladies wetsuit

A 3mm ladies wetsuit is a must-have for water sports activities such as wind- and kite-surfing. In our wide range you will find many different types and sizes to choose from. Can't decide? Then feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to think things through with you!

What to look for when buying a 3mm ladies wetsuit?

While orientating yourself on the different 3mm ladies wetsuits you will see that there is a lot of information available. Maybe even so much that you don't know what to look for anymore. Below you can read step by step which factors are important when buying a 3mm ladies wetsuit.

The type of ladies 3mm wetsuit

There are different types of 3mm women's wetsuits available. You can find shortarms, fullsuits and shorty's. Depending on the situation a choice can be made. A fullsuit for example is perfect to use in colder conditions, but a shorty is not.

The size and comfort of a 3mm ladies wetsuit

Just like clothing, a wetsuit needs to fit the body well. If this is not the case, you will regret your purchase afterwards, which of course is not the intention. That's why it's important to find the right size. You can do this by using our size chart, but fitting is knowing in this case. Every body is different and despite the approximate measurements can still vary.

The zip of a 3mm ladies wetsuit

Besides the type and size there are also different zips. The most common is the backzip. This is located on the back so you can easily get in and out. Another is the frontzip, which as the name suggests is on the front of the wetsuit. Putting it on is a bit more difficult, but in return you get better freedom of movement and water resistance. There is also a new type of wetsuit on the market, namely the zipperless ladies wetsuits. This one offers more freedom of movement and is lighter in weight because of the lack of a zip. Besides that this closure is very tight, so almost no water will enter.

Finishing of a 3mm ladies wetsuit

The finishing of a 3mm ladies wetsuit can make or break your session. The inner lining, seams and the neoprene itself play an important role. You can find more about this in the tips and video about choosing the right wetsuit.

Brands 3mm ladies wetsuits

Finally the different brands come up. The 3mm ladies wetsuits are made by A-quality brands like ION, Mystic and Prolimit. Do you have a preference? Then simply filter the desired brand and the relevant 3mm ladies wetsuits will remain.

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  1. 108180_1.jpg
    ION Amaze Core 3/2 FZ Wmn
  2. 3011550018_1.jpg
    ION Jewel Element SS 3/2
  3. 3011550032_1.jpg
    Neilpryde Spark S/S 3/2 BZ Wmn
  4. 3011440084_1.jpg
    ION Base Wmn 3/2 BZ DL
  5. 3011550030_1.jpg
    Prolimit Edge 3/2 SA Wmn
  6. 3011550029_1.jpg
    Mystic Brand Shortarm 3/2 Wmn
  7. 3011440081_1.jpg
    Mystic Brand Fullsuit 3/2 Wmn
  8. 3011550028_1.jpg
    ION Element wmn SS 3/2 BZ
  9. 3011440077_1.jpg
    ION Amaze Core 3/2 FZ
  10. 3011440069_1.jpg
    Brunotti Glow FZ 3/2

10 Items

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