4 mm wetsuits

Buying a 4mm Fall and Spring wetsuit

A wetsuit must be tight but comfortable. This certainly also applies to a 4 mm wetsuit. In addition to warmth, comfort also means that you have enough space and that you can easily put your surf suit on and off. We recommend to buy your wetsuit in the surf shop after you have tried a number of surf suits. To provide some guidance online, please refer to our size tables, so that you can determine the correct size.

What to look for when purchasing a 4mm wetsuit

Size: The size is very important when purchasing a 4mm wetsuit. If the wetsuit is too long or too short, you have the chance that the performance during your water sport will be less than if you have the right size of wetsuit on.

Comfort: A comfortable wetsuit is perhaps one of the most important things to look for when purchasing a 4mm wetsuit. If the comfort is not good you don't go in and out the water with a good feeling. As a result, your performance will also be reduced so that you will ultimately get less pleasure in the water sports that you practice. To find the right wetsuit we advise you to visit the Telstar Surf shop where you have a wide range of choice of all kinds of wetsuits.

Thickness: The thickness of a 4mm wetsuit is super important. These wetsuits are warm and can be used on autumns or spring days.

Zip type: There are different wetsuits with different types of zipper. The Back-Zip, Front-Zip and Zipless wetsuits are available at Telstar Surf.
A Back-Zip wetsuit has the zipper on the back of the wetsuit, this is also the most common type of zipper because you can easily get in and out of your wetsuit.
The Front-Zip wetsuits have the zipper at the front, an advantage of these wetsuits is that the connection is very narrow which results in less water coming through the suit.
The Zipless wetsuits have no closed closure. At first glance you will probably think that a lot of water can come in, but that is not the case! The No-Zip wetsuits are becoming increasingly popular because they not only hold back a lot of water, but also because the zipless wetsuits are a lot lighter in weight.

Connection: There are two different types of connections in the wetsuits. One of those two connections is called the stitched connection. This type of connection ensures that your neoprene stays together properly through seams. A disadvantage of this connection is that it makes it easier for wind and water to get through.
The other type of connection is the glued type. We strongly recommend this connection if you are going to go out on the water with colder weather or if you want a very solid wetsuit. A disadvantage of the glued 4mm wetsuits is that they are a lot more expensive than the stitched versions.

Layers: You can buy these winter suits in two types of materials. The singlelined wetsuit is warm, but more vulnerable. The doublelined wetsuits are stronger but cool down faster.

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