Kids wetsuits

Kids wetsuits


Are you looking for a kids wetsuit? Then you're at the right place at Telstar Surf! At Telstar Surf we sell a wide range of children's wetsuits. Within our assortment we sell brands like Mystic, Prolimit, ION and O'Neill for children from 2 to 16 years. 


A wetsuit is quickly indispensable, especially for children. The cold has an even greater effect on children than it does on adults. When your son or daughter goes out on the water to surf, the wind blows pretty hard. This, combined with the cold water, causes the body to cool down quickly. A wetsuit is the perfect solution against the cold. In addition, a wetsuit also protects against the sun's bright rays. On the water, the chance of your son or daughter getting sunburned is much greater than on land. Therefore the children's shorty's are the perfect solution! 


There are two types of children's wetsuits, namely fullsuits and shorty's. Below we have given you some more information.


Is your son or daughter regularly on the water in spring and autumn when the weather conditions are not so good? Then a children's fullsuit is the ideal solution! You can recognize fullsuits by the fact that the body is completely covered. These wetsuits are made of neoprene and are often between 3 and 5 millimeters thick. The seams are usually glued on the inside and stitched on the outside. This makes the seams strong and also waterproof. 


Is your son or daughter alone on the water during the beautiful summer days? Then be sure to take a look at the children's shorty's! As the name implies, shorty wetsuits do not cover the lower legs and forearms. If your son or daughter surfs on the inland water, we recommend shorty wetsuits from about 20 degrees and nice weather. This is and remains an advice, because if it is for example 20 degrees, but cloudy with a strong wind, then a shorty can soon be too cold again. A children's shorty is in that case too cold because of the thickness of the neoprene. Children's shorty surf suits often have a thickness of 2/2 or 3/2. 


When buying a children's wetsuit it is extremely important to take into account a number of factors. We have listed these factors below:

  • Size: Choosing the right size for a children's wetsuit is very important. This is not only important for comfort, but also for warmth. A surfing suit should fit well, but should also not be too loose or too tight. If your surf suit is too tight, you will feel like you are being pulled down over your shoulders. It is not bad if you have some extra space on your back, because this allows you to move freely. Also check out our tips on choosing the right size here!
  • Thickness: Children's wetsuits are available in different thicknesses. The thickness means how thick the neoprene is. The thicker the neoprene, the warmer the wetsuit will be. With a thicker wetsuit you often lose some freedom of movement. A 5mm children's wetsuit is ideal to wear on the colder fall or spring days. A 4mm thick wetsuit is good to use for spring, autumn or colder summer days. In addition, this type of wetsuit can also be used in mountain lakes, such as Lac de Serre-Ponçon. The 3mm neoprene surf suits can be used during the summer days. Besides keeping your body warm, these wetsuits also protect against the UV rays. The 2mm wetsuits are ideally suited to wear for tropical weather conditions of 25 degrees and above. Also these surf suits are more meant to protect your son and/or daughter's body from the sun than from the cold.
  • Zipper: Our children's wetsuits are available in a front- or backzip version. With a frontzip surf suit, the zipper is attached horizontally to the front. This provides more freedom of movement and better protects you from the cold water that can run in. The backzip children's surfing suits are chosen the most because they allow you to get in and out of the wetsuit more easily.
  • Seams: Within the children's surf suits you have glued and stitched seams. A glued connection has the advantage that almost no or little water and wind can penetrate. This provides more warmth in the long run. The only drawback is that this type of wetsuit is considerably more expensive. Stitched seams, on the other hand, are cheaper, but then also allow wind and water to penetrate more easily. During the warm summer days this is not a problem, but during the colder temperatures your body cools down faster.


We can imagine that it is difficult to choose the right children's wetsuit. We therefore advise you to visit our surf shop, so your son and/or daughter can try on a wetsuit in peace and quiet. Don't you live nearby? Please contact us by phone.

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  1. 115913_1.jpg
    O'Neill Youth Hyperfreak Fire 5/4+ Zip Full
  2. 110394_1.jpg
    O'Neill Youth Reactor-2 3/2 Back Zip Full
  3. 114472_1.jpg
    O'Neill Toddler Reactor-2 2mm Back Zip
  4. 114486_1.jpg
    O'Neill Youth Epic 4/3 Back Zip Full
  5. 114487_1.jpg
    O'Neill Youth Epic 5/4 Back Zip Full
  6. 3020330035_1.jpg
    O'Neill Todd React 2mm BZ
  7. 111835_1.jpg
    O'Neill Youth Hyperfreak 5/4+ Chest Zip Full
  8. 111838_1.jpg
    O'Neill Youth Epic 5/4 Chest Zip Full
  9. 3020110100_1.jpg
    Mystic Star Fullsuit 3/2 Bzip jr
  10. 110404_1.jpg
    O'Neill Toddler Reactor-2 2mm BZ S/S
  11. 110405_1.jpg
    O'Neill Toddler Reactor-2 2mm BZ S/S
  12. 110406_1.jpg
    O'Neill Toddler Reactor-2 2mm BZ Girl
  13. 110393_1.jpg
    O'Neill Youth Reactor-2 2mm Back Zip S/S
  14. 109986_1.jpg
    Neilpryde Dolphin Youth 5/4/3
  15. 3020220004_1.jpg
    Mystic Star 3/2 Bzip Flatlock JR
  16. 3020110101_1.jpg
    Mystic Star Fullsuit 5/4 kids
  17. 3020110102_1.jpg
    Mystic Star Fullsuit 3/2 Bzip kids
  18. 3020330047_1.jpg
    Mystic Star 3/2mm Bzip Kids
  19. 3020110103_1.jpg
    Mystic Star 5/4 Jr.
  20. 3020110106_1.jpg
    Mystic Marshall 5/3 Fzip Jr
  21. 106961_1.jpg
    Prolimit Grommet Steamer 5/3 DL
  22. 3020110105_1.jpg
    O'Neill Youth Epic 5/4
    €149.00 Regular Price €185.00
  23. 3020330045_1.jpg
    O'Neill Yth Reactor 2mm BZ
  24. 3020110098_1.jpg
    O'Neill Yth Reactor 3/2 BZ
  25. 3020110093_1.jpg
    Prolimit Grommet 3/2
  26. 3020110094_1.jpg
    Prolimit Grommet 3/2
  27. 3020330042_1.jpg
    Prolimit Grommet Shorty 2/2
  28. 3020110088_1.jpg
    ION Capture 6/5 Hood FZ
  29. 3020110089_1.jpg
    ION Capture 5/4 FZ
  30. 3020110090_1.jpg
    ION Capture 3/2 FZ
  31. 3020330041_1.jpg
    ION Capture Shorty 2/2
  32. 3020110085_1.jpg
    ION Capture 5/4 BZ
  33. 3020110046_1.jpg
    Mystic Star 3/2 Kids
    €64.99 Regular Price €79.99
  34. 3020110078_1.jpg
    O'Neill Yth Reactor 3/2 BZ
  35. 3020330033_1.jpg
    O'Neill Yth Reactor 2mm BZ
  36. 109987_1.jpg
    Neilpryde Dolphin Youth 3/2
  37. 109988_1.jpg
    Neilpryde Dolphin Youth Shorty
  38. 3001220475_1.jpg
    Prolimit Fusion Freezip 5/3 YA
  39. 3020110091_1.jpg
    Prolimit Grommet 5/3
  40. 3020110092_1.jpg
    Prolimit Grommet 5/3 Freezip
  41. 3020330043_1.jpg
    Prolimit Grommet Shorty 2/2
  42. 3020110087_1.jpg
    ION Capture SS 3/2 BZ
  43. 3020330040_1.jpg
    ION Capture SS 2/2 BZ
  44. 3020110086_1.jpg
    ION Capture 4/3 BZ
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