Kids wetsuits

Buying guide for a kids wetsuit

The kids wetsuits are specially made for kids. Telstar Surf has made a subdivision under the kids wetsuits whether it is a long or a short wetsuit. There are kids wetuits of 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.5 millimeters thick, so there is a wide selection of kids wetsuits for everyone.

What to look for when buying a kids wetsuit

Size: The size of your kids wetsuit is very important. If you choose the wrong size it can be experienced as annoying. To prevent this, we recommend that you first put on the chosen wetsuit and see if everything is correct before you go on the water with it. This can prevent unpleasant situations.

Thickness: The kids wetsuits are available in short and long versions and can be thick and thin in neoprene.
A 5mm thick kids wetsuit is good to use on the colder fall or spring days. The 5 milimeter wetsuit is also called the all season wetsuit because you can actually handle it all year round except for in the winter.
A 4 mm thick wetsuit is suitable for use in the spring, fall or colder summer days. 4mm kids wetsuits can also be used well in mountain lakes such as Lac de Serre-Ponçon.
The 3mm kids wetsuits can be used in the summer. The 3mm kids wetsuits are not meant to keep you warm, but are more UV-protective, so you will not easily burn.
The 2 and 1.5 mm kids wetsuits are meant for tropical conditions of 25 degrees and more. Just like the 3mm kids wetsuits, these wetsuits are meant to protect against the sun and not to protect you against the cold.

Zipper: The kids neoprene suits are available with a front or back zip. A front zip has the zipper on the front and protects you better against water. This is because the neoprene layers run flawlessly over each other. The backzip kids wetsuits are the most chosen because you can easily get in and out of the wetsuit.

Connection: The kids wetsuits are available with a glued and stitched connection. A glued connection has the advantage that water and wind can barrely come in. A disadvantage of the glued wetsuits is that they are considerably more expensive.
The stitched kids wetsuits are cheaper but allow water and wind to pass through more easily. This is not bad if you go out on the water in a warm country but in colder areas this can have its disadvantages.

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