Shipping & costs

shipping & costs

Shipping cost

Different shipping costs are charged for different countries. See below which shipping costs will be charged for your country. 

Longer delivery time Windsurfboards (due the winter)

The winter season is coming full of lovely holidays! During this period, shipping companies are very busy. Therefore, they charge extremely high shipping fees for lange shipments. Regretfully, this means that between October 1st and January 15th, we won't be able to ship any composite boards (applies to windsurf, wingsurf and sup composite boards). Any orders we receive within this period we will be reserved, packaged and safely stored in our warehouse. They will be shipped out a.s.a.p. after January 15th. 
Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Fare 1 Fare 2
< €50.00         €3.95 < €50.00         €3.95
> €50.00          free > €50.00         free
Mast                free Mast              €29.95
Sails                free  Sails               €29.95
Boom              free Boom             €29.95
Boards >2m  €24.95 Boards >2m  €69.95

Netherlands  Germany 



Fare 3Fare 4
< €50.00         €14.95< €50.00         €19.95
> €50.00         €9.95> €50.00         €14.95
Mast              €44.90Mast              €59.90
Sails              €44.90Sails              €59.90
Boom             €59.90Boom             €79.90
Boards >2m  €59.95Boards >2m  €79.95

France                       Austria 

Denmark    Sweden
Italy.     Spain











Czech Republic

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