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Are you looking for a surf balance board? Find out everything about your balance board here! A balance board is a perfect combination to train the body on coordination, balance and endurance. So are you looking for the perfect way to train yourself on dry land instead of on the water? Get more insight on how to buy a surf balance board below. Telstar Surf sells one of the well-known brands that are also very popular among wave surfers, namely Indo Board. Indo Board's mission is to train the fun and benefits of coordination, balance and endurance on dry land!

What is the purpose of a balance board?

The purpose of a surf balance board is to keep the board off the ground for as long as possible. This sounds easy, but once on the board you will notice that your whole body has to work together to get this done. In this way, every muscle in your body, from small to large, is trained. Perfect for training balance and coordination without being on the water. Also think about possible injuries. A balance board can be ideal for this.

Many kitesurfers, windsurfers and wave surfers use a balance board in different ways to make the training challenging for everyone's level. A surf balance board can be used in many different ways. For example, use your balance board both lying down and standing up. Think of dynamic or static exercises like squatting, throwing a ball or using kettlebells or other weights. All this will benefit you while surfing. Before you know it, you'll be ready to hit the water!

Why should I buy a balance board?

It's probably happened to you a few times already; there's a good wind outside, but you don't have time to go on the water. On the days you are free you will find that the wind forecast or wave height is not good enough. What to do?

That's where a surf balance board comes in! With a balance board you can train everyday from home, wherever and whenever you want! Train your balance and coordination so you stay fit and ready for the next session! A good balance and coordination can be used in various sports such as windsurfing, kite surfing, wakeboarding, golf surfing and skateboarding. With a balance board you also train your abdominal muscles, coordination and posture

What is a balance board made of?

A surf balance board consists of a board and a roller. Both ends of the balance board are equipped with stoppers that ensure that the balance board can not come off the roller. These stoppers are ideal when you are practicing, this to prevent you from falling down hard.

The surf balance boards are also provided with an anti-slip layer. This anti-slip layer ensures that during training you cannot slip. This makes the Indo boards safe to use. It can be compared with the anti-slip or wax layer on a windsurf board or a wave surfboard.

Rocker shape

Rocker shape is a balance board designed for everyone who loves a challenge and wants to practice cool tricks. The rocker of the balance board creates two big kicks at both ends, which makes it easier to perform more difficult tricks. A Rocker shape balance board is ideal for people who want to practice more than just basic exercises.


In addition to rollers, Indo Board has now also designed a special air cushion, the IndoFlo. The advantage of the IndoFlo compared to a roller is that the chance of falling is reduced while you can still do a complete workout. With the IndoFlo your balance board becomes unstable. This makes your balance training challenging and fun, while all aspects of good balance training are covered by the IndoFlo.

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