Windsurf bags

Windsurf bags

Boardbags, sailbags, equipment bags, mastbags, backpacks, wetsuitbags, finbags etc. You can hardly imagine if there is a bag for your surf gear. We have an extensive range of brands such as Prolimit, Mystic and Unifiber.


With a boardbag you have to pay attention to the fit. Your nice surfboard should not be too tight in it, while too spacious is of course not good either. A too large boardbag is a nuisance, especially on the roof of your car.

Picking out a boardbag does not have to be complicated. Only when you travel with it in an airplane should you pay more attention to the thickness of the bag. E.v.t. you can also look for a double boardbag before traveling. That way you can take your entire surfing gear with you.

Equipment bags

You use these surf bags to transport all your sails, masts and booms. In most cases you can attach the bag to your roof rack with an innovative system, so that the webbing straps do not go over your surf sails. This prevents damage to your sails. The equipment bags are often used when you have to travel further with your surf gear.

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