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Windsurf fins

Windsurf fins


Many windsurfers struggle with this question because most people don’t appreciate the added worth of the right fin under their board. To find answers to this question you can go to a detailed page where we give the right advice in choosing fins. In addition you will find various diagrams that will also help you with your choice.

Chosing the right fin

How does a windsurfer choose the right fin? There are particular details that you need to keep in mind such as: board size, sail size, weight of the surfer, sailing style, etc.

We’ll explain these one by one:

  • Board size: larger windsurfboards need larger fins. A larger fin gives particularly more lift than a smaller one, so that in light wind conditions you are more quickly able to plane. A fin that is too large isn’t going to work because this causes loss of control of your surfboard. Through the increasing lift the surfboard comes too far out of the water and you lose control.
  • Sail size: the larger the sail, the larger the fin. This also has to do with the necessary lift of the fin with lighter conditions.
  • Weight of surfer: heavier windsurfers should have heavier fins. The larger fins give more lift so that the board comes easier out of the water. Heavier windsurfers need this and at the same time they can use their weight for the needed control.
  • Sailing style: windsurfers with an active sailing style can make do with a smaller fin. What we mean by this is, you can hook inand wait in the wind before you plane. You can also pump three times, stear your board slightly down wind and then plane. This last move is a more active manner than the first. The advantage of the smaller fin simply has to do with resistance and control. With a relatively smaller fin it’s also advised to set the trapeze lines short otherwise you spin out faster.

Select FIN-selector

Below you will find a number of points that can help with choosing a fin. The red number in the selector are averages and serve as a starting point. You can also use the following points as a starting point:


  •  If you have the feeling that your board sticks to the water
  • When it’s difficult to plane
  • When you stallin wind pockets


  • Your board gets too much lift
  • Your board wants to go upwind
  • When jibing is difficult
  • When you don’t have control