Windsurf fins

Buying guide for windsurf fins

A windsurf fin is an important part of your windsurfset. The fins must be placed under the board and ensure that you can keep your board under control. There are different forms of fins, we will explain a bit more about this.

Different types of forms

Long fin: A long fin under your board makes sure you get into planing faster, this can be useful in a competition. It is also easier to go up-wind with a long fin.

Short fin: A short fin under your board is useful if you are windsurfing in overpowered conditions. If you want to jibe, a shorter fin can be really helpfull.

Thick fin: A thicker fin ensures that you are lifted more out of the water. A higher lift ensures that you get into planing faster, this results in a faster start.

Thin fin: A thinner fin under your board has less resistance so you can achieve a higher top speed.

Straight fin: A straight fin goes through the water easier so you can achieve high speeds.

Curved fin: A curved fin underneath your windsurf board ensures a smoother glide.

In addition to the shape, each board has its own box. Pay close attention to this! With each board of 2019+, the Telstar Surf website states whether there is a Tuttlebox, DeepTuttlebox, Slotbox, US-Box, Foilbox or a Trimbox on the board.

If you have any more questions about the windsurf fins, you can always contact us or drop by at Telstar Surf!

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