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Are you looking for a windsurf fin for your windsurf board? Then you have come to the right place at Telstar Surf. In our surf shop you will find different types of windsurf fins, so there is a matching windsurf fin for every type of board. In our range you will find weed fins, slalom & racing fins, freeride fins and ofcourse wave fins & freestyle fins.

A windsurf fin is an underestimated part of your windsurf gear. When you screw the right fin under your board, you should experience the perfect balance between control and little resistance. Although a windsurf fin is quite pricey, it is one of the smartest investments for getting more out of your set and sessions.

The different types of windsurf fins

Just like there are different types of windsurf boards, you can also see this in the fins. But what are the charasteristics and differences between these windsurf fins?

Windsurf wave fins

Wave fins are generally short fins that are curved at the tip. The windsurf wave fins are very manoeuvrable but have a lower top speed. Perfect for choppy conditions or the sea!

Freestyle windsurf fin

Freestyle fins are generally short and somewhat thicker. The top speed is also much lower. Freestyle fins are made short so your boards easily rotates over the water while making a trick.

Windsurf freeride fins

Freeride fins are often straight fins that have a little bit of curvature at the end. These fins are often supplied with the freeride board itself. With its allround performance, they can be used by many windsurfers.

Slalom & race fins

Slalom or racing fins are often cut completely straight in shape and are actually always made of G10 or Carbon. Slalom fins are one of the stiffest fins you can find on the market allowing them to create high speed. Because slalom or racing fins are often made of carbon, the shaper can determine all the charasteristics of the fin with precission.

Windsurf weed fin

The seaweed fin is used in places where it is often shallow and where many plants and weeds grow on the bottom. If you sail with a straight fin in these kinds of places, the vegetation on the bottom will catch behind your fin. As a result, you can quickly end up in a spin-out or it is difficult to get on plane. The weed fin is all the way back so that all the weed slides off the fin when you are windsurfing.

Different windsurf fin boxes

When you want to buy a fin, you will notice that not every mounting system is the same. This is because not every windsurf board comes with the same fin box. There are boards with a US Box, Slot Box, Power Box, Tuttle Box and a Deep Tuttle Box. Read more about the different boxes below.

US Box

A US Box is often chosen for a board with little volume. These boxes are often found in the freestyle and wave boards. You can slide the corresponding fins into the board from below and secure them with a screw.

Power Box

Freeride boards are usually equipped with a Power Box. You can slide the corresponding fins into the board from below and secure them with a screw. This system is popular because of its simplicity.

Slot Box

A Slot Box is often used for wave, freestyle and freeride boards. This box is lightweight and has the advantage that you can move the fins in the fin box. If you want to adjust the fin during your session, you can do with ease. You can slide the fins into the board from below and screw them on from the bottom.

Tuttle Box

Race and slalom boards are often equipped with a Tuttle Box. This fin must be secured from above by means of two screws. Making it a very sturdy one!

Deep Tuttle Box

In addition to a Tuttle Box, there is also a Deep Tuttle Box. With this box, the fin goes deeper into the board, making it even more firmly attached. You can also fix this fin from above by means of two screws.

Choosing the right windsurf fin length

Buying the right windsurf fin is difficult, because you make the choice based on various data. The type of board, the width of your board, the size of your sail, the type of waterway and the weight of the user are some of the data that determine the outcome. Apart from this factual data, the personal sailing style and preference also play a major role.

  • Board type: match the board and fin selection reasonably. You combine a slalom board with a slalom fin, a freeride board with a freeride fin, etc.
  • Board width: a wider board needs a longer fin, so that the board comes out of the water sufficiently. The longer windsurf fin gives more lift and is easy to control due to the width of the board.
  • Sail size: A larger sail needs a larger fin. The speed in light conditions is lower, so you need more lift from the surface.
  • Rider weight: A heavier person can control a larger fin and will also need it to reach maximum speed.

You can feel relatively easily whether a windsurf fin is too big or too small. If you have a fin that is too large, you will lose control. This comes at the expense of your speed. With a fin that is too small, you get the feeling that your board is constantly slowing down. It seems as if your board is sticking on the water.

What material are windsurf fins made of?

Roughly there are three materials from which fins are made, these are: Carbon, G-10 and Polyester. Below we briefly explain what these different materials are and the pros and cons.

Carbon windsurf fins

The advantage of carbon is that the designer can play with the different types of fibers and the directions in which he lays these fibers. This influences the stiffness, flex and twist of the fins. The designer can also easily determine the thickness of the profile. The only downside is the price tag attached to this fin.

G-10 windsurf fins

With G-10, the designer mills the desired fin from an epoxy plate with a CNC machine. The amount of flex and twist is mainly determined by the thickness of the profiles. This makes it more limited than a carbon design. The advantage of G-10 is that the windsurf fin is much more durable than carbon.

Polyester windsurf fins

Polyester is the cheapest variant, so that is an advantage. However, the fins are limited in stiffness and less wear-resistant. The production process is often less accurate compared to the other materials.

In need of help for finding the right windsurf fin?

Are you not quite sure which windsurf fin is right for you? Please feel free to contact us or visit the store, our team will be happy to help you!

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  1. 112423_1.jpg
    Select X1 V4 Slot Box
  2. 116505_1.jpg
    Tabou Vin Freeride PB
  3. 108077_1.jpg
    Select Perform. Weed DTUB
  4. 115346_1.jpg
    Tribal WeedMax Tu
  5. 4033550025_1.jpg
    Select S1 G10 TUB
  6. 110350_1.jpg
    Select The Blade T-box
  7. 4033550031_1.jpg
    Tribal MK2 Sl. Carbon TU
  8. 110334_1.jpg
    Select S-Max Tuttle box
  9. 4033550028_1.jpg
    Select Edge PRO DTUB
  10. 111184_1.jpg
    Unifiber Freeride PB plastic
  11. 110333_1.jpg
    Select S-Max Power box
  12. 110338_1.jpg
    Select Edge G10 Deep Tu
  13. 110351_1.jpg
    Select S-Max Deep-T box
  14. 110348_1.jpg
    Select High Voltage US-box
  15. 110332_1.jpg
    Select The Blade DT-box
  16. 110343_1.jpg
    Select Starter G10 P-box
  17. 110346_1.jpg
    Select High Voltage P-box
  18. 110205_1.jpg
    Vector Freeride Tuttle Box
    €119.00 Regular Price €159.00
  19. 4034550017_1.jpg
    Tribal Delta Weed TU
  20. 4034550013_1.jpg
    Unifiber Anti-Weed Less G10 TUB
  21. 102619_1.jpg
    MFC Freestyle GE PB
  22. 4032660001_1.jpg
    Unifiber Freeride G10 TRB
  23. 4030990019_1.jpg
    Select X1 V4 PB
  24. 4034330001_1.png
    Tribal Weedspeed PB
  25. 4033550035_1.jpg
    Drake Ready to Race Tu-Box
  26. 4032330013_1.jpg
    Select Edge G10 PB
  27. 4033550037_1.jpg
    Select Edge G10 TUB
  28. 4032330012_1.jpg
    Select FX Free Carve PB
  29. 4030990015_1.jpg
    Select FW Fast Wave SlB
  30. 4034550002_1.jpg
    Tribal Weedspeed deep tuttle
  31. 4033550034_1.jpg
    Tribal Slalom MK1 Deep Tu
  32. 4032330004_1.jpg
    Tribal Powermax PB
  33. 4034330009_1.jpg
    Unifiber Anti-Weed Less. G10 PB
  34. 4033550023_1.jpg
    Select S1 PRO TUB
    €183.99 Regular Price €205.00
  35. 4033550027_1.jpg
    Select Edge PRO TUB
  36. 4032330007_1.jpg
    Unifiber Shallow Rider G10 PB
  37. 4034330007_1.jpg
    Tribal Super Weed PB
  38. 4033500040_1.png
    Tribal MK1 Slalom TU
  39. 4033330012_1.jpg
    Select Edge PRO PB
  40. 4033300005_1.jpg
    Select Elite S1 Hi-Wind PB
  41. 4034330013_1.jpg
    Tribal Delta Weed PB
  42. 4033550022_1.jpg
    Select Rhino PRO DTUB
  43. 4034500011_1.jpg
    Tribal Weedspeed Tuttle
  44. 4033550021_1.jpg
    Select Rhino PRO TUB
  45. 4034550005_1.png
    Tribal Superweedvin TU
  46. 4032550005_1.jpg
    Unifiber Shallow Rider G10 TUB
  47. 4034300003_1.png
    Select Performance Weed PB
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