Women's clothing

Women's clothing

Buy ladies surf wear

For all your ladies surfwear you're at the right place at Telstar Surf! Cool surf wear for the warm summer days, cold autumn and winter days and of course for your surf session. Choose from a wide range of ladies surf wear, such as t-shirts, trousers, jackets but also dresses, skirts and bikinis of the coolest surf brands!

Ladies winter clothes

Within our winter collection we have a wide range of women's jumpers and cardigans, think of the lovely cardigans of Shakaloha that will keep you warm all winter long. We also have hoodies from brands like Mystic, Duotone, O'Neill, ION and Roxy. Make yourself winter ready with one of the nice hats or caps.

Ladies summer clothes

Shine during your summer or surf holiday in our cool bikinis from brands like Brunotti, Roxy, Mystic and ION. Complete your outfit with the comfortable ladies beachshorts, a straw hat and one of our comfortable beach towels!

Assortment of ladies surf wear

Within our ladies surf wear assortment you can find the best outfits! Are you curious about what we sell? Then read on below.


Within our collection of ladies surfshirts you can find different brands, sizes and colours. Choose from surf brands such as Brunotti, O'Neill and Mystic. With cool prints or cheerful colours you can make your outfit complete.

Sweats and cardigans

Of course our range of ladies surf wear must include ladies sweats and vests. These will keep you warm on chilly summer evenings and are extremely comfortable during the chilly autumn and winter days. In the comfortable hoodies from Mystic or ION or one of the super warm cardigans from Shakaloha you will never get cold again.


Stay warm and dry with a great windbreaker or one of the women's water resistant jackets. Choose from different surf brands like ION and Mystic for comfort, warmth and a cool look.


In addition to our collection of t-shirts, jumpers and cardigans, there are of course also pants. Choose from soft fabrics, fun prints and lovely airy trousers, something for everyone. Of course, there are also cute playsuits or pantsuits. Combine your outfit with one of the cheerful tops from surf brands such as O'Neill, Roxy, Mystic or ION.

Dresses and skirts

At Telstar Surf you find a big collection of summer dresses and skirts. Radiate on the summer days and beach parties with your dress of trendy brands like Brunotti, Mystic, O'Neill, Ripcurl or Roxy.


Throughout the year there is a wide range of A-brand bikinis and swimming costumes. Perfect bikinis to radiate in and to comfortably enter or leave the water. Combine this cool bikini with a big beach towel, women's beach shorts and a fashionable cap for a perfect beach day.
If you are looking for some protection from the sun's bright rays, take a look at the lycra and neoprene surfshirts.


Telstar Surf has a wide range of ladies beachshorts. Different ladies surfshorts of brands like Mystic, ION, Brunotti make your look complete. These surfshorts come in different colours, prints and different lengths. Boardshorts with short or long legs are perfect for every watersport activity. Come along to the Telstar Surf shop to try it on!

Ladies surf wear outlet

In the back of the shop you can find the outlet of Telstar Surf. Here you can find cool surf wear items, but with great discounts. You can find the surf wear online as well as in the shop!

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  1. 115153_1.jpg
    North Wms Logo Tee
    €17.50 Regular Price €34.99
  2. 115154_1.jpg
    North Wms Logo Tee
    €17.50 Regular Price €34.99
  3. 115095_1.jpg
    North Journey Jacket
    €59.00 Regular Price €129.99
  4. 115096_1.jpg
    North Wms Solo Crew
    €27.95 Regular Price €69.99
  5. 115098_1.jpg
    North Wms Solo Tee
    €17.50 Regular Price €34.99
  6. 115099_1.jpg
    North Wms Solo Tee
    €17.50 Regular Price €34.99
  7. 114277_1.jpg
    Shakaloha W Pendle
  8. 114704_1.jpg
    ION Hotshorts Tally 2.0
  9. 114705_1.jpg
    ION Hotshorts Tally 2.0
  10. 114706_1.jpg
    ION Tee Stoked
    €24.99 Regular Price €39.99
  11. 114707_1.jpg
    ION Tee Stoked
    €24.99 Regular Price €39.99
  12. 114713_1.jpg
    ION Hoody Surfing Elements
    €54.99 Regular Price €89.99
  13. 114715_1.jpg
    ION Tee Vibes SS Wmn
    €29.99 Regular Price €49.99
  14. 114719_1.jpg
    ION Hoody Logo
  15. 114720_1.jpg
    ION Tee Logo SS
    €19.99 Regular Price €34.99
  16. 114721_1.jpg
    ION Tee Logo SS
  17. 114266_1.jpg
    Brunotti Bodhi-Splash Bikini
    €35.00 Regular Price €69.99
  18. 114268_1.jpg
    Brunotti Lourdes Swimsuit
    €45.00 Regular Price €89.99
  19. 114210_1.jpg
    Brunotti Artist-Joan
    €20.00 Regular Price €39.99
  20. 114213_1.jpg
    Brunotti Savine
    €20.00 Regular Price €39.99
  21. 114214_1.jpg
    Brunotti Larina
    €25.00 Regular Price €49.99
  22. 114215_1.jpg
    Brunotti Dori
    €25.00 Regular Price €49.99
  23. 114218_1.jpg
    Brunotti Tarifa
    €25.00 Regular Price €49.99
  24. 114221_1.jpg
    Brunotti Jules
    €25.00 Regular Price €49.99
  25. 114222_1.jpg
    Brunotti Nami-Waffle
    €30.00 Regular Price €59.99
  26. 114252_1.jpg
    Brunotti Xandra Top
    €17.50 Regular Price €34.99
  27. 114253_1.jpg
    Brunotti Xandra-AO Top
    €20.00 Regular Price €39.99
  28. 114254_1.jpg
    Brunotti Xandra-STR Top
    €20.00 Regular Price €39.99
  29. 114255_1.jpg
    Brunotti Delphinia Top
    €17.50 Regular Price €34.99
  30. 114256_1.jpg
    Brunotti Forte-STR Top
    €22.50 Regular Price €44.99
  31. 114257_1.jpg
    Brunotti Nolestina-AO Bottom
    €16.50 Regular Price €32.99
  32. 114258_1.jpg
    Brunotti Nolina Bottom
    €14.00 Regular Price €27.99
  33. 114259_1.jpg
    Brunotti Salsida Bottom
    €17.50 Regular Price €34.99
  34. 114260_1.jpg
    Brunotti Salsida-STR Bottom
    €19.00 Regular Price €37.99
  35. 114261_1.jpg
    Brunotti Flores-STR Bottom
    €17.50 Regular Price €34.99
  36. 114263_1.jpg
    Brunotti Bonny Bikini
    €27.50 Regular Price €54.99
  37. 114264_1.jpg
    Brunotti Hanaley-Fruity Bikini
    €25.00 Regular Price €49.99
  38. 114265_1.jpg
    Brunotti Amee Bikini
    €30.00 Regular Price €59.99
  39. 114271_1.jpg
    Brunotti Novalee-N Top
    €15.00 Regular Price €29.99
  40. 114272_1.jpg
    Brunotti Nolina-AO Bottom
    €15.00 Regular Price €29.99
  41. 114273_1.jpg
    Brunotti Nolestina Bottom
    €15.00 Regular Price €29.99
  42. 114262_1.jpg
    Brunotti Xiu-Dot Bikini
    €30.00 Regular Price €59.99
  43. 114270_1.jpg
    Brunotti Nolina-N Bottom
    €14.00 Regular Price €27.99
  44. 114160_1.jpg
    Van One CACTUSSE
    €17.50 Regular Price €34.99
  45. 114167_1.jpg
    €17.50 Regular Price €34.99
  46. 114169_1.jpg
    Van One PEACOCK
    €17.50 Regular Price €34.99
  47. 114175_1.jpg
    €17.50 Regular Price €34.99
  48. 114177_1.jpg
    €40.00 Regular Price €79.99
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