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Do you want to carry your SUP equipment easily in the car, or store them neatly so they don't get scratched? Then look for a SUP bag. There are many different bags available, each with its own purpose. Check out Telstar Surf's assortment and compare the different SUP bags.

Different kinds of SUP bags

In the range of Telstar Surf you will find a lot of different sup board bags. From travel bags to board bags. Available in different types, sizes and models, just what you are looking for.

SUP board bag

When buying a SUP board bag, it is very important to look closely at the dimensions. Often these are mentioned on our website under 'specifications' but sometimes they're not. In that case, please contact us or check the dealers site. Of course a SUP bag shouldn't be too loose, but also not too tight. So pay attention to this!

SUP paddle cover

When you are paddling for a while, you probably know that not handling your paddle carefully will lead to scratches. Often this happens during transport or storage. Therefore it is wise to buy a SUP paddle cover. This will prevent damage to the blade, making the paddle last longer.

Buying a SUP paddle cover is especially recommended if you own a more expensive aluminium or carbon paddle.

SUP bag advice Telstar Surf

Not sure which SUP bag is suitable for your SUP board? Or do you have another question? Come visit us in our surf shop, contact us by phone or send us an email.

18 Items

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  1. 113514_1.jpg
    Prolimit SUP Boardbag Sport
  2. 5130110034_1.jpg
    JP Australia Light Bbag Hybrid
  3. 5130110054_1.jpg
    Prolimit SUP Bbag Day
  4. 5130110056_1.jpg
    Prolimit SUP Bbag Race
  5. 108323_1.jpg
    ION Boardbag SUP Race Tec
  6. 112394_1.jpg
    ION Boardbag SUP Core
  7. 5130110055_1.jpg
    Prolimit SUP Bbag Sport
  8. 111342_1.png
    North Sails SUP Transport Bag
  9. 5130110039_1.jpg
    JP Australia Light Bbag Allwater GT
  10. 108673_1.jpg
    Starboard SUP Day Bag "Wide"
    €189.00 Regular Price €249.00
  11. 108674_1.jpg
    Starboard Travel Bag "Generation"
    €259.00 Regular Price €349.00
  12. 108675_1.jpg
    Starboard Travel Bag "Touring" 14'0"
    €279.00 Regular Price €379.00
  13. 5130110059_1.jpg
    €109.95 Regular Price €159.99
  14. 102511_1.jpg
    JP Australia Light Bbag Outback
  15. 5130110029_1.jpg
    JP Australia Light Bbag Surf
  16. 5130110035_1.jpg
    JP Australia HD Bbag Race
  17. 5130110065_1.jpg
    Starboard Sup Day Bag Wide
    €175.00 Regular Price €219.00
  18. 5130110060_1.jpg
    ION SUP CORE Stubby
    €71.99 Regular Price €119.99
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