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Welcome to our online surf shop. Telstar Surf is the specialist in windsurf, kitesurf, SUP and wakeboard. Are you looking for the best brands? Our current online surf shop is full of all kinds of top brands for wind- and kitesurfing. In addition to an online surf shop, Telstar Surf also has a physical surf shop. The surf shop has a large collection of surf brands with a large stock, so that we can supply most windsurfing and kitesurfing equipment from stock.


Telstar Surf can proudly say that we are the largest windsurf shop in the Netherlands. At Telstar Surf you can find sails, boards, masts and booms from various brands such as Fanatic, Starboard, Gaastra, Duotone, Unifiber  and many more A-Quality brands!



In addition to many windsurfing gear, you will also find specialized kitesurfing gear. Think about kites, kiteboards, bars and harnesses from various brands such as North, Duotone, Mystic, ION, Cabrinha and many more high-end brands!


SUP, Waterski & wakeboard

Besides having a wide range of windsurfing and kitesurfing equipment, Telstar Surf also delivers SUP, waterski and wakeboard equipment. Telstar Surf has numerous SUP boards, SUP paddles, wakeboards and water ski's from brands such as Aquatone, Fanatic, Brunotti,  Connelly, O'Brien, Ronix and many more specialized brands!



At Telstar Surf you can also find men's and women's clothing from surf brands such as Mystic, Billabong, O'Neill, Hurley, Salty Crew and many more brands! In addition to clothing, you can also buy flip flops, caps, sunglasses and bags at Telstar Surf.


Meet our team!

The Telstar Surf team consists of enthusiastic surfers who have a passion for the wind- and kitesurf culture. Telstar Surf has the advantage of having its own test center a few hundred meters away from the surf shop. In many cases, our team tests the boards, sails, kites and kiteboards, so that every employee knows what he or she is talking about.



Type kiter: Freeride kitesurfer

Gear: North Reach & North Atmos

"I've been sailing all my life. I am a ambitious windsurfer since young. In recent years I have continued this passion to kitesurfing. I can be found on the water in all wind conditions, from a 17 meter kite to an 8 meter kite. I also do a lot of wind foiling. Enjoy cruising on the water!"



Type windsurfer: Slalom windsurfer
Gear: Fanatic Falcon & Duotone warp 

"Mijn naam is Joshua, ik heb leren varen op de Brouwersdam. Van kleinsaf aan heb ik leren windsurfen van mijn vader! Het liefst sta ik overpowerd te varen met mijn slalom materiaal. Mijn lieverings set up is de Fanatic Falcon in combinatie met de Duotone Warp 7.7. zeil dichttrekken en gaan!"


Type kiter: Allround kitesurfer. From oldskool tricks till unhooked freestyle and kiteloops.
Gear: Ozone Enduro & Ozone Torque

"I prefer to sail with my 10 meter Ozone Enduro. On the days when the wind is not so strong I grab my 12 meter kite to practice unhooked tricks. My favorite is the S-bend to blind.When the wind blows hard I grab my 10 kite to jump and run the kite!"



Type windsurfer: Freerider, bump & jump
Gear: Tabou Pocket & Gaastra 

"I prefer to go out on the water with strong winds. I then grab my favorite sail, my 4.7 Gaastra sail in combination with my Tabou Pocket board. I have spent many windsurfing hours on it. I have gained a lot of experience abroad where I have worked many hours. In addition to slalom, I am now focussing on getting better in waves."



Type kiter: Freeride kiter
Gear: Ozone Enduro & Ozone Torque

"Since kitesurfing was in upcoming, I was already on the water! This started with the twin-line kites. In all those years I have experienced a lot of development and the current kites are really great! I prefer to sail with my 10 meter kite on a twintip board, although I have also been foiling in recent years. The biggest advantage is that this extends my wind range and allows me to be on the water for a maximum of many hours."



Type windsurfer: Allround windsurfer
Gear: Tabou 3S & Severne Freek

'I prefer to sail with my 4.8 Severne Freek with wind force of 5 and more, because strong winds make my heart beat! For the days with less wind I also have a Starboard Atom 120L on which I like to cruise."



Type windsurfer: Freestyle windsurfer
Gear: Goya & Severne

"You will undoubtedly have seen me walking around Telstar Surf. My passion goes to flat water. My home spot is therefore Strand Horst. I try to make the most of the windy days on the water. My favorite trick is the Spock. When I windsurf I really enjoy being free to do whatever I want."



Type windsurfer: Allround windsurfer
Gear:  Tabou Twister & Loft Airscape

"I lived in Curaçao for a couple of years, where I spent a lot of windsurfing hours and also taught a lot. Lately I've been experimenting with freestyle, before I always did slalom. I prefer to sail with a 20 knots or more, with my favorite, 4.8 Loft Airscape sail."



Type windsurfer: Speed windsurfer
Gear: Fanatic, Ka Sails & Tribal

"Going faster than the last session has always been my mission. Pushing myself and my gear to the limits makes me feel good. This in combination with supportive sponsors takes me to the next level."



Type windsurfer: Freerider, bump & jump
Gear: Fanatic Freewave & Duotone Super Session



Type windsurfer: Freeride windsurfer
Gear: Tabou Rocket Plus & Point-7 AC-Z



Type kitesurfer: Allround kitesurfer
Gear: Duotone Dice 


  1. Large windsurfing and kitesurfing department, where the employees have a very high knowledge of the latest developments.
  2. Almost all the high quality brands of wind- and kitesurfing are presented in a fully rigged way.
  3. Large stock of various brands.
  4. Possibility to exchange your gear.
  5. Large collection of surfwear including Mystic, Quicksilver, Billabong, O'Neill, ION, Reef, Olukai, etc.
  6. Free parking and easily accessible via a highway called the A28.
  7. In high season you can visit the shop 7 days a week for your windsurfing and kitesurfing gear.
  8. 4 times a year there is a trade-in fair for your kitesurfing and windsurfing equipment.


Just like with Google Streetview, you can view the surf shop (don't forget to take a look upstairs). The surf shop is set up here from a few years ago. Are you curious what our surf shop looks like now? Visit our surf shop! Seeing and feeling is just a bit different from an internet page.

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