Complete riggs

Complete riggs

Buy Complete Windsurf Rigages 

Want to buy a complete rig set for windsurfing? Telstar Surf has several ready for you! You don't have to think about which boom, mast and pull-up rope has to go with the sail because the complete windsurfing rigs contain all the products that are needed to rig the sail! With these complete windsurfing rigs the boom, mast and pull-up cord are included. This way you are ready to go!

Different Types of Complete Windsurf Rigages

We have two different types of complete windsurfing rigs, the beginner windsurfing rig set and an advanced windsurfing rig set. The differences between these two sets of windsurfing rigs we will explain to you below.

Complete Windsurf Riggage For Beginners

The complete windsurfing rigs for beginners are ready made windsurfing rigs which can be used by the beginning windsurfer. Many of these rigs are available in small sizes. This makes the windsurfsail lighter and will catch less wind making it easy to control. Families can also experience great fun with the complete windsurfing rigs for beginners because both children and parents/guardians can learn to windsurf with these.

Complete Windsurf Riggage For Experiences

The complete windsurfing rigs for advanced windsurfers are ready-to-use windsurfing rigs which can be used by advanced or re-entry windsurfers. These sets are not inferior in quality and performance. The sails are in the freeride category so you can race back and forth on the water. Also for the beginning windsurfer who knows that he or she is going to make progress very soon, a complete windsurfing rig set for advanced windsurfers is a good option because the windsurfing rig set grows with you as you get better. These windsurfing sails don't have cambers so you can rig them easily and get on the water quickly!

The complete windsurfing rig comes with a boom, mast and drawstring. These all fit perfectly together so you can get the best performance out of the windsurf rig complete!



6 Items

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  1. E-pace 2022 complete
    Duotone E-pace 2022 complete

    €997.00 €1,196.00

  2. Hybrid 2022 Complete
    Gaastra Hybrid 2022 Complete

    €729.00 €925.00

  3. Matrix 2021 Complete
    Gaastra Matrix 2021 Complete
    €869.00 €1,136.00
  4. Pilot 2021 Complete
    Gaastra Pilot 2021 Complete
    €649.00 €906.00
  5. 4011220014_1.jpg
    Unifiber Evolution II Rig
    €579.00 Regular Price €629.00
  6. 108534_1.jpg
    Unifiber Experience Evo II Dacron
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