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  1. 4010550115_1.jpg
    STX Rig Evolve
  2. 4010550116_1.jpeg
    STX Rig HD 2.0 Complete
  3. 4011220005_1.jpg
    Unifiber Windsup dacron rig
  4. 4011330007_1.jpg
    Prolimit STX PowerHD Rig Dacron
  5. Tiki Impulse
    Tiki Tiki Impulse

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Buying guidance for windsurf complete rigs

Looking for a complete windsurf rig? Telstar Surf does have a couple of complete rigs wich are ready to use. You no longer have to think about which boom, mast or pull cord should go with the sail because the complete rigs contain all the products needed for the windsurf sail! Boom, mast and cord are included with these sets. We can distinguish between two different types of complete rigging. We will explain a bit more about this.

Types of complete rigs

We have two different types of sailing sets, namely the beginners rig and the rigs for advanced windsurfers. We will explain the differences between these two below.

Beginners complete rig

The beginner complete rigs are ready to go windsurf sails that can be used by the beginning windsurfers. Many of these sets are in small sizes because these sails are lighter and also catch less wind, making it very easy to control your windsurf sail. Families can also have lot of fun with the beginners complete rigs because both children and parents can learn how to windsurf with these rigs. Boom, mast and cord are included with the windsurf sail rigs!

Advanced complete rigs

The complete rigs for advanced windsurfers are ready to go sail sets that can be used by advanced windsurfers. These sets are not inferior to quality and certainly not to performance. The sails fit perfectly in the freeride category. With these rigs you will experience a lot of fun while blasting over the water. Also for the starting windsurfer who knows that he or she will progress quickly can buy a advanced complete rig. This is due to the fact that these complete rigs get along the journey of progress. These windsurf sails don't have cambers so you can rig them up easily so you very quick on the water! A mast, boom and a cord are included with the complete rigs!

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