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Windsurf sets


As beginning windsurfer or if you are picking windsurfing up again, you are in luck that you can purchase an entirely new windsurf set. You just need that to get started. But which material do you choose? Telstar Surf sells a number of complete windsurf sets in the surf shop that are very competitively priced.

As a beginner you often have no idea what material is needed for windsurfing. Telstar Surf has put together a wide range of windsurf sets for this group of people. That way you don't have to think about which windsurfing equipment you need to purchase. The assembled sets are competitively priced! Everything is assembled in such a way that all windsurfing materials are neatly coordinated. Ready to go on the water! The windsurf sets are made for the beginning surfer, families, more experienced windsurfer of the surfing that wants to pick surfing up again. In the text below we will take you to the different types of materials and possibilities within the windsurf to help you make the best choice.


For windsurfing you need a number of things before you can go on the water.
First we need a board. Boards have different volumes, also known in liters. The more volume a board has, the more stable it feels. With little wind, more volume will plan easier and faster than a board with less volume. As the wind blows harder, a board with less volume will eventually go faster and bring more control. Our windsurf sets often contain freeride boards. Freeride boards are boards to practice and grow with. The freeride boards are known for popping back and forth and laying a nice jib with all the different wind conditions. A freeride board can be widely used and is suitable for most windsurfers. The average volume of the freeride boards is 135 liters. With this voluwe it good to sail with an average weight with almost all wind conditions. The volume can vary depending on your weight or depending on which wind conditions you want to surf with.


A freeride board can sometimes contain a sword, this used to be the standard, nowadays most boards no longer have a sword. The swords are usually in a beginners board. As beginning windsurfer you want to get learn windsurfing fast. A board with a lot of volume can help because this board is very stable. A sword can also help with this. A sword is a large fin in the middle of your board that ensures that you do not drift easily and can walk more easily. Some swords are standard on the board after which you can fold the sword in and out. The advantage of these swords is that as you get better, you can fold in the sword and fold out when necessary. Other windsurf boards have a sword separate from the board, this is called a centerfin. This can be useful if, for example, you have multiple users on the board. One will use the sword, the other will never need the sword and therefore remove it from the board.

The beginner windsurf boards are wider, for stability and the boards can take a beating due to the use of HRS (High Resistance Skin) material. A small windsurf sail can also be nice because these sails don't weigh a lot and catch less wind. Because of this there is more stability and you can probably learn windsurfing more easily.

If suitable material is available for an affordable price, you are already very happy as a beginning windsurfer. There are various options at Telstar Surf. Come to the shop to view all the rigged up material and get advice you need. You can also order easily and quickly in the webshop!


Surfing who want to pick it up again often haven't been to the surf shop for years. When the windsurfing blood starts flowing again after a lot of years, they will be surprised when entering the surf shop and seeing al the new surf material. This group of windsurfers usually starts windsurfing again with a certain type of board and sail. These are the so-called freeride windsurf sets. Accessible boards and sails with a wide deployment range. At Telstarsurf you will find an extensive range of these sets in various price ranges.


In addition to a board, you will also need a sail to get on the water. A sail cannot be used without a mast and boom unless you have an inflatable sail. With the complete windsurf sets you no longer have to buy a mast and boom separate from your sail, with the complete rig the correct mast and boom are included. Different sail sizes are available for every windsurfer. From children's sails to adult sail sizes. The size of the windsurf sail can vary for every windsurfer.

At Telstar Surf we ensure that a complete windsurf set is equipped with all the necessary materials to go on the water and have a great surf session. The materials used for this in the windsurf set are:

  • Windsurf board with required fins
  • Windsurf sail
  • Boom
  • Mast
  • Baseplate
  • Uphaul

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  1. Ripper 2020 & Powerkid Rig
    Fanatic Ripper 2020 & Powerkid Rig

    As low as €1,599.00

  2. Gecko HRS 2021 & Impulse 2020
    Fanatic Gecko HRS 2021 & Impulse 2020

    As low as €1,969.00

  3. Rocket MTE & Matrix 2021
    Tabou Rocket MTE & Matrix 2021

    As low as €1,999.00

  4. Gecko & Matrix 2021
    Fanatic Gecko & Matrix 2021

    As low as €2,099.00

  5. Rocket LTD & Hybrid 2021
    Tabou Rocket LTD & Hybrid 2021

    As low as €2,299.00

  6. Rocket LTD & Matrix 2021
    Tabou Rocket LTD & Matrix 2021

    As low as €2,379.00

  7. Rocket MTE & Hybrid 2021
    Tabou Rocket MTE & Hybrid 2021

    As low as €1,813.00

  8. Bullit & GA Hybrid 2021
    Tabou Bullit & GA Hybrid 2021

    As low as €1,849.00

  9. Gecko & GA Hybrid 2021
    Fanatic Gecko & GA Hybrid 2021

    As low as €1,813.00

  10. Stingray & GA Foil Hybrid 2020
    Fanatic Stingray & GA Foil Hybrid 2020
  11. Rocket PLUS & S-Pace 2021
    Tabou Rocket PLUS & S-Pace 2021

    As low as €2,899.00


11 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction

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