Seat harnesses

Seat harnesses

Buyin a Windsurfing harness

Are you a real race fanatic and looking for a seat harness? Then you are at the right place. At Telstar Surf we have the right windsurf harness for everyone. In the text below you can read what to consider before you buy a windsurfing seat harness.

For who are seat harnesses suitable?

Seat harnesses are ideal for the race, slalom and freeride windsurfers who don't need to unhook every 10 meters. The hook is lower than in a hip harness. Because the harness is so low you can really sit in the harness. This makes it easier to pull the sail closed and maintain control.

In addition, many people like the fact that a seat harness does not shift. A seat harness for windsurfing is worn like a pair of pants; the straps around your thighs make sure it doesn't creep up. With a seat harness you need slightly longer harness cords because otherwise you can't hook in and you will stay too close to your sail.

What to look for when buying a seat harness

When you are looking for a seat harness you can take several factors into account in making your final decision. Think about the right size, a good fit and the harness hook. Below you can read more about these factors. 

What size seat harness do I need?

Seat harnesses come in different sizes. It is important to read the size charts carefully. Of course you can also visit our surf shop to experience the differences. In the shop you can also find a windsurf simulation, here you can try and experience the different windsurfing harnesses.

Fitting windsurf harness

The fitting of a harness is very important. You want it to fit well but not pinch. If it does pinch you will definitely notice this on the water and in the extreme case it will hurt. Besides the men's harness, you can also find women's harness in our assortment, especially designed for the female form.

Windsurf harness hook

Most seat harnesses are delivered including a specific windsurf hook, also called a spreader bar. Sometimes you have to buy a hook yourself. Please note that you can windsurf with a kite hook but that we do not recommend this. A kitesurfing hook is shaped differently. These hooks are tapered, while a windsurfing hook has the same width everywhere. Because of this, you can untie yourself more easily with a windsurfing hook when your harness cord is twisted. With a kite hook, you run the risk that your harness cord is twisted on the narrow part of the hook and you get stuck. So the safest choice is a windsurfing hook. Check carefully if the hook is compatible with your harness.   

Advice on buying a windsurfing harness

Are you still dizzy about which harness you should go for? Feel free to ask all your questions to the staff of our surf shop. We from Telstar Surf are happy to help you, so you can enjoy all your sessions on the water! 

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    Severne Sails POD LIGHTWEIGHT
  2. 109951_1.jpg
    Neilpryde Race Seat Harness
  3. 103409_1.jpg
    Mystic Windsurf Racing Harn
    €119.99 Regular Price €149.99
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    Mystic Windsurf Racing
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    Mystic Force Windsurf
  6. Seatpart X-Over
    ION Seatpart X-Over
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    Prolimit Rambler
  8. 4060330054_1.jpg
    Prolimit Torch Racing
  9. 4060330052_1.jpg
    Prolimit Cruiser
  10. 4060330055_1.jpg
    Prolimit Freemove
  11. 4060330048_1.jpg
    Brunotti Radiance High Seat
  12. 4060330043_1.jpg
    Prolimit Race
  13. 112373_1.jpg
    ION Seat Windsurf Octane
    €229.95 Regular Price €329.99
  14. 108501_1.jpg
    Prolimit Challenger
  15. 108305_1.jpg
    ION Seat Windsurf Octane
    €143.99 Regular Price €239.99
  16. 4060330056_1.jpg
    Severne Sails Pod Harness V2
  17. 4060330050_1.jpg
    ION Fuel
  18. 4060330047_1.jpg
    Brunotti Radiance High Seat
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