3 mm wetsuits

3 mm wetsuits


A wetsuit must be tight but comfortable. This certainly also applies to a 3 mm wetsuit. In addition to warmth, comfort also means that you have enough space and that you can easily put your surf suit on and off. We recommend buying your wetsuit in the surf shop after you have tried a number of surf wetsuits. To provide some guidance online, please refer to our size tables, so that you can determine the correct size.


Summer wetsuits are often 3 mm thick. You can buy these wetsuits with short or long sleeves. In addition, there can be large differences in the surf suits due to the seam that is used. A seam with a bond and tape results in a warmer surf suit than a version without this technique.

Warmth and strength

The glued version is of course much warmer, because wind and water do not get through as easily. A small disadvantage is that these glued-on wetsuits are also a bit more expensive.

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