3 mm wetsuits

3 mm wetsuits


Are you looking for a men's summer wetsuit? With a huge selection of 3mm men's wetsuits and lots of knowledge Telstar Surf is the place for you! Below we tell you a little bit more about the points you should pay attention to when buying a summer wetsuit for men.


A 3mm men's wetsuit can be worn during various temperatures. In general, 3mm wetsuits are best worn between 18 and 22 degrees, so suitable for both summer and spring.

The 3mm wetsuits are available in all kinds of different sizes, from long sleeves to short sleeves.

Besides the 3mm wetsuits for men our assortment consists of many more types and thicknesses. For that, take a look at all of our men's wetsuits.


During the search for the right 3mm wetsuit, it is important to take into account a number of factors that make or break your session. To make your purchase a success we advise you to visit our physical store. To get you started you can read about the 3mm men's wetsuits below.


The size and comfort are very important when choosing a 3mm men's wetsuit. A wetsuit must fit well, but may not be too tight. The right combination will ensure that you can enjoy your summer wetsuit for hours. Check out our wetsuit size chart for an estimation of a suitable size.


Many 3mm surf suits have a backzip zipper on the back of the back. These wetsuits are easy to put on and take off. A frontzip zipper (zipper on the chest) is becoming increasingly popular among surfers. This is because it increases waterproofing and freedom of movement. There are also zipless wetsuits that feel very flexible but have a slightly higher price tag.


There are two different types of seams, namely stitched and glued. With stitched seams, wind and water may penetrate, but with a 3mm wetsuit this is not a big deal. Glued seams, on the other hand, are completely wind and watertight, so ideal for winter surfing suits.


Would you like to learn more about 3mm men's wetsuits? Or do you need advice to make the right choice? No problem at all! Our staff at Telstar Surf is ready for you. Come along in our surfshop or contact us.

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  1. 114461_1.jpg
    O'Neill Hammer 2mm Chest Zip
  2. 114464_1.jpg
    O'Neill Hyperfreak 2mm Chest Zip S/S
  3. 114466_1.jpg
    O'Neill Hyperfreak 4/3+ Chest Zip
  4. 114468_1.jpg
    O'Neill Reactor-2 3/2 Back Zip Full
  5. 112676_1.jpg
    Mystic Marshall Shortleg 4/3 - Fzip
  6. 112138_1.jpg
    ION Seek Amp 3/2 FZ
  7. 112166_1.jpg
    ION Element 3/2 BZ
  8. 111482_1.jpg
    Mystic Marshall 3/2mm Fzip
  9. 110374_1.jpg
    O'Neill Epic 3/2 Back Zip S/S Full
  10. 110377_1.jpg
    O'Neill Hyperfreak 2mm Chest Zip S/S
  11. 110378_1.jpg
    O'Neill Hyperfreak 4/3 Chest Zip Overknee
  12. 110400_1.jpg
    O'Neill Hyperfreak 3/2+ Chest Zip
  13. 3001440208_1.jpg
    ION Element 3/2 FZ
    €137.99 Regular Price €229.99
  14. 108364_1.jpg
    Brunotti Gravity 3/2 mm
  15. 108123_1.jpg
    ION Seek Select 3/2 FZ
    €434.95 Regular Price €619.99
  16. 108140_1.jpg
    ION Seek Amp 3/2 FZ
    €257.99 Regular Price €429.99
  17. 3001440199_1.jpg
    ION Seek Amp 3/2 FZ
    €183.99 Regular Price €369.95
  18. 3001440213_1.jpg
    Mystic Star Fullsuit 3/2mm
  19. 3001550093_1.jpg
    Mystic Star Shortarm 3/2mm
  20. 3001440214_1.jpg
    Mystic Brand Fullsuit 3/2mm
  21. 3001440229_1.jpg
    Mystic Marshall 3/2 Fzip
    €223.99 Regular Price €279.99
  22. 107447_1.jpg
    Prolimit Fusion 3/2 Shortarm
  23. 3001440236_1.jpg
    Prolimit Fusion 3/2 Freezip
  24. 3001440233_1.jpg
    Prolimit Fusion Steamer 3/2 GBS
  25. 107448_1.jpg
    Prolimit Fusion 3/2 Freezip SA
  26. 3001550102_1.jpg
    Mystic The One 3/2 Zipfree
    €251.99 Regular Price €359.99
  27. 3001550098_1.jpg
    Prolimit Raider 3/2 Shortarm
    €139.00 Regular Price €159.00
  28. 3001660069_1.jpg
    O'Neill Hyperfreak 4/3 Overkn
  29. 3001440226_1.jpg
    O'Neill Reactor 2 3/2mm BZ
  30. 3001440221_1.jpg
    ION Base 3/2 BZ DL
  31. 3001550097_1.jpg
    Prolimit Fusion 3/2 Freezip SA
    €99.99 Regular Price €149.99
  32. 3001550090_1.jpg
    ION Element SS 2/2 FZ
    €125.99 Regular Price €209.99
  33. 3001550091_1.jpg
    ION Element SS 2/2 FZ
    €125.99 Regular Price €209.99
  34. 3001550082_1.jpg
    O'Neill Hyperfreak 2mm S/S
  35. 3001550069_1.jpg
    ION Strike Core SS 3/2 FZ
    €83.98 Regular Price €209.95
  36. 3001550061_1.jpg
    O'Neill Epic 3/2 mm BZ SS
  37. 3001440118_1.jpg
    Mystic Majestic 3/2mm Bzip
    €169.95 Regular Price €329.99
  38. 3001660032_1.jpg
    Brunotti Defence 4/3mm
    €99.95 Regular Price €189.99
  39. 3001440144_1.jpg
    O'Neill Reactor 2 3/2mm BZ
  40. 114658_1.jpg
    Manera Seafarer FZ 3/2
  41. 112156_1.jpg
    ION Seek Core 3/2 FZ
    €224.95 Regular Price €319.99
  42. 112672_1.jpg
    Mystic The One 3/2 - Zipfree
  43. 112675_1.jpg
    Mystic The One Shortarm 3/2 - Zipfree
  44. 112139_1.jpg
    ION Seek Amp 3/2 FZ
  45. 112144_1.jpg
    ION Seek Core 4/3 Overknee FZ
    €214.95 Regular Price €309.99
  46. 112145_1.jpg
    ION Seek Core 4/3 Overknee FZ
  47. 112147_1.jpg
    ION Seek Core 3/2 BZ
  48. 112157_1.jpg
    ION Seek Core 3/2 FZ
    €214.95 Regular Price €309.99
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