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  1. 5040220044_1.jpg
    North Single Surf BBag
  2. 5040990014_1.jpg
    ION Kite Crushbag
  3. 5040990013_1.jpg
    Prolimit Session
  4. Gravity Backpack
    Brunotti Gravity Backpack
  5. 5040990008_1.jpg
    Brunotti Hybrid Duffle 50L
  6. 5040990003_1.jpg
    Mystic Compress Bag Kite
  7. Compress Bag Kite
    Mystic Compress Bag Kite
  8. 5040440032_1.jpg
    Prolimit Kitebag Surf Stacker
  9. 5040440031_1.jpg
    Prolimit Kitebag Surf Perf. Dble
  10. 5040440030_1.jpg
    Prolimit Kitebag Sport Surf
  11. 5040440029_1.jpg
    Prolimit ULTRA Kitebag Surf
  12. 5040440027_1.jpg
    ION Surf TECTriple Bbag
  13. 5040440026_1.jpg
    ION Surf TECBoardbag
  14. 5040440024_1.jpg
    Duotone Extension bag
  15. 5040440023_1.jpg
    Mystic Star Stubby
  16. 5040440022_1.jpg
    Mystic Majestic Stubby
  17. 5040440021_1.jpg
    ION Surf CORE Stubby
  18. 5040440019_1.jpg
    ION Surf CORE Bbag
  19. 5040220086_1.jpg
    Prolimit Golf Travel Light
  20. 5040220083_1.jpg
    Duotone Travelbag
  21. 5040220082_1.jpg
    ION Gearbag TEC
  22. 5040220081_1.jpg
    ION Gearbag TEC 2/4
  23. 5040220080_1.jpg
    ION Gearbag TEC 1/3
  24. 5040220064_1.jpg
    Mystic Matrix Square

Items 1-24 of 62

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Buying guide for a kitesurf bag

Do you want to take your kite gear with you on holiday, or keep your gear neat so they won't get damaged? Then look at a kitesurf bag. There are many different bags available for kiting. Every bag has its own purpose. One is meant for traveling and the other for storaging your things easily and efficiently, so there is enough choice for every situation!

Different types of kitesurf bags

There are many different bags for your kite gear within our range. Each with its own purpose. We have travel bags, bags to protect your kiteboard, but also kite bags, trolleys and bags for your other gear. With this wide range we are almost certain that there is a suitable bag for your situation!

Travel bags

When you go on holiday with your kitesurfing gear, there is a good chance that you will go by plane. Now we all know that airport staff don't always handle our stuff neatly. A good kite travelbag is essential to transport your belongings in one piece and with ease. Every kite bag is different, one has wheels, the other is lightweight and another is extra sturdy. So keep in mind what your prefferences are when purchasing a kitesurf bag. So for example: when you're purchasing a travel bag, it is important to pay attention to the size, weight and wheels. A bag with wheels is easily 2 kg heavier than a version without. Since you can only take a maximum of 23 kilos with many airlines, that 2 kilos can already do a lot on your final weight. And don't worry if you have a bag without wheels, nowadays almost airpost has trolleys on which you can move your kite gear.

A large part of the kitesurf bags have space for two kites, a kiteboard, a kitebar, a pump, a harness and a wetsuit. Do you want to take a third kite with you? Please note that the bag is larger than 150 cm. At Telstar Surf kitesurf bags are available from the best brands out there such as ION, Mystic, Prolimit and Duotone.

Kiteboard bags

In addition to a travel bag, there are also bags that you can use to protect your board. When you finished your session and you don't want a wet or dirty car, look for a kite board bag. The kite board bag keeps your board scratch-free and car clean. Available for both twintips and directional boards!

Kite bags

Does your kite bag need to be replaced? Then we also have options for that. For example, we have the Crushbags from ION that are very suitable as a replacement for your original kitebag! And if you want to save extra space, you can also choose to 'shrink' your kites with a vacuum bag.

Kite gear bag

Do you prefer to keep your kitegear and other equipment such as a wetsuit and harness separated? Then a gear bag is ideal! Compact in size and well protecting.

Kite trolley

Are you taking more stuff on the plane in addition to your kite equipment? Then a trolley from, for example, Duotone might be interesting! In this you transport all your other belongings such as clothing, swimming shorts, accessories, laptop, etc.

Tips when purchasing a travel bag

A good point to pay attention to is the size of your kitesurf bag. How big should your travel bag actually be?

  • At the very least your board should fit, so adjust your kitesurf bag to the length of your board
  • There are special kitesurf bags for a directional board
  • When you bring 3 or more kites, we recommend a kitesurf bag that is longer than 150 centimeters

You can also look at the weight of the bag. Every kilo can be crucial when taking your kitesurfing gear with you on the plane.

  • There are kitesurf bags that are ultra-light. This can make a significant difference in costs for some airlines. A nice bonus if you can already save some weight with this. Disadvantage is the vulnerability of these bags.
  • You can buy a bag with removable wheels. You keep this behind when checking in your luggage with which you 'steal' 1/2 kilo.

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that airlines are not so economical with your kite gear. It is possible that your items arrive damaged. Therefore, take into account all possible protection for your belongings.

  • More expensive kitesurf bags generally have better reinforcements and padding.
  • Don't forget to unscrew your fins from the board to avoid damaging them.

Help with the purchase of a kitesurf bag

Do you have questions about one of the kitesurf bags? Our specialists are happy to help you on your way with the right material. Visit our store or contact us online!

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