Neoprene accessories

Buying guide for neoprene accessories

The neoprene accessories are useful products that you can use before, during or after watersports. Neoprene accessories include: Neoprene boxer shorts, neoprene glue, neoprene wetsuit cleaners, neoprene swimsuits, ponchos, wind blocking jackets, neoprene jackets and hoodies, neoprene neck warmers, neoprene deo and arm sets. We will further explain the function of the products below.

Functions of the neoprene accessories

Neoprene boxer shorts: Normal boxers under your wetsuit don't feel comfortable. That is why the neoprene boxer shorts have been designed. The neoprene boxers are available in various sizes, colors and brands.

Neoprene glue: If your wetsuit has small holes you can fill it with neoprene glue. Because of the glue, water comes in a lot less easily, which makes you stay dry in your wetsuit.

Neoprene wetsuits cleaners and deo: The neoprene wetsuit cleaners and deo spray cans ensure that your wetsuit smells fresh after use so that you do not bring any nasty water odors home.

Ponchos: A poncho can be used for changing clothes. Under a poncho you can change clothes safely, in addition a poncho also feels comfortable.

Wind blocking jackets: A wind blocking jacket can be used on the water during wind or kitesurfing. Often the combination of cold water and cold wind ensures that you are frozen. A wind blocking jacket ensures that in any case the wind brings less cold to your body.

Neoprene jackets and hoodies: The neoprene jackets and hoodies provide comfort and warmth during windsurfing, kite surfing or other waterpsort activities. You can also put them on after or before you go on the water.

Neoprene neck heaters: The neoprene neck warmers keep your neck warm while performing your water sport. Because of this you will experience more pleasure and comfort during water sports.

Neopreens arm sets: Some wetsuits have the option to zip on long sleeves so that you can use the wetsuit in multiple circumstances.

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