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Buying guideance for windsurf sails

A windsurf sail consists of sailmaterial and monofilm. These two materials are glued and sewned together. The wave and freestyle sails often get a kevlar connection structure because these sails have to endure more. X-Ply is also used, this material ensures that the windsurf sail gets extra strength. To support the surf sail, sail slats are added over the width of the sail. Larger windsurf sails therefore need more slats than the smaller sails. In addition to supporting the windsurf sail, slats also ensure stability during windsurfing. To choose the right windsurf sail you have to pay attention to a number of factors, which we explain below.


What body weight you have has an big impact when choosing a windsurf sail. If you are heavy weighted you need a larger sail than someone who is light weighted. This does not mean that you need a large sail when there is wind force 10 or a small sail with no wind at all.


As an experienced windsurfer you can use a different sail than a starting windsurfer. Each discipline has its own beginners and advanced windsurf sails that have a specific construction, which means that they are adapted to the user level.


The discipline that you sail is the most inportant factor when choosing an windusrfing sail. Wave and freestyle sails are a lot smaller and have a stronger construction than the slalom and racing sails. Every discipline and brand has its unique characteristics, so there is plenty of choice. We will explain more about the right choice for each discipline out there.


In strong winds we do not advice to sail with a large sail or with a light wind a small sail. A large windsurfsail catches more wind than a smaller sail because it has a larger surface. If you use a large sail with strong wind, controlling your windsurf sail will get harder or even impossible. To prevent this. It is good to keep in mind that windsurfing with a small sail in strong winds and a larger sail in light winds is the best option to get the best control over your sail.

Types of windsurf sails

There are many options when it comes down to windsurf sails. This is mainly due to the many types of windsurfing sails that are available. We will explain more about the sailing choice per discipline below. 

Complete rigs

The complete windsurf surfages are not specifically aimed at a discipline and are primarily intended for beginning or re-entering windsurfers. These windsurfsail sets are complete with sail, mast, boom and pull cord so you don't have to put together your own windsurf sail. These sets are available in all kinds of different sizes and types, so there is a choice for everyone!

Wave sails

The wave windsurf sails are specially aimed at the windsurfers that go out on the sea. Wave windsurfing is very playful and varied because every wave is different. These windsurf sails are made extra sturdy because waves crash on your sail. With no extra reinforcement there is a chance that your sail will break when windsurfing at sea.

Freestyle sails

The freestyle windsurf sails are made for freestyle windsurfers. If you are someone who likes to make tricks and does not give up easily, then freestyle windsurfing is a great option for you! These freestyle windsurf sails are extra reinforced because a lot of hard smashes are made with the sail on the water to be able to make the perfect tricks.

Freeride sails

Freeride windsurfing is the most famous way of windsurfing because it is very allround. These windsurf sails are specially made for the windsurfers who want to go back and forth over the water for fun. These freeride sails can also be used for windsurfers who have just started windsurfing but know that they will make fast progress.

Freerace sails

Freerace sailing is for windsurfers who want to go hard on the water but find comfort a very important factor when looking for a windsurf sail. The freerace sails ensure that you go fast into planing and jibing becomes more fun. The freerace windsurf sails also have a lot of stability. This is because there are often more than 5 slats in the sail that create stability. The most famous sizes of freerace sails are the 7.2 and 7.7 m2. These sails can be used in many circumstances due to their large wind range.

Slalom sails

Slalom windsurfing is an extreme form of competition windsurfing. It is all about who gets the first over the finish line after completing on an certain course. This can lead to exciting competitions where the adrenaline rushes throughout your whole body! The slalom sails go extremely fast, so you can make a good start. The slalom windsurf sails are also easy to control, so that you can focus on getting over the finish line at high speeds. These sails are very popular among the PWA windsurfers who fight for the world title in the most extreme conditions!

Foil sails

Foil windsurfing sails are optimized sails for foil windsurfing. The foil windsurf sails are made of light materials so that you get lifted out of the water easily. The foil sails often have many slats in the sail that ensure enormous stability during foiling. Foiling is a hype because with little wind you can go out on the water with a small sail and compact board so that you can almost always be on the water!

Kids sails

Children's windsurfing sails are made for children who want to go out on the water at a young age. In the past, windsurfing sails were difficult to get out of the water for many children. Nowadays this is no longer the case due to the use of a lot of monofilm and little sail material in the children's windsurfing sails. The children's sails are considerably smaller in order to fully master the principles of windsurfing. Often there are no or at most 2 slats in the windsurf sail. This is because the sails themselves are already very stable and sturdy, which means that they need little or no support from the slats. The children's sails are available from 1.0 m2 to 4.0 m2. This ensures that every child has a wide choice in sizes, color and brand.


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