Supping is growing world wide and very fast. In Holland the development lags a bit behind but at the moment it seems that that is changing quite quickly. The sceptic Netherlanders are beginning to realise that SUP has a lot to offer.

Supping is very accessible and can be applied in various ways. Supping on waves, rivers, lakes etc. Each provides a different experience. The equipment that is required varies widely. This is why brands such as Starboard or Naish SUP have varying ranges so that you can always make the right choice in an SUP. As well as the SUP’s there is also a wide range of paddles.

Telstar shall have a wide range of SUP’s in stock in 2013. The great range and Telstar knowhow mean that at Telstar Surf you’re a the right address to get informed about SUP.

If you’re having doubts about Supping then Telstar Surf offers you the chance to do a proof lesson. With a proof lesson you can experience SUP and see what it has to offer. 

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