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Stand Up Paddling als known as SUP, is a sport that is becoming increasingly popular! And that is not for nothing. The SUP is incredibly versatile. Are you going for a real sports activity or rather for relaxation, everything is possible. Get on the water with a SUP and enjoy a sporty activity that you can adapt to your abilities and experience? Then you're at the right place!

What is Stand Up Paddling 

Stand Up Paddleboarding (also called SUP) is a very popular sport. This is because you don't need any experience to stand on the water and still enjoy maximum fun. The sport originally started around 1940 in Waikiki, Hawaii. Local surfers started catching waves on their surfboards while using their canoe paddle. The local surfers called it Beach Boy Surfing, nowadays Stand Up Paddling. It remained a local activity until the sport was discovered and developed by others in 1990. Since 2004, SUP surfing has become an official sport and in 2007 the first SUP magazine was even released.

What do I need to sup?

To SUP, you need a number of materials to practice the sport. We need a SUP board, the SUP paddle, SUP pump and a leash to get out on the water. You can also choose to add other attributes to make it more fun, more challenging or more comfortable.

SUP board 

A SUP board is the board we stand on during the SUP. Most SUP boards vary between 2.4 to 3.6 meters, a number of factors determine the size of the board. Think of your body weight, discipline and experience. Within the SUP board category we can choose between an inflatable SUP board or a hard SUP board.

  • Inflatable SUP: an inflatable sup, also called inflatable SUP, is super compact and easy to carry. The inflatable sup is in some cases supplied in a complete set, which makes it a lot cheaper than a hardboard. You only have to pump up this SUP to get on the water. There are many different types and sizes of inflatable SUPs for sale, so there is a good SUP for everyone.
  • Hard SUP: the normal sup boards are boards as you are used to from a windsurf board. Thanks to the 'hard' construction of the board, the performance is ideal! If you're looking for a board to get the most out of performance, a hard SUP is perfect! In general, these boards are especially suitable for the intermediate / advanced suppers.

SUP paddle 

We use a SUP paddle to get forward. A paddle consists of a handle, shaft and blade. The choice of material and size of the blade influence the performance of a sup paddle. We can also choose between a solid or extendable SUP paddle.

  • Solid paddle: this SUP paddle has a shaft that consists of one piece. This ensures that the paddle is stiffer and less vulnerable. Perfect for when you're looking for maximum performance.
  • Extendable paddle: this SUP paddle can be adjusted in length ande are sometimes even divisible. Because the paddles are extendable, you have the advantage that it can be used by multiple people. If the paddle is also divisible into two or three parts, then the paddle is also easy to carry.

SUP leash 

The SUP leash is attached to the user and the SUP board. This ensures that your board does not float away in the event of a fall. Due to the current or the waves you will notice that a board can take off quickly. You can't just keep up with the board while swimming. That is why a sup leash is a perfect invention for this.

There are two types of SUP leashes, a coiled and standard. The line of a coiled leash is curled and ensures that the leash is compact. Because the leash is compact, it drags less quickly than a standard leash.

SUP disciplines

Within the SUP category we can distinguish between different disciplines. Each discipline has its own specialty that can match your wishes and situation.

  • Allround SUP: An allround SUP has a little bit of everything. As the name suggests, you can do a wide variety of activities. This SUP is a combination between the wave SUP and the tour SUP. Highly recommended for family's and people who like to do a little bit of everything.
  • Wave SUP: Do you live by the sea or can you often be found on the waves? Then the wave SUP is for you! These SUP boards perform excellently in the rougher conditions, so you will enjoy being on the water without losing comfort.
  • Tour SUP: Do you like to tour long distances with a SUP? The Tour SUP is perfect for this. The boards glides easily through the water, which will cost you less energy and still provide a lot of fun. The materials perform best on flat water such as in canals, canals and inland waterways.
  • Race SUP: Have you progressed so far that you're considering to enter SUP competitions? Then look at the race SUP boards! Speed, that's what it's all about, from flat waters to the rougher conditions.
  • Wind SUP: On this SUP you can easily attach a sail after which you can also windsurf on a SUP. With little to no wind you stand with the paddle on the SUP, the wind picks up, you exchange the paddle for a sail. This allows you to benefit from both sports with one single board.

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  1. 118036_1.jpg
    Gladiator Pro Peddel
    Special Price €29.95 Regular Price €59.95
  2. Spice Serie L.E.
    Starboard Spice Serie L.E.
  3. 113172_1.jpg
    Starboard Wedge Starlite
    €1,449.00 Regular Price €1,799.00
  4. 108357_1.jpg
    Brunotti Glow Supboard
    €449.99 Regular Price €599.99
  5. 114814_1.jpg
    RED Paddle Voyager & Hybrid Tough
    €1,119.00 Regular Price €1,499.00
  6. 114811_1.jpg
    RED Paddle Sport & Hybrid Tough
    €1,029.00 Regular Price €1,369.00
  7. 114813_1.jpg
    RED Paddle Voyager & Hybrid Tough
    €1,079.00 Regular Price €1,449.00
  8. 114475_1.jpg
    O'Neill Bahia 2/1 Front Zip LS
  9. 114476_1.jpg
    O'Neill Bahia 2/1 Front Zip S/S Spring
  10. 113185_1.jpg
    Starboard Airline Deluxe 14'x26" 2024
  11. 114062_1.jpg
    RED Paddle Hybrid Tough
  12. 113182_1.jpg
    Starboard Sprint Deluxe 14'x27" 2024
  13. 113514_1.jpg
    Prolimit SUP Boardbag Sport
  14. 113319_1.jpg
    Fanatic Diamond Touring
  15. 113181_1.jpg
    Starboard Sprint Deluxe 14'x25.5" 2024
  16. 112693_1.jpg
    Mystic Lunar Long John 2/2 - Women
  17. 112694_1.jpg
    Mystic Lunar Short John 2/2 - Women
  18. 112698_1.jpg
    Mystic Lunar Neo Pants 2/2 - Women
  19. 112699_1.jpg
    Mystic Brand - Long John Women
  20. 112700_1.jpg
    Mystic Brand Short John - Women
  21. 112749_1.jpg
    Mystic Thermal Top - L/S
  22. 112751_1.jpg
    Mystic Thermal Top L/S - Women
  23. 112759_1.jpg
    Mystic Jayde - Legging
  24. 112760_1.jpg
    Mystic Jayde - Legging
  25. 112505_1.jpg
    Prolimit SUP Printed Shorts QD
  26. 112506_1.jpg
    Prolimit SUP Top Quick Dry
  27. 112508_1.jpg
    Prolimit SUP Top Convertible
  28. 112513_1.jpg
    Prolimit SUP LJ 1,5mm
  29. 112525_1.jpg
    Prolimit SUP Shorts 1,5mm
  30. 112527_1.jpg
    Prolimit Fire Neoprene Top 2Mm
  31. 112528_1.jpg
    Prolimit Fire Neoprene Top 2Mm
  32. 112233_1.jpg
    ION Amaze Long Pants 1.5 WMN
  33. 112299_1.jpg
    ION Swimsuit WMN
    €54.95 Regular Price €79.99
  34. 112305_1.jpg
    ION Neo Shorts WMN
  35. 112013_1.jpg
    Gladiator Pro Touring
    €489.95 Regular Price €604.95
  36. 111876_1.jpg
    Gladiator Origin Allround
    €329.95 Regular Price €439.95
  37. 111877_1.jpg
    Gladiator Pro Allround
    €479.95 Regular Price €579.95
  38. 109885_1.jpg
    JP Australia SportsAir SE 3DS
    €749.40 Regular Price €1,249.00
  39. Oxygen WS & Compact Rig Dacron
    Unifiber Oxygen WS & Compact Rig Dacron

    €1,039.00 €1,280.00

  40. 109891_1.jpg
    JP Australia SurfAir SE 3DS
    €599.40 Regular Price €999.00
  41. 110933_1.jpg
    Aquatone Playtime sitin Kayak
    €429.95 Regular Price €599.99
  42. Oxygen WS & Compact Rig
    Unifiber Oxygen WS & Compact Rig

    €929.00 €1,115.00

  43. 110625_1.jpg
    STX iSup Hybrid Freeride
  44. 110589_1.jpg
    Aquatone Flame Touring 12'6"
    €374.95 Regular Price €499.99
  45. 110590_1.jpg
    Aquatone Summit Carbon 70
    Special Price €139.99 Regular Price €179.99
  46. 3012200001_1.png
    Prolimit Wmns SUP Top Quickdr
    €19.95 Regular Price €39.95
  47. 110459_1.jpg
    STX Alloy Kids St.
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