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Buying guide of a kite 

Do you want to buy a new kite? In the kiteshop of Telstar Surf you will find all the top brands, such as Duotone, Naish kites, Cabrinha, F-one, Gaastra and Ozone. In addition to the latest models, part of the collection consists of long-standing models. These products are specially purchased to be able to offer good material for every budget. Both loose kites and complete kit sets (set with kite, board, bar, leash and pump) can be purchased at Telstar Surf at competitive prices.

Types of kites

At Telstar Surf you can always buy the kite that perfectly matches your level and sailing style due to our enormous selection.

All-round kite

These 'one does it all' kites are of course very versatile and suitable for beginners who still have to learn the sport, experts who want to do everything with one kite and kite surfers who want a lot of hangtime with their jumps. All-round kites have the advantage that you can do everything with it, and at the same time the disadvantage that they logically do not excel in anything. All-round kites are easy to relaunch, have a large wind range and a lot of hangtime, can easily walk height, are easy to use in the waves and have the 'sheet and go': after submission, the kite will take you along naturally.

Our complete sets all consist of all-round kites and all-round boards, because you can do everything with these kites and enjoy them for years. Well-known allound kites are: Cabrinha Switchblade - Cabrinha Radar - F-one Bandit - GA Spark - Naish Pivot - Naish Ride - North Evo - North Mono - Ozone Catalyst

Freestyle kites

You can best divide these kites into two groups. 1) extreme C-shape kites 2) all-round Freestyle
The first is for kite surfers with boots who prefer to do everything unhooked or with mega big air loops. This is a small group who know exactly what they want.

The two group are the all-round freestyle kites. These kites already have a reasonable C-shape for turning speed, but due to the use of a bridle they are not too extreme in use. Kiteloops are going well and unhooked moves can also be carried out reasonably well. Compared to the real C-kites, these may be slightly less, but the advantage is in a wider wind range, easier restarting, a large sweet spot when jumping and more hangtime. Even a beginner can start when he has the ambition to learn all kinds of tricks.

Well-known C-shape kites: Naish Torch - Duotone Vegas - Ozone C4 - Cabrinha Chaos

Well-known all-round freestyle kites: Cabrinha FX - Go Pure - Naish Dash - North Dice - Ozone C4

Wave kite

In the waves, kites must have a few important properties, such as: fast restart, drift power and low-end power. The quick start is useful when you are lying in the breaking waves. If a big boy arrives then you want to be able to sail away quickly.

The drift capacity is important when you catch up with your kite while golfing. When overtaking, your lines will hang, so that your kite is out of control. A drifting kite easily flies backwards, keeping the tension on the line. Your kite must also provide power easily. As a result, you can quickly switch to a smaller kitemate. This is desirable on your wave surfboard because these kites can be controlled much faster. Because of their properties, wavekites can also be used perfectly for beginning kiters. In addition to the mentioned properties, the kites also have a good hang time, so you can actually go anywhere with it.


Two types of kites are common for foiling. Foil kites fly in very little wind, because they are light in weight. The kites do not have a leading edge (the tube at the front) and therefore have a large aspect ratio. These kites require a slightly different technique with starting, landing and flying compared to normal tube kites. You can also use tube kites for foiling, but then it is wise to look for a lightweight kite that provides power easily. In most cases these kites have one strut instead of 3 or 5. They fly in very light wind conditions, but are also overpowered faster.

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