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Buy a wakeboard set

For the starting and slightly advanced wakeboarders we've made different sets. These sets are provided with all materials, so you don't have to think about anything and you can get on the water right away! Here we are talking about a wakeboard with perfectly matching boots. The sets are composed with all different brands, including top brands such as Hyperlite, Ronix and Obrien. In addition, the sets are competitively priced!

Which wakeboard set is right for me?

When you want to buy a set, it is important to see at what level you can wakeboard. So you can make the choice between a beginner or advanced wakeboard set. When you have decided about this it's also important to look where you want to wakeboard. Do you want to wakeboard behind the cableway or behind the boat? There are big differences between wakeboards. If you want to make the best out of both, a Crossover board is right for you!

  • Wakeboard sets for behind the boat: A wakeboard for behind the boat is generally very stiff, has deep channels and you almost always sail with fins. The more grip the better! The stiffness of the wakeboard in combination with the rocker provides pop. This makes it easier to jump from wake to wake. During take-off and landing the fins provide maximum grip on the water. Do you want a longer airtime or just soft landings, here too the choice is wide.

  • Wakeboard sets for behind the cable: A board for the park has very different characteristics than a wakeboard for behind the boat. The park wakeboard is often more flexible, has continuous rocker, less deep channels and is ridden without fins. Thanks to the shallower channels, you glide over obstacles more easily. In addition, the cable boards have a strong slider base, the slider base ensures that the board does not wear out quickly over obstacles.

Your level and weight also play a big role in choosing the right wakeboard set. For each board we indicate which size is suitable for whom and which weight class.

Choosing the right wakeboard boots for your set

Just like your everyday shoes, wakeboard boots are very dependent on the fitting, size and experience of the user. If they don't fit well, you won't be able to stand on your wakeboard; and that would be a shame! We distinguish between two types of bindings; open and closed toe. We will explain the difference below:

  • Open Toe: These bindings are often a bit cheaper than the ones with a closed toe. If you want to ride with several people on one wakeboard set, you can do so with these boots! This is because of the larger size range which you don't have with closed boots. Furthermore, putting the boots on and taking them off is often easier, ideal when you sail together with your friends.

  • Closed Toe: These wakeboard bindings are mostly used in colder weather because of the closed toe. Park riders also appreciate these boots because the toes are not exposed when going over obstacles. Furthermore, the boots provide more board control than the open toe boots. The only disadvantage is that you cannot switch with your friends or family.

Wakeboard sets brands 

To guarantee the best quality the wakeboard sets are carefully composed. We look for example at the brand of board and boots. At Telstar Surf you will find among others sets from Hyperlite and O'Brien with boots from the popular brands Ronix and O'Brien. If you want to combine one of the wakeboards with other bindings, this is also possible.

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