Wakeboard sets

Wakeboard sets


Are you looking for a complete wakeboard set? Then you are at the right place at Telstar Surf! We have prepared different wakeboard sets for the novice and slightly advanced wakeboarders. These are equipped with all materials so that you don't have to think about anything and can immediately go on the water! Here we are talking about a wakeboard with perfectly matching boots. The sets are composed with all different brands, including the top brands such as Hyperlite, Ronix and Obrien. In addition, the sets are competitively priced!


When you want to buy a wakeboard set, it is important to see at what level you can wakeboard. So you can choose between a beginner or advanced wakeboard set. When you're done with this, it's also important to see where you want to wakeboarding. Do you want to wakeboard behind the cable car or rather behind the boat? There are big differences in the mutual wakeboards. If you want to make the most of both, a crossover board is for you!


As a novice wakeboarder you would like to master wakeboarding. It often helps if you start kneeboarding, this gives you more balance on the water and you learn to keep your balance. Another step is to start water skiing, because in general water skiing is considered easier than wakeboarding. By doing these two sports first, you get to know the power of the track or boat faster and therefore better keep your balance.

But can you already snowboard or do you like a bit of a challenge? Then it is also a great option to start wakeboarding right away! Then look for a board that is suitable for your height and weight. It is also smart to buy fins that can go under your wakeboard, this provides more stability in the water. Please note that you cannot go over the obstacles in a park.

You also need shoes for wakeboarding. As a beginner it is nice to start with the open toe boots, because they are easy to put on and take off. Furthermore, the response of the heel and toe is very large, so you immediately notice what you are doing right and wrong. Finally, they also have a large size range, so you can share them with your friends, for example.


As an advanced wakeboarder you would like to get even better at wakeboarding. You already have the balance and the basic tricks completely under control, but you want more of a challenge. First make sure you have a board without fins, so you can go over the obstacles in a wakeboard park. This way you can challenge yourself to go over the coolest jumps. It is also possible to try new jumps.

You also need shoes if you just want to continue wakeboarding after the season. That can of course get a bit cold and that's why we have the closed toe boots, which have a closed finish. This ensures that your feet do not get cold and you can continue boarding without being bothered by the cold. Finally, park riders will also appreciate these boots because the toes are not exposed when going over obstacles.


What do you need to be ready for wakeboarding and not need anything more? We have listed it for you below.

  • Wakeboard
  • Helmet
  • Boots
  • Impact vest
  • Wetsuit


Do you have any questions about wakeboards or do you need advice on buying? Please contact us by email or phone. You are of course always welcome in our shop and receive expert advice over a cup of coffee.

5 Items

Set Descending Direction
  1. Parks Modello & Parks
    Ronix Parks Modello & Parks
    €699.00 €910.00
  2. District Modello & Divide
    Ronix District Modello & Divide
    €639.00 €740.00
  3. Ladies Quarter 'Til Midnight & Ladies Luxe
    Ronix Ladies Quarter 'Til Midnight & Ladies Luxe
  4. State & Remix boot
    Hyperlite State & Remix boot
    €549.00 €670.00
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